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  • The look of exasperation on Cletus's face in Deadpool vs. Carnage #3. when the Annoying Kid with a Spider-Man doll first asks if he was fighting Spider-Man or Venom, then asks if he's Venom. It becomes a lot less funny when Deadpool comes across the blood-soaked van and the shredded remains of the Spider-Man doll.
  • The variant cover for Carnage Vol. 2 #4, based on the "Rage Face" comics, shows Carnage posing smugly before Deadpool pops in and stabs him with his katana, making him scream/roar.
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  • When Carnage asks the Darkholders why they're so sure that he's the "Red Slayer" that's been prophesized, one of them casually turns a page in the Darkhold to reveal an intricate portrait of Carnage's face.
    Carnage: Fair enough.

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