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Funny / Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

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Although the show is Darker and Edgier compared to most GerryAnderson shows, it's not without a humorous moment here and there.

  • And the start of "White as Snow", involving Scarlet putting his feet on Colonel White's desk.
  • Later on in "White as Snow", as the Colonel and the navy submariners stand over Scarlet after his battle with the Mysteron agent.
    Submariner: Sir, I don't think you appreciate that the man is dead.
    Colonel White: That's no excuse! Hitting a superior officer, binding and gagging! Why I never in all my born years!'
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  • In "Lunarville 7", the Lunar Controller and his assistant Orson, now Mysteron agents, are bugging Scarlet's, Blue's and Green's conversion in the guest suite on the Lunar station. Scarlet suspects as much and discovers a microphone in their room, urging Blue and Green to keep quiet for bit. Orson, who is listening in, suddenly can't hear anything and turns up the volume...
    Captain Scarlet: GOODNIGHT, ORSON!
    Orson: AAAAH!
  • During "Crater 101":
    Lieutenant Green: Do I get a coconut?
    Captain Scarlet: If we ever get out of this, Lieutenant, I'll buy you all the coconuts you can eat.
  • In "Flight to Atlantica", when SPECTRUM is celebrating its first anniversary, the Mysterons drug their bottle of champagne, which all but Scarlet and Colonel White drink. The following day, during their mission to protect the World Navy Complex at Atlantica, the effects of the champagne come forth as most of Cloudbase falls into a dream-like state, resulting in the Angels flying off course and the Captains spouting gems such as:
    Captain Ochre: We have a green light! Yippieee!
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  • During the otherwise grim ''Attack On Cloudbase'', we have this exchange between Colonel White and Captain Scarlet:
    White: Oh, er, Captain Scarlet?
    Scarlet: Yes sir?
    Scarlet: Sir?
    White: Get your haircut, will you?


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