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Funny moments from the Casi Ángeles series.

     Season 1 
     Season 2 

  • Every time Nico screams "Bastaaaa!" (which stands for "Stop it!!!'').
  • Ep 12, Retratos de familia (Family Portraits): It is the first day of school, and the family is as dysfunctional as can be.
    • Featuring Thiago getting a cake right on his face, Tacho abhorring the school uniform, Lleca refusing to shower and Malvina applying make-up on the little girls.
    • Later on, Nico figures out that Rama has been arrested. He's not amused, and still manages to be hilarious.
    Nico: During the summer holidays you caused a car crash, and what do you do now? You blow up a car! What's the matter with cars?!
  • Ep 13, Hasta el santo desconfía: Rama disguises as a pizza boy to visit Valeria in jail. He gets caught, and Nico is even less amused than in the previous episode.
    Nico: Now listen carefully: stay a block away from me, or I'll kick the hell out of you. Alright?
  • Ep 43, Celos (Jelousy): Mar's reaction when she thinks that Thiago has cheated on her once again, and, after having thrown half the things there are in the bathroom in a fit of rage, tells Jaz, Vale and Caridad that she's OK.
    Mar: It's over now. I'm calm. I won't suffer because of that idiot anymore, I won't even mention him. I don't have the slightest intention to talk to him. *Beat* BEDOYAAAA!
  • Ep 124, Donde Vayas (Wherever you go): The kids are on a mission to save Luca and Terremoto from Juan Cruz. Cielo tries to keep everybody safe; nobody listens to her.
    • Tefi basically screams.
    • Vale insists they need to come up with a proper plan and wields a threatening tube in the most inappropriate circumstances in order to get the message home;
    • A cat distracts the girls.
    Cielo: Mar, what are you doing with that cat?
    Mar: Cielo, can we keep him? Please? He's so cute! Cats are useful, anyway.
    * beat*
    Mar: Alright, maybe they're not that useful after all. Can we keep him anyway? Just for a while...
     Season 3 

  • Simón's catchphrase "This is a delirium!" in the first episodes.
  • Ep 10, Técnicas de Seducción (Seduction techniques): Camilo, a die hard Rolling Stones fan, puts "Let it be'' on in order to win Paz's heart.
    Camilo: Ron, Mick, my dears... If plastic surgery didn't kill you, I hope this betrayal won't either.
  • Ep 13, Mambo: The kids consider the pros of free love.
    Nacho: [to the tune of Mambo Number Five] A little bit of Peasant (Caridad) in my life, a little bit of Pame by my side...
    Luca: [menacingly, to the same tune] A little bit of Tefi, and you're gonna get it...
  • Ep 27, Caperucita Verde (Little Green Riding Hood): Tacho tries to find out what has become of the Red Angel. Hope leaves around a fake newspaper that says that the superhero grew breasts to dissuade him.
    Tacho: Now I know why the Red Angel disappeared. It's awful. [Points to his chest]
    Rama: You died from a heart attack? No... You got your hands chopped off! [Tacho still points without answering] You lost your voice!
    Tacho: [whispering] I grew breasts!
    Rama: What?
    Tacho: [in a pretty incomprehensible voice] I grew breasts!
    Rama: ...What?
    Tacho: [shouting] I SAID I GREW BREASTS, RAMA!
    [Everyone looks at him with a mocking smile, Rama bursts out laughing]
  • Ep 108, Sobre como no perder la esperanza (On how not to lose hope): A dove steps on a mine Luca placed. Tacho sees the bird explode, and is left half-deaf for a couple of episodes and convinced that the Government is trying to kill them all using explosive doves. Hilarity ensues.
    • Carried on in the following episode Una clase de magia (A magic class):
    Magic teacher: Let's say, if I were to make a dove appear...
    Tacho: (Throwing himself on the floor, hands covering his head) Dove! Aghhh!
    Thiago: Couldn't you make it disappear? He's phobic.
     Season 4 

  • Ep 01, El muro (The Wall): Melody wants to go on a mission with the boys.
    Tefi: Don't go! What if something happens to you? Then I'll be the only woman.
    Vale: Hey, wait! I'm here as well.
    Tefi: Precisely! I'll be the only woman.
  • Ep 64, Nadie Sabe (Nobody Knows): Paloma and Tefi have to pretend they have been brainwashed and pose as sisters. The latter has some trouble remembering her fake backstory.
    Tefi: If you're going to call dad to complain, you can just save your breath!
    Paloma: Dad is dead!
    Tefi: What? Is he?
    Tefi: Do you want me to tell Mom about it?
    Paloma: Mom is dead.
    Tefi: What?! Is she?
    Tefi: Wait! I'm your big sister, you mustn't disrespect me, got it? Do you want me to tell Grandma about it? *beat* Is she dead, too?
    [Paloma shakes her head]

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