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Cardians: Rural takes place in a very morally grey setting, where the right thing is not always so clear cut, and psychological trauma and mortal threats abound. That doesn't mean that the Players, or even their Characters, can't have moments of light relief.


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    Player-Related Funny Moments 

    Character-Related Funny Moments 

  • Due to repeated failures in Academics rolls, Tomoe appears, at least in universe, to be very book-dumb. Even the Players hypothesize that Tomoe is actually illiterate, as to explain why he keeps failing to read books.
  • An example that combines more of the Player input would be when Henderson's Player and the G.M., who was at the time playing Aubry, accidentally started speaking over one another, while the characters were in the middle of a small dispute. This translated out to a line that was both funny and a mass Oh, Crap! for the Players, particularly from Henderson's:
    Aubry: ...Are you interrupting me?
  • After being detained by two private detectives for his proximity to a newly-discovered dead body, Sal decided he did not like them... so out of spite, he peed on the bunk in the cell!
  • This zinger from Nat, in the mall encounter with Dagmar:
    Dagmar: You're not very quiet.
    Nat: Well neither is your make-up, but who's counting?
  • This gem from part one of the finale, when Chaney reveals that she'd visited and covered for the Matriarch, her and Aubry's horrifically mutated adoptive mother out of fear that the team would hurt or kill her:
    Sal: Your mom is a fucking blender.
  • The Running Gag of Chaney stealing or borrowing or using people's phones for the sole purpose of playing Bejeweled. She has the high score on everybody's phone.


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