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  • Sulphur cakes. It Makes Sense in Context. To summarise: during a cookery class, one of the girls tries to make saffron cakes, but the kitchen is out of saffron so she goes to borrow some from Matron, but borrows sulphur instead. Hilarity Ensues.
  • At the end of New House, Cornelia and Evadne get hold of some instruments from their rich parents - including a saxophone, a bugle, some ukeleles, various percussion instruments and a jew's harp - and form the St Clare's Orchestral Society with their classmates, none of whom can actually play the instruments. Joey and Frieda find out when they follow Joyce Linton and discover the girls holding a practice, where Cornelia's sax playing is so bad Frieda initially thinks it's an angry bull. The band hold an end-of-term concert and decide to finish off with a bizarre version of 'Land of Hope & Glory', which has the teachers either holding their ears or in hysterics.


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