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  • Keith and Damian's performance of "Look at Me" on the "Storm" DVD.
  • In the performance of "Seven Drunken Nights," they guys act disgracefully tipsy, and somewhat oblivious that they're all sleeping with each other's wives. (They only sing five verses; the other two are unfit to be sung in mixed company.)
  • The performance of "A Place in the Choir" from "Heritage" can also be considered funny, especially the part where Paul does the eyebrow dance. And Damian's solo; you don't expect a boy his age to be a true bass!
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  • Emmet's performance of "Irish Molly O" can also qualify.
  • Once you know the translation of the lyrics for "Dulaman," the entire song becomes downright hysterical. These handsome, sharp-dressed men are basically just singing about seaweed that is, and I quote, "Courting your daughter." I repeat, the song is about SEAWEED.
  • Damian "forcing" Ryan and Neil to put on wigs and sing the (normally female) backing vocals for "Breaking Up is Hard To Do".

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