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Card Sharks, the game of survey questions and Acey-Deucey, certainly had some hilarous moments.

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    Jim Perry (1978-81) 

    Bob Eubanks (1986-89) 

    Bill Rafferty (1986-87, Nighttime) 
  • 1986: "Do you think rock star Madonna is sexy?" An elderly contestant named Maurynote  gives his reasoning:
    Maury: I've seen, uh... a couple of times. I don't even know what he does! Does he sing or dance? I don't think he's sexy, I don't think a lot of men would.
    Rafferty: Maury, go to the record store, pick up an album. Check it out.
  • 1986-87: During a Young People's Week, a male contestant uncovered a prize card for Victorian dolls, which he went on to win.
    Rafferty: What every boy wants. Every boy knows his room is incomplete without Victorian dolls. I can remember when I was a youth, I used to come home from baseball practice, and go "I can't wait to put the petticoats on."
  • Speaking of trainwrecks, Bill had one of his own, this one involving Lacey and Suzanna's combined age.note 

    Pat Bullard (2001) 
  • Late 2001: While explaining how the Money Cards work, Bullard would note that the contestant could change the base card. Now, this typically (but not always) led into Pat asking "You know why?", then saying "Because I'm a nice guy.", which wasn't really funny. In one case, he swapped it out with "Because I want you to go on a honeymoon." for an engaged contestant. In this case...
    Bullard: Just to make it easier, Laizer, we're gonna let you change the first card. You know why?
    Laizer: Because that's the rules of the game?
    (audience laughs)
    Bullard: I'll smack you, Laizer, I'm not kidding. (audience laughs some more) Yes it's the rules of the game! Let's see his first card, Tammi!

    Play Your Cards Right with Bruce Forsyth 


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