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Funny / Captain America: Steve Rogers

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  • Several in issue #2:
    • Black Comedy, but, Red Skull executing his entire kitchen staff and then justifying it as fair for the blandness of the soup, complete with noting he'd warned them celery was a poor base for this kind of soup. Which means the freaking Red Skull is an amateur food critic.
      Red Skull: "Bah. You try this soup and tell me it's not bland. I warned them, celery is a poor base!"
    • The Red Skull, of all people, hanging a Lampshade Hanging on just how cliche and overdone the classic Hydra stories are, even describing Sin's plans as revolving around things they've all seen before.
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    • The Red Skull reading Hydra-glorifying bedtime stories to Kobik. Nuff said.
    • Just the fact that Kobik's bedsheet has a cutesy version of Hydra symbol, of all things.


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