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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

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    Season 1 
  • The series begins with a barren field of impaled skeletons, then gets ridiculously sweet as Lisa and Dracula start interacting. Let's be honest, of all the things we expected to have a Castlevania series start with, the Lord of Darkness getting his pants charmed off was not one of them.
    Lisa: I can teach you to like people... or tolerate them... or stop putting them on sticks!
    Dracula: Where is Lupu Village?
    Lisa: You don't travel much.
    Dracula: I can travel. This entire structure is a travelling machine.
  • Right after the initial massacre caused by Dracula's forces, we cut to two men in a tavern discussing how one of them hit another man between the eyes with a shovel - because he caught the guy in the aftermath of having screwed one of his goats. This is something Ellis has wanted to write since 2007.
    Bosha: So I says to him, "It's my goat. I been tending goats since I was four years old –
    Kob: Right, right.
    Bosha: – and I'd know if my goat was in love with you".
    Kob: For God's sake.
    Bosha: He says to me, "I know your goat is in love with me".
    Kob: So you says "how", Bosha?
    Bosha: So I says, "how?" And he says, "Well, she fucks me, don't she?"
    Kob: And that's when you hit him.
    Bosha: Right across the eyes with a shovel. And now the headman says I have to pay the bastard money because he went blind.
    Kob: Not fair.
    Bosha: So I says to him, "You didn't think he was gonna go blind fucking a goat with mange"?
    Kob: That would've been your fault too.
    Bosha: I would've gotten blamed for that, too. But what am I supposed to do when I find my goat laying on its side, in the field, fucked within an inch of its life, and a naked man with blood and straw all over his peck?
    Kob: Hit him with a shovel!
    Bosha: Fucking right I hit him with a shovel!
  • Once the drunks start talking about house Belmont and how everything that happened is their fault, cut to Trevor who turns away and mutters "Shit." Cue credits.


  • The first episode is incredibly grim. The second episode starts with a group of drunken peasants telling what is probably an oft-repeated bawdy story, while a drunken Trevor tries to avoid a fight and just get another drink before finding a place to piss and pass out.
    Trevor: I'm Trevor fucking Belmont, and I've never lost a fight to man nor fucking beast. (Trevor immediately gets tripped and an incredibly large man walks up to him, holding a chair over his head) Oh shit... (WHACK)
  • As Bosha's argument gets more heated, he yells that they all come from shit asks Kob where he came from.
    Kob: Well, out of your aunt, according to you.
  • When Bosha interrogates Trevor and asks him for his name, Trevor smugly and drunkenly replies, "Jesus of Nazareth".
    • Just to give context, prior to that Bosha had seen Trevor's family crest and was trying to get him to admit to being a Belmont. The Belmonts were excommunicated, stripped of their lands, and basically had their names dragged through the mud for allegedly using witchcraft. Trevor is the last of the Belmonts, and the villagers are angry with him because they blame the Belmonts for bringing Dracula's wrath down upon them by consorting with the devil. His reply that he is "Jesus of Nazareth" is both hilarious and brilliant foreshadowing as both he and Jesus are saviors to people that didn't appreciate them in their time. At least, not at first.
  • Trevor letting the men know he has a shortsword and a whip, but he's so drunk that he mixes up the two, gesturing to his whip and calling it a shortsword and his shortsword is the whip.
  • The same fight has Trevor getting very unamused over the numerous kicks to his crotch.
    Trevor: (wheezing) Would you please leave my testicles alone?!
  • After Trevor knocks down the man confronting him, he gets charged by the barkeep, and two others, and as they run towards him, one carelessly stomps right on the man's face.
    Bosha: Fucking FACE down 'ere!
  • After Trevor leaves the tavern upon getting his ass thoroughly kicked, he cursed the barflies one last time:
    Trevor: Bastards. I hope you all bleed out (breathes heavily)... THROUGH YOUR ARSES! Every last rat bastard one of you.
    • And yet, he still walks out, under his own power, and none of the barflies follow him. Trevor then proceeds to vomit all over the road.
  • Also from the same episode, Trevor's tussle with a couple of corrupt priests. This time, he's stone cold sober.
    Trevor: (sounding not very sorry at all) Oh, hell! I'm sorry, I was trying to snatch the stave out of your hand. How's your finger?
  • His response after that is pretty funny, too. Pretty much everything Trevor says in this episode and in the series in general is hilarious.
    Trevor: That's no way for a man of the cloth to speak.
  • When Trevor asks for a drink from the Speaker, he's offered water. Trevor stutters in disgust and opts out.
  • As he leaves to find the Speaker elder's grandchild, Trevor casually snatches an apple just as a Speaker tries to take a bite of it.


  • While descending into the cyclops' lair, the floor crumbles underneath Trevor, but he manages to land on his feet.
    Trevor: Hah! Reflexes like a cat! *floor crumbles again, and this time his landing is not as smooth*
  • Episode 3 has Trevor taking on a cyclops, who is not happy when his idea of stabbing it in the chest doesn't get the desired result.
    Trevor: You're dead! Stop and notice you're dead! (dodges eye laser)
    Trevor: Straight out of the family bestiary! God shits in my dinner once again.
  • Unlike the games, Trevor and Sypha don't exactly get off to a good start. After defeating the cyclops, Sypha is restored from being turned to stone, and then proceeds to throw up.
    • Her reaction upon realizing Trevor essentially used her statue form as a literal stepping stone, she's far from amused...
      Sypha: Did— Did you climb on me?!
      Trevor: Mm, a bit...
      Sypha: That was rude.
      Trevor: Excuse me?
    • And...
      Sypha: I'm Sypha Belnades.
      Trevor: (whispering) I don't care.
  • Trevor describing the Bishop as "over-the-top and into new lands of just snake-fuckingly crazy". There are hand gestures.
  • Trevor navigates the catacombs, only for the floor to give way at the bottom of a staircase. Trevor however, lands safely below on his feet and proceeds to praise his cat-like reflexes...only for the floor to give way again and this time Trevor lands flat on his ass. Of course, this leads to the cyclops fight.
  • After Trevor leaves after returning Sypha to her grandfather and declines their help, she of all people suggests this line:
    Sypha: I could pee in a bucket and tell him it's beer.
    Elder Speaker: Sypha! He saved your life!
    Sypha: He's RUDE.
  • When the priests come for the Speakers, they only find Trevor in their hiding place. Trevor says he sent the Speakers "somewhere safe". Cut to them in the Cyclops' lair, with the monster's still-bleeding corpse, in a scene that lasts just long enough to see where they are and for Arn to say:
    Speaker: I swear it just moved.


  • Trevor steps on a pressure plate that obviously causes something to move and, with his foot still on top of it, looks at Sypha and says: "I didn't do that."
  • Alucard's reveal is very over the top. He spends at least two minutes floating while having a conversation with Trevor and Sypha about what they believe and think, and he hides his fangs behind long blond hair.
    • Heck, his appearance is, essentially, a beautiful shirtless floating young man with black skinny jeans, long blond hair, and a massive scar over his chest. Meanwhile, Sypha is wearing full-length robes and Trevor is clad in pants and a tunic that has his family crest embroidered on it. Alucard is just so out of place that the only reason it really works is because it's him.
    • Trevor delicately hanging a lampshade on the whole situation by referring to Alucard as "Floating Vampire Jesus."
  • As Trevor unfurls his whip and strikes at Alucard he mutters, "Stone the fuck up."
  • When Trevor starts losing his battle with Alucard, he tries going for a Groin Attack, which Alucard shrugs off without even flinching. Even the music stops as if to say "What the hell?"
    Alucard: (entirely unruffled) Please. This isn't a bar fight. Have some class.
    Trevor : (headbutt)
  • After Alucard seems convinced of the sincerity of Trevor and Sypha's quest...
    Sypha: You are the sleeping soldier!
    Alucard: I'm aware of the stories. I'm also aware that the Speakers consider the story to be information from the future. Do you know the whole story?
    Sypha: (starts, blushes) Yes.
    • It's possible that she's finally realized that she represents one of the trio foretold to defeat Dracula... or the rest of the story mentions what the hunter and the scholar would do after defeating Dracula.
  • Sypha portentously says she came into the labyrinth to search for the sleeping soldier. Trevor adds that he just fell down a hole.
  • The fact that after the fight with Blue Fangs and his minions, Trevor and Sypha spend several minutes just continuously falling through the ruins under the city with collapsing floor after collapsing floor, until it reaches Overly Long Gag status.

    Season 2 
War Council
  • Lisa helping an old woman by giving her some medicine which was powder mixed with strawberry wine. The old lady asks if there was foot skin powder, which her old healer used.
    Lisa: My God. I'm amazed any of you are still alive.
    • As she leads her patient out, she adds that her medicine was science of things they have long forgotten, "No foot skin required."
  • Godbrand objects to Hector and Isaac being in charge of the next attack. Their responses?
    Hector: Godbrand, you've never met anything you didn't immediately kill, fuck, or make a boat out of.
    Isaac: I don't understand why our lord doesn't tie you up outside with the rest of the animals.
    • Godbrand's counterargument?
    "Bigot! I like boats! I'm a fuckin' Viking! We're supposed to make boats out of things!"
  • Trevor's less than optimistic words to Sypha after she watches her family leave. She notes that he's terrible at being nice to others.

Old Homes
  • Trevor and Sypha arguing again.
    Trevor: I'm a nice person, I am! I know how to be nice!
    Sypha: No, you don't!
    Trevor: I do! I'm nice to everybody!
    Sypha: Then why are most of the stories you've told me in the last few days been about you arriving somewhere and then getting punched in the face?
    Trevor: That's because... everyone else is a horrible piece of shit!
    Sypha: See?
    Trevor: What?
  • After Alucard tells Sypha he hopes she will be able to reunite with her family soon, she points out to Trevor how much nicer Alucard was, while Trevor looks around a chest for alcohol.
    Trevor: Tell her about Dracula's castle, Alucard. Her day can't get any more ruined.
  • Alucard and Trevor both admitting to being glad they didn't kill each other, but there's still a bit of hostility in their tones. With Alucard saying how he would have killed Trevor, and how Trevor would have flayed Alucard and made him into shoes. Again, hand gestures are involved.
  • Sypha goes off to find a covered wagon on the proviso that Trevor and Alucard not kill each other. The following pretty much summarizes Trevor and Alucard's entire relationship.
    Alucard: Oh please, we're not children. (Sypha leaves)
    Trevor: Eat shit and die.
    Alucard: Yes, fuck you. (Both begin laughing)
    • Sypha's face as she leaves sells the scene. She clearly realizes she is now den mother to these two childish assholes.
  • When asked about Godbrand's chances with her, Carmilla answers:
    "I may, if all the other Vampire males in the world dropped dead... and half the females... some of the animals."
  • Explaining Dracula's plans to Trevor and Sypha, Alucard describes a world without humans: "Flowers will still grow. Birds will still sing. Animals will still hump away in the undergrowth."
    • Soon after, the conversation is interrupted:
      Trevor: You hear that?
      Alucard: Animals humping in the undergrowth?
    • Being a vampire with superhuman senses, he might actually be able to hear them.
  • While deciding whether or not to attack a town near running water (as vampires can't cross running water), Godbrand, Carmilla, Hector, and Isaac get into a debate about what qualifies as "running water" until Dracula silences them. It's supposed to be a tense moment, but the way Dracula shouts "Enough!" makes him come off less like an evil vampire overlord and more like an annoyed father breaking up his arguing children.
    Hector: I've been told vampires couldn't cross running water.
    Godbrand: I've been on boats. I've had baths.
    Isaac: When?
    Hector: Baths aren't running water though, are they?
    Godbrand: Course they are.
    Isaac: How can baths be running water? The water stopped being poured when you get in.
    Carmilla: The Greeks used to bury us on small islands because the whole graves would be surrounded by running water.
    Godbrand: I think I would probably feel like running water would kill me.
    Carmilla: Really? Do you feel like poison would kill you? Of course you don't. It's a thing you learn. It's not like we're given a manual for being a vampire.

Shadow Battles

  • While a bit tearjerking and heartwarming for Trevor to reminiscence over a tree from his childhood to Sypha, it is a bit funny the way he says, "Good night, tree."
  • Alucard is disturbed that he had a better childhood than Trevor, to which Trevor points out, "And your dad's fucking Dracula." Alucard cracks a smile at this, and they share a laugh with Sypha over it.
  • As Trevor tries to move the rubble away from the stone tablet, he grunts and asks help clearing it. Being half-vampire, Alucard walks over and simply tosses the stones aside as if they were made of cardboard. Sypha wordlessly hands Trevor back his torch, which he takes in equal shock. Alucard's done in about ten seconds.
  • When Sypha succeeds in opening the secret door to the Belmont hold, Alucard can't resist needling Trevor, with understated but very evident glee:
    Alucard: Well, well. Naughty Belmonts, hunting the terrible things of the forest but sitting on a magic door opened by occult language.
    Trevor: I didn't know it was a fucking magic door. Doesn't make us black magicians.
    Alucard: But you know that the word 'Teloch' means 'of death', right?
    Trevor: Shut up.
    Alucard: It's the magical door of death, Belmont.
  • Trevor explains some of his family background, including the fact that they're originally French but moved to Wallachia a few centuries previously to follow the monsters they hunt after Leon Belmont paved the way.
    Alucard: Moved, or chased?
    Trevor: Moved, thank you very much.
    Alucard: With people behind you waving pitchforks and torches?
  • There's also Alucard's description of the interior of the hold, after the trio get their first good look at it.
    Alucard: Your ancestors were apparently mentally ill hoarders.
    • When Sypha asks about whether or not the books were properly shelved, Alucard still manages to snark about the whole damn place.
      Alucard: I imagine one sacrifices a chicken, divines the book you want from the intestines. Maybe Belmont has a crystal ball in here you can ask.
      Trevor: Shut up.
  • Godbrand complains to Dracula about how they would be fed, since Dracula would provide them with mainly animal blood, Godbrand says that pigs blood gives him the shits.
  • Carmilla confronts Godbrand about what happened between him and Dracula, he storms off saying how they were all gonna die because what Dracula was doing was practically suicide and Carmilla tries to get him to listen to her.
    Godbrand: I'm not gonna fuck you, Carmilla! I'm too pissed off!
    Carmilla: You stupid bastard. (cue Literal Ass-Kicking)

Broken Mast

  • Sypha needling Trevor about the origin of his name. He explains that he was named after Trefor, a friend of his ancestor Leon Belmont. To his exasperation, Sypha starts trying to make nicknames out of it.
    Sypha: Tre-for. I like that.
    Trevor: Oh, it's terrible.
    Sypha: Treff. Treffy?
    Trevor: Oh, my God, no.
    Sypha: You are Treffy, now!
    Trevor: Don't— (the two burst out laughing)
    • What makes it funnier is how the scene cuts to Alucard, whose reflection looks confused at all the cheery laughter.
  • Dracula and Isaac talking about Hector and how he may be wavering. Isaac notes that Hector equates everything to animals and how he's still innocent like a child, especially when bringing dead animals back to life as pets. This resulted in Hector's parents' scorning him. Dracula amusingly comments that it would be mildly disturbing for any parent to see a reanimated cat doing tricks for their son.

Last Spell

  • Carmilla gets a report that they couldn't find Godbrand anywhere in the castle.
    Carmilla: Really? How hard could it be to find Godbrand? There's only so many things in this castle he can sleep under, drink, and try to have sex with.
    • Hilariously, Issac can be seen from her window scattering Godbrand's ashes
  • Sypha says she found a box of spells... all about penises. Alucard is not sure if it belonged to Trevor or his ancestors.
    Alucard: (jokingly) You're certain it's one of his ancestors? You didn't find it under his childhood bed?
  • Hector trying to get Isaac to agree on moving the castle to Braila makes Isaac show some without even trying.
    Hector: I know that, strictly speaking, we've never really been friends.
    Isaac: It seems counterproductive to cultivate human friends when we're engaged in the project of ending the human race.
    Hector: But we are in the same side.
    Isaac: Is this where we kiss like benedictine monks from different monasteries?
    Hector: (Genuinely shocked) ...I don't think I've ever heard you try to tell a joke before.
    Isaac: You still haven't.
    • Isaac's reasons for accepting Hector's proposal are Hilarious in Hindsight. He agrees on the grounds that it would get Carmilla to stop scheming (It doesn't) and point the war effort in the right direction. The generals end up fighting against Carmilla's forces from Styria before the main trio come to kill them all.
    • The latter even makes Isaac chuckle; "I imagine it would even make Godbrand smile." No doubt Godbrand is cursing him from hell.
      • Hector's response to that line ("Well, you talked me out of it.") even gets a chuckle out of Isaac.
  • While looking around the library, Alucard scolds Sypha on being distracted by Trevor, which Sypha shoots back by asking if she wasn't working hard enough for Alucard. Cue Alucard following her around while listing all of Trevor's negative aspects, and he doesn't seem to realize that he's become the distracted one.
  • Alucard telling Sypha that he grew up really quickly, prompting her to ask Alucard to explain what he meant. He tells her he literally grew incredibly fast, to her amusement.
    Sypha: That... may explain something.
    Alucard: What?
    Sypha: Perhaps you're just an angry teenager in an adult's body.
    Alucard: (looks at her in confusion)
    • The look on his face is doubly amusing because it also implies that it's exactly what he is. She basically called him an angsty teenage edgelord, and he can't even deny it.
  • Sypha's first belief to the demons banging on the door is that it's God Himself coming to enact holy vengeance on her for knowing a "forbidden" language.
    Sypha: See? God hates me!

The River

  • Trevor tries to board up the door, but it doesn't fit, so he decides to just lean the plank onto the door to hold it. It falls down a few seconds later, and the door opens the other way, so he decides to just walk through it.
  • Trevor looks up to see one of the many monsters coming towards him, and one is a firedrake.
    Trevor: Firedrake. Just what I need in an underground hold full of paper.
    • After he manages to take it out with the morning star, the explosion blasts him into the other room.
    Trevor: Probably just as well I didn't get to play with the whip when I was a kid.
  • Trevor trying to intimidate a monster with a stick.
    Trevor: You're an evil looking bastard, aren't you? Well, I'm armed with a- (looks down at his stick) A stick! Hm? So, I'll understand if you want to run away now.
    • Made even funnier and also somewhat awesome when he kicks the monster's ass with said stick.
  • Carmilla's stunned reaction when the castle suddenly starts to move on Sypha's will and vanishes. In doing so killing most of her troops when it causes the (holy water) river to flood the city and castle entrance.
    "What the fuck just happened?"
  • Sypha at first is giddy that she managed to move Dracula's castle on top of them... Only to realize that since it was literally on the surface of the Belmont library, that may have not been the best idea.
    Sypha: (cheerfully) Right on top of us! (Realizes) Oh. Hmm, yes, I... landed it on the surface. Right above this... underground space that's probably only held up by wood and... dirt. [Beat] Let's go.
  • There's something darkly funny about the Bishop of Gresit being reanimated as a zombie in the service of a vampire.
    • If what Blue Fangs said about God is true, it means He appreciates the bishop more as a mindless undead servant. Or that whatever demon that inhabits his body is more pious than the bishop himself!

For Love

  • After Sypha lifts the group out using an ice pillar, she brings up the rest and tosses it off into the woods. It's pretty funny even after she explains why she did that.
    Sypha: Well, I didn't want to leave it in there to melt and ruin all your beautiful books.
    Alucard: (lifts up his boot) It seems damp enough out here as it is.
  • Trevor pretty much sums up the upcoming fight sequence of the trio versus the vampires.
    Trevor: I terrify them. Sypha disorients them. Alucard goes over the top and we support him.
  • Trevor's Oh, Crap! face when Dracula launches himself at him from across the room.
  • Trevor, despite having a wooden stake and the Morning Star with him, decides that his opening move is to punch Dracula in the face. Repeatedly. This ends up being about as successful his attempt to knee Alucard in the junk. Dracula's reaction could also be interpreted as Trevor not being the first Belmont to try this tactic, which makes it even funnier that he identifies him because of it.
  • When Sypha holds back Dracula's enormous fireball, she is slowly being pushed backwards. How does Trevor support her? He helpfully leans against her back to keep her in place. It essentially amounts to a great vampire hunter using his own body for Mundane Utility.

End Times

  • Trevor constantly blaming Sypha for breaking the castle and her indignation. It gets even better when Alucard also agrees that she broke the castle.
    Trevor: We can't move this thing. Sypha broke it—
    Sypha: I did not!
    Alucard: You kind of did.
    Sypha: I do not break things.
    Trevor: So we agreed she broke it.
    Alucard: Oh, yes.
  • Instead of wasting away, Trevor proposes Alucard does something else since he has Castlevania and the Belmont library in the same place, in blunt-Trevor fashion.
    Trevor: Behold, you sulky half-vampire bastard. I bequeath you my home.
  • Sypha wants Trevor to join her as her handsome sidekick. Or mascot. Or her deformed pet bear who people throw free food at.
  • Sypha and Alucard are saying their farewells to each other.
    Alucard: (referring to Trevor) Don't let that idiot get you into too much trouble.
    Sypha: Never.
    Trevor: (the sacks he was stacking fall on him)
    Sypha: Well, maybe just enough trouble.
    Alucard: (grinning) Just enough.
  • How does Alucard say goodbye to Trevor? He flips him off.
    Trevor: Ah... Fuck you.
  • While Carmilla and Hector are holed up, waiting for sundown, Hector notes that the townspeople have been keeping their distance. Carmilla muses that they're probably getting their Torches and Pitchforks ready, then dryly remarks that she can't really blame them, all things considered.

    Season 3 
Bless Your Dead Little Hearts
  • After the somewhat tranquil scene of Alucard fetching food for his dinner, he starts talking to a doll of Trevor and then he voices the Trevor doll's lines in what's both incredibly amusing and heart-wrenching. Then the camera pans over to a Sypha doll who he also voices for. What sells it is his reactions after he finishes the full conversation.
    Alucard: What do you think, Trevor?
    "Trevor": I think I hate everything and everybody, so I'm gonna get drunk on beer that's been brewed in an old sheep carcass, and then I'm going to stick my tiny penis in a dead dog I found in a ditch to make hate-babies or something 'cause I actually am more stupid than mud.
    "Sypha": You are a horrible, terrible person, and many other words for "horrible" and "terrible", 'cause I know all the words, 'cause I'm smarter than everybody, and one day, I will go back to live with my flea-bitten family in a cart, which makes me better than everyone, and you will all die in a fire. A big one.
    Alucard: Oh my god. I am losing my mind. (glances at his wine glass and downs the entire thing) It's only been a month. I think.
    • Part of what really sells the scene is that Alucard's impression of Trevor's voice is very accurate and his Sypha voice includes her accent.
      • An earlier version of the scene has a pair of turnips instead of dolls, complete with roots positioned in a way that resembles a grumpy arm cross and a cross-legged sitting gesture, perfectly in-character for Trevor and Sypha.
  • Sypha's intentional Bad "Bad Acting" as the night creatures close in on them, Trevor's expression shows that this isn't the first time he's had to sit through this.
    Trevor: (faceplaming) Oh god, not this again.
    • Speaking of the Night Creatures, there's something humorous about how, after two seasons of seeing them exclusively in dark or bone-white color schemes, the first ones we see in this season are bright green and pink.
  • When recounting the various unpleasant folks they've run into on the road, Trevor reserves particular annoyance for one man who dressed up his carriage like a boat to call himself, "The Pirate of the Roads." Later on, when they get to town, the Count of St. Germain grumbles that he hopes it isn't "that idiot who put wheels on his boat" again.
  • A merchant comes up and asks for 3 coins for every tooth on the monster. Trevor replies he can have the teeth if he pulls it out himself. Cue a Funny Background Event of the man trying to pry the teeth out as best he can.
  • Trevor finds something he's been longing for: a man selling beer.
    Trevor: Could I get a mug? I'll have some coins in a minute.
    Barkeeper: You killed that bastard thing, you get one free.
    Trevor: (clasping his hands) I love you.
    • What makes the scene even more hilarious is Trevor's response after he finally has his drink: to say that it's Better Than Sex. Then has to verbally backspace when he realizes Sypha was standing right behind him. Even better, this is how we confirm their Relationship Upgrade since last season.
      Trevor: Oh my god. (sighs) That is better than sex.
      Sypha: (looks offended and freezes his beer) "Better than sex"? (storms off)
    • Trevor’s face as he stares at the frozen remains of his drink give the impression that he might just cry.
  • Trevor tries to calm Sypha down which goes as well as one would expect from these two.
    Sypha: I do hope you sleep well tonight. With my tiny, icy foot shoved all the way up your-!
    (Cut to a vampire breaking some ice in a barrel)

The Reparation of My Heart

  • Carmilla recalling an incident of Lenore nearly tearing down the castle because she was looking for a splint small enough for a spider she found with a broken leg. Lenore pouts at the accusation.
  • Trevor wakes up lightly snoring next to Sypha, both of them naked and very much at peace. He relaxes in bed for a while... and then Sypha turns around and flops her hand onto his face.
    Trevor: I'm awake now.
    Sypha: Mmm, Sh'up.
    Trevor: I'm sorry?
    Sypha: (pats him lightly) Good boy.


  • Apparently one of the monsters Sypha and Trevor had to fight off was a group of flying demon goats that flew around, with the worst of it being that "their shit was on fire," or as Trevor puts it, "burning devil goat turds from the sky". Trevor, the experienced monster hunter who punched Dracula in the face, sounds absolutely traumatized as he tries to describe it, and outright calls it "disturbing."
    Trevor: They shat on the farm, Sypha. And their shit was on fire. [...] Burning. Devil. Goat. Turds. From the sky.
  • Sypha telling Trevor if he knows that people sometimes have sex with goats.
    Trevor: Oh, I've heard.
  • The Judge tells Trevor and Sypha that he's asking for their help because they are heroes... and because he thinks they might actually like doing something. Trevor says he's not a hero, Sypha is... and adds that she's mad. The Judge states that he noticed, and that's why he thinks they might actually like doing something.
  • Sypha teasing Trevor that if he looked at her he'd "crack like an egg". Trevor sweats as he gives in with a whimpered "yes".

I Have a Scheme

  • Sumi and Taka find Alucard's dolls of Sypha and Trevor while he's fetching wine. He tries to get them to ignore them. They proceed to ask him exactly how long he's lived alone, to which he replies "Years", before correcting himself.
    Alucard: "Oh, Years.....or, possibly a couple of months."

A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement

  • When Saint Germain asks Sypha where she took to drinking ale, she slyly mentions that she's taken to the rough aspects of the world. Cue Trevor stating that she means him.
  • Saint Germain is clearly attempting to build up the mystique about his interest in the priory to both Trevor and Sypha, but when he finally and almost breathlessly asks if they had heard anything of the Infinite Corridor, they both reply with a flat and unimpressed "Yes".
    Saint Germaine: "Well, I suppose this was the wrong company to unveil occult secrets in and expect to be impressive."
  • Saint Germain taking a break from his metaphysical monologue about the Infinite Corridor to complain about having to hike all the way across "the gaping, gray asshole of Eastern Europe" to find it.
The Good Dream

Worse Things Than Betrayal

  • Carmilla telling Morana and Striga she could hear their spat through several walls and three snoring boys.
    Morana: I do not want to know.
  • St. Germain brushing off the Judge who questions why he was drinking with Belnades and Belmont the other day.
    St. Germain: I'm extremely famous and they wanted to meet someone who'd seen toilet paper.
    Judge: What the fuck is toilet paper?
    St. Germain: It's Chinese. Good morning, Judge.
    • The joke comes back around when St. Germain questions why some pages in a book are missing, in which he gets a response of, "maybe someone wanted to rub their backside with it. I understand they use paper for that in the orient."
  • As Trevor takes on two of the cult members, he manages to knock out one and kill the other. However, he has to dispose of the one he killed so he stuffs him in a nearby barrel. Which leads to further problems when the man won't fit. So... with a bit of disgust on his part, Trevor takes the man's leg, bends and breaks it.
    • What makes this scene slightly funnier is how there are three children playing in the background as Trevor tries to hide the man's body.

What the Night Brings

  • As the cult follower Trevor brought over protests, St. Germain barges in leading Trevor to ask him to wait a moment before pinching their captive's neck and knocking him out.
    Trevor: Continue.

The Harvest

  • Alucard trying to sleep, even crossing his arms the way vampires would.
    Alucard: ...Maybe I should make myself a coffin.
    • Made even more hilarious because we've previously seen that vampires sleep in the daytime. Even if he did get a coffin, Alucard probably wouldn't sleep much better.

Abandon All Hope

  • When St. Germain realizes the Infinite Corridor has been opened into Hell, Trevor asks how he can even be sure that's what they're looking at. St. Germain starts to bring up a bad night with the King of Bohemia and a bag of something that turned out not to be opium before saying it's not important.
    Trevor: What the hell is that?!
    St. Germain: Well, that is probably actually Hell!
  • A minor moment occurs when Lenore and Hector are accompanied by two guards when they meet the sisters so Lenore can report on her success. Carmilla sounds annoyed that Hector is being allowed into "their room", before she takes a glance at the guards behind them and says "Seriously, we don't even let the guards in here". The two guards who accompanied Hector and Lenore proceed to look distraught before fleeing out of said room while Lenore continues the conversation like nothing happened.
  • Definitely a case of Black Comedy, but when Lenore adds a large bed to her list of demands for Hector's accomodations, Carmilla and the other members of her council act with disgust; basically equating Lenore is going to having sex with her pet.
    Lenore: Oh and the house is going to need a really big bed. It turns out he's actually very good at sex, and I want to train him.
    Carmilla: Eww, get away from me.
    Morana: Seriously, I didn't need that information.
    Striga: Leave, now.
  • Lenore liked Hector, so she put a ring on him. ALL THE SINGLE LADIES!


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