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    The Movie 
Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • During Peggy Carter's funeral service (an absolute Tear Jerker scene otherwise), Steve's astonishment to finally learn that Sharon is Peggy's niece, and his awkwardness while talking with her soon after, are priceless and heartwarming at the same time.
  • During the escape from the special forces raid, Cap instructs Bucky not to kill any of the police attacking them. While Bucky fights his way down a stairwell, he accidentally knocks one of the policemen over the rail, who would have fallen to his death had Cap not caught him. Cap then gives Bucky an exasperated look and groans "Come on, man!" It gets even better moments later when Steve clips two policemen together and chucks one over the railing to keep them both busy.


  • This exchange that starts the opening mission:
    Wanda: You guys do know I can move things with my mind, right?
    Natasha: Looking over your shoulder should be second nature.
    Sam: Anyone ever tell you you're a little paranoid?
    Natasha: Not to my face. Why, did you hear something?
  • This little exchange in the beginning after Black Widow was rescued by Falcon's drone:
    Natasha: Thanks, Sam.
    Sam: Don't thank me.
    Natasha: I am not thanking that.
    Sam: His name is Redwing.
    Natasha: No.
    Sam: Come on, he's cute! Give him a pat.
  • A brief moment during Cap and Bucky's escape from German Special Forces. Bucky actually throws Cap shield-first onto another soldier!
  • Steve's totally unsuspicious getaway car... is a blue vintage VW Beetle. Which is carrying three, large, muscular men.
  • Sam and Bucky witnessing Steve's first kiss with Sharon. They react like they're his wingmen, with slow nods and smirks. Steve's reaction is to look at them in disbelief, like he actually forgot they were there. This is better if you were to look at this from Bucky's perspective. Having just regained his memories, he still remembers his best friend as someone who has trouble with the ladies (if the first film is any indicator). Seeing Steve kiss must make him proud. On the other hand, Steve must have realized this and glanced at Bucky as if to say "I'm not that bad with women." Doubly hilarious is that it immediately follows the tense exchange about the seat. They may be wary of each other, but Steve getting some action is something they can both get behind.
    • Right before he looks back towards those two, the look on his face is just him so pleased with himself. That kind of smarmy arrogance is that much funnier coming from him.
  • Falcon, Cap, and Black Panther are being hauled away in a police car together. Falcon decides to break the awkward silence with some small talk:
    Sam: ... So you like cats?
    Steve: Sam.
    Sam: What? Dude shows up dressed like a cat and you don't wanna know more?
    • And this is Sam "The Falcon" Wilson giving someone else shit for dressing up like an animal.
  • Sam gets the government receipt for his wingsuit from Sharon Carter:
    Sam: "Bird costume"? Come on! [gives Sharon a look]
    Sharon: Hey, I didn't write it.
  • Hawkeye's completely ineffectual attempts to hurt the Vision including arrows, knife-stabs, kicks to the crotch, which are all phased through, except when he punches him, he stands there and No Sells it. It's all completely hilarious. Apparently he forgot that he was trying to punch out an android made mainly of synthetics and metal who also has enough strength and worthiness to lift up Mjolnir in the previous movie.
  • Clint's completely deadpan remark when he saved Wanda from Tony's house arrest:
    "I retired for five minutes and it all goes to shit."
    • Having immobilized Vision (in a trap that looks very unpleasant for the android) Clint is noticeably eager to get away, nervously mumbling "Okay we gotta go...", knowing full well how outclassed he'll be when Vision breaks free.
  • Scott is so star-struck by Captain America, he has trouble putting coherent sentences together. He can't even stop shaking Steve's hand for an inordinate amount of time! And once he stops, he squishes Cap's arms with an appreciative "wow", reminiscent of Peggy's reaction after first seeing the results of the super-soldier treatment.
    "Thinks for thanking of me!"
  • Sam Wilson's response to Scott Lang's attempt to apologize for the successful theft back in the events of Ant-Man was clearly one out of bruised pride:
    "It was a great audition, but it will never happen again."
  • Falcon's nickname for Scott: "Tic-Tac."

Tony Stark/Iron Man

  • The acronym for Tony's memory simulator program (Bi-neurally Augmented Retro-Framing) is BARF. Tony quickly remarks that he needs to change it.
  • Tony threatening to call Aunt May if Peter doesn't stay put after the airport battle.
  • Early in the film, Tony mentions he likes to put General Ross on hold whenever he calls him, even childishly musing that he enjoys looking at the blinking light on his phone that shows a call is on hold. At the end of the film, Tony does just that to tacitly enable Steve's breakout job in Ross's super-max prison.
    Tony: Right. Please hold.
    Ross: [exasperated] No, don't—!
    [Tony puts Ross on hold]
  • After Cap, Falcon, Bucky, and T'Challa all get arrested, an exasperated Tony is doing damage control over the phone.
    Tony: 'Consequences'? You bet there are going to be consequences! [pause] ... Yes, you can quote me on that, because I just said it! [hangs up irritably]
  • Tony's grump about someone leaving coffee grounds in the sink's garbage disposal is extremely funny. Just like a college student complaining about his roommates' dirty habits. Suppose anyone complains about the toilet seat being left up?


  • Vision awkwardly trying to act like a human. Seeing him in casual clothes, trying to cook - despite the fact that, as he later points out, he doesn't eat - and walking through walls because the door was open gives Adorkable a whole new meaning.
    Vision: (reading off a recipe) "A pinch of paprika." A "pinch" much is a pinch? (eventually settles on pinching two fingers in a small dish of paprika and adding it)
  • Vision apparently is still learning that doors exist and keeps on lowering his density to pass through walls.
    Wanda: Vis, we talked about this!
    • Vision thinking that because the door was open, it was okay to phase into the room. One can easily derive that his might be a case of Exact Words from an earlier conversation with Wanda after he phased into her room without permission, "You can only come into my room if the door is open", he just didn't realize the basic assumption that he still needed to use the door to enter.
  • How does Black Panther make his dramatic superhero debut on the big screen? By performing a Goomba Stomp off of Bucky's head.
  • When Bucky escapes from custody, we have this quick moment between Nat and Tony.
    Natasha: Please tell me you brought a suit.
    Tony: Sure did. It's a lovely Tom Ford, three-Piece, 2 button... I'm on active duty, non combatant.
  • In a rare moment from T'Challa, when Black Widow tries to recruit him, his female body guard threatens to attack her. T'Challa intervenes, saying as fun as it would be to watch, he doesn't mind hearing her out. He says this with a giant grin on his face.
  • Most of Tony and Peter's "private meeting" qualifies:
    • Tony finding out why Peter Parker doesn't want to go to Germany with him: Homework.
      Tony: ...I'm going to pretend I did not just hear that...
      Peter: I-I'm being serious! I can't just drop out of school!
    • Aunt May's Age Lift (and subsequent Adaptational Attractiveness) gets plenty a Lampshade Hanging by Tony, who goes on to refer to her as "Aunt Hottie" and flirt with her constantly.
    • At the beginning of the scene Tony is eating some kind of walnut date loaf Aunt May made and remarks how delicious it is. The second he and Peter go to Peter's room and close the door he spits it out. He later remarks that as far as walnut date loaves go it was actually pretty good. He apparently just doesn't like it.
    • For most of this initial scene, Peter is an Adorkable stammering mess over having Tony Stark in his home. However, he noticeably becomes dead serious when he catches on that Tony is flirting with Aunt May.
      Tony: This walnut date loaf is exceptional
      Peter: Let me just stop you there.
    • When Tony casually exposes where Peter hides his costume, Peter shoves it into his laundry hamper just as it falls out, then stands in front of it, arms crossed and trying very hard to act as if a superhero outfit didn't just fall from the ceiling.
    • When Tony threatens to tell on Peter:
      Peter: [webs Tony's hand to the door] Don't tell Aunt May!
      [after promising Peter he won't tell her, Tony points to the webbing]
      Tony: [after an uncomfortable ten seconds] Alright, come on, get me out of this.
      Peter: Okay, yeah, here, uh...
    • Tony checking out Peter's homemade costume:
      Tony: [putting Peter's swimming goggles to his eyes] Lordy! Can you even see in these?
    • Tony tries guessing Peter superhero name and comes up with "Spider-Boy" and "Spiderling", to which Peter awkwardly says "Spider-Man".
      Tony: Not in that onesie.
    • There's something funny about how Peter brags to Tony Stark about how he aced an Algebra test.
    • You also have to wonder how much of this was just Robert Downey Jr. screwing around with Tom Holland and Holland trying to keep up.
  • Tony's reaction to Scott's Take That! while he is visiting the imprisoned Avengers at The Raft:
    Scott: Hank Pym always said you never can trust a Stark.
    Tony: Who are you?
    Scott: [looking completely deflated] Come on, man!
  • The post-credits Stinger. Peter Parker is thinking up an excuse to Aunt May as to how he got injured. He goes for telling a half-truth, saying he got in a fight with a guy from Brooklyn named Steve and his really huge friend (Giant-Man).
    • And unlike May from the comics, who constantly worried about Peter's safety, this May asks if Peter at least got a few punches in.
  • At the UN compound, T'Challa is fighting Bucky and goes to scratch him with his claws... only to remember he's not wearing the suit. They both pause with looks on their faces like "Oh, right."
    • During the same fight, Natasha tries to fight Bucky. He slams her into a table, puts his metal hand around her throat, and glares at her with dead, emotionless eyes. Natasha complains that he doesn't recognize her.
  • It's a small instance in the middle of a very tense moment, but well earned: Tony asks Natasha if he heard correctly that she agrees with him that the Sokovia Accords could be a positive influence on the Avengers' relationship with the world governments. Natasha instantly regrets it.
    Natasha: Oh, I wanna take it back...
  • After Bucky gets brainwashed by Zemo, Tony manages to rip the slide off of Bucky's gun. If you pay attention, you can see him smirk about it before using it to smack Bucky in the face.

Just the Airport Battle

  • During the airport battle, Rhodey's reaction to a tanker appearing right out of nowhere and flying right at him courtesy of Ant-Man's de-miniaturization tech.
    Rhodey: OH COME ON!
  • Followed up with Captain America's Disapproving Look at Ant-Man when the tanker violently explodes (nearly killing Black Widow, and Black Panther) because it was full of fuel and not water like Ant-Man thought.
    Ant-Man: [sheepish] Aww, man, I thought it was a water truck!
  • Also funny because it cements the Running Gag of War Machine being flabbergasted by other people's superpowers (see his reaction to Killian's Extremis powers in IM3 and Vision in AOU).
  • Clint introducing himself to T'Challa and the latter just angrily snarking that he doesn't care, while kicking his butt.
  • Ant-Man becoming GiAnt-Man
    • Before Scott does it he warns the team he may rip himself in half doing it, to the utter dumbfounded confusion of everyone on his team.
      Bucky: He's gonna tear himself in half?
    • Even before that, Sam mentions they need a distraction, something big. Scott proudly announces "I got something kinda big! I can't hold it for very long!". There's a brief pause as Team Cap wonders just what exactly Scott is talking about.
    • His mention that it only lasted a few seconds. Hope and Hank would have given him so much crap for either destroying something on accident, not holding it together longer, fainting, or all three.
      Ant-Man: [after Steve asks how sure he is] I do this all the time! ... I mean once... in a lab... and I passed out.
    • First, before doing so, how Scott amps himself up.
      Ant-Man: I'm the boss, I'm the boss, I'm the boss, I'm the boss!
    • Then comes everyone's reaction.
      Spider-Man: HOLY SHIT!
      War Machine: Okay, tiny dude is big now! He's big now!
      Iron Man: OK, anybody on our side hiding any shocking, fantastic abilities they'd like to disclose, I am open to suggestions!
    • Which prompts Falcon to launch Redwing into Iron Man's face.
    • Scott lumbering about and casually swinging his arms at the Pro-Reg side is just hilarious, especially when he picks up War Machine.
    • Spider-Man tries his best to get off of War Machine and ends up swinging around Scott's arm a few times before pelting him in the face. A little later he crawls around on his head and briefly peers into a giant eye. Scott exasperatedly saying "get off" and swatting at him is pretty funny too.
    • Also, Scott laughing maniacally after his transformation. Going by the expression that he is sporting then, he himself knows how silly it is.
    • Then he swings a boarding gangway at War Machine, who proceeds to obliterate it with his arsenal. Scott can only look in confusion at the smoking husk of metal in his hand.
    • Tony's response:
      Iron Man: Give me back my Rhodey!
    • When Vision casually flies through Scott. Made even funnier by what he said beforehand:
      Giant-Man: You wanna get to them, you gotta go through me!
      Some scenes later, Vision literally flies through Giant-Man.
      Giant-Man: [freaking out] SOMETHING JUST FLEW IN ME!
    • After Scott returns to normal size:
      Ant-Man: [wheezing] Does anyone have any orange slices?
    • A guy in a technologically advanced suit with his mask popped off is laying on the ground, exhausted as hell, and asking everyone within earshot for some food. Anybody else getting "Have you ever tried shawarma" flashbacks?
    • Steve's deadpan reaction to Scott's warning:
      Ant-Man: On my signal, run like hell.
      [later, after Scott becomes Giant-Man]
      Steve: I guess that's the signal.
    • Funnily enough, of all things, Giant-Man seems to be the only thing T'Challa shows some semblance of genuine fear towards, as much as he can show, anyway. He almost freaks out when Giant-Man specifically targets him, leaping away, yelping, and landing on his butt, while backing away like a terrified kid.
  • Spider-Man's quips during battle, such as trying to apply his science knowledge to Falcon's wings and Cap's shield, being an extreme fanboy during the middle of the fight, and his reference to "that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back". (a different take on a Hollywood Nerd's usual approach to Star Wars?)
    War Machine: Jesus, Tony, how old is this guy?
    Iron Man: [utterly fed up] I don't know, I didn't carbon-date him! He's on the young side!
    • Spider-Man catches Bucky's metal arm easily... then geeks out over it. Keep in mind, he effortlessy catches the punch with only one hand, and then delivers said line while he's twisting Bucky's arm. To put this into perspective, Bucky, a 100+ year old ex-assassin with super-strength is being casually and nonchalantly incapacitated by a teenage boy. Bucky's look of confusion and mild terror sells it.
    Spider-Man: You have a metal arm?! That is awesome, dude!
  • When fighting Sam:
    Sam: I don't know if you've been in a fight before, but there's usually not this much talking.
  • Also, Spider-Man's big dramatic reveal — involving him stealing Captain America's shield with his webbing — ends up being a little undermined by his Adorkable stuttering over-enthusiasm:
    Tony: Nice job, kid.
    Spider-Man: Thanks! Well, I could have stuck the landing a little better, it's just, your new suit — i-it's not that — Mr. Stark, it-it's perfect, thank you—
    Tony: Yeah, we don't really need to start a conversation.
    Spider-Man: Okay. [Does a weak salute] Cap-Captain. Big fan, I'm Spider-Man...
    Tony: Yeah, we'll talk about it later, just...
    Spider-Man: [Does a big all-encompassing wave] Hey everyone.
    Tony: Good job.
  • "Is this stuff coming out of you?" Even funnier when you consider that in Tobey Maguire's run, the web DID come out of him.
  • Sam and Bucky:
    • Their squabbling may come off as this for some, especially when it looks like the new best friend and old best friend comparing each other in order to figure out who Steve prefers best.
    • Their dynamic during the airport battle, specifically when the two of them are webbed to the floor and Sam takes advantage of Spidey quipping to summon his Redwing drone, using it to drag Spidey out through a window, flailing the whole way.
      Spider-Man: Guys, look, I'd love to keep this up, but I've only got one job today and I gotta impress Mr. Stark so, I'm really sorry — [Redwing grapples his arm and drags Spidey out the window] AHHHHHHH —
      Bucky: You couldn't have done that earlier?
      Sam: [beat] I hate you.
    • Their first reaction to Spider-Man:
      Bucky: What the hell's that?
      Sam: Everyone's got a gimmick now.
    • Bucky tries throwing a sign/kiosk at Spidey:
    Spider-Man: Oh, God!
    [Bucky peeks out from behind cover]
    Spider-Man: HEY BUDDY, I THINK YOU LOST THIS! [throws the sign back at him]
  • Ant-Man, still in awe that he's working with Cap, hands him back his shield during the airport scene and dramatically announces:
    Ant-Man: I believe this is yours, Captain America!
  • Spidey slinging Cap around during the airport fight is just hilarious, and his opinion on Cap's shield:
    Spider-Man: That thing does not obey the laws of physics at all!
  • When Ant-Man is damaging Iron Man's suit from the inside:
    Ant-Man: Oh, you're going to have to take this to the shop!
    Iron Man: Who's speaking?
    Ant-Man: It's your conscience. We don't talk a lot these days.
    Dory: [awed] Are you my conscience?
    Marlin: [beat] Yes. Yes, I'm your conscience. We haven't spoken for a while, Dory, how are you?
  • When Spider-Man grabs Sam and tries to read him his Miranda Rights. All the better since it's Spider-Man doing the reading.
    Spider-Man: You have the right to remain silent!
  • Wanda sending a dozen cars landing on Tony, causing Iron Man to helplessly flap his arms as he gets buried in cars.
    Friday: Multiple contusions detected.
    Tony: Yeah... I detected them too.
  • For those who have watched The Force Awakens, it's hard not to at least chuckle upon seeing War Machine pull out an electric baton against Cap without thinking of that loyal stormtrooper.
  • During the big fight at the airport, Clint pins Natasha to the ground, then they both stop to check whether they're still friends. Clint's reaction also qualifies.
    Natasha: We're still friends right?
    Clint: Depends on how hard you hit me.
  • Later Wanda catches Natasha's foot mid-air and spins her out with her telekinesis, then turns to Clint:
    Wanda: You were pulling your punches.
  • Ant-Man causing Black Widow to flip over, until she manages to shoot him into a Fed-Ex truck with her Widow's Bite.
  • Ant-Man's first meeting with Cap is entirely this. Especially since he was clearly sleeping right before the meetup, Clint cracks about Scott needing some coffee, and him assuring Scarlet Witch "I know you too, you're great!" Also, Scott briefly touching Steve's pecs.
    Scott: Thinks for thanking of me.

... And Everyone Else...

  • Stan Lee's cameo, as usual. He's a FedEx deliveryman who asks for "Tony Stank". Rhodes takes the opportunity to laugh and say he's not letting that go! Considering that this takes place during Tony's attempts to help Rhodey walk again, the Mood Whiplash was well-earned.
    Rhodey: Hi, table for Mr. Stank? One in the back, by the bathrooms.
    • What's particularly funny is that Tony is a billionaire and superhero-probably everyone in America, not to mention most of the rest of the world, has heard of him! But no, good ol' Stan Lee just doesn't care enough to get his name right.
  • Jim Rash's cameo when Tony is speaking at MIT. Did Dean Pelton leave Greendale after Season 6? The goal was six seasons and a movie. They never said it would be a movie of the show.
  • Everett Ross tries to goad an imprisoned Zemo into misbehaving just so they can use the security measures against him.
  • Tony may not have liked his father, but it's obvious who he got his sense of humor from.
    Maria: Tony's studying abroad.
    Howard: Oh, really? Which broad? What's her name?
    Tony: [sheepishly] ... Candace.
  • Bucky, on Steve's iconic shield, which is literally the only one of its kind ever made in the history of man:
    Bucky: I gotta get me one of those.
    • Also serves as a Mythology Gag to the fact that Bucky takes up the shield and mantle of Captain America at the end of the storyline(s) upon which the movie is based.
  • A single moment in the very tense and dark flashback to the other Winter Soldiers - a heavily armored mook in a bomb-disposal outfit cracks one of them with a baton with no effect. The guy turns around, and the mook's face just screams "I have made a very serious mistake."

    Movie Trailers 
  • This tidbit from Steve's past.
    Bucky: Your mother's name was Sarah. [smiles] You used to wear newspapers in your shoes.
  • In the Sokovia Accords, we see eight lines, one for each Avenger to sign. Tony is listed as Anthony Stark, his legal name — a piece of Selective Enforcement, as Steve, Natasha, Clint, and Sam are all listed with those first names despite them being diminutivesnote  just as much as "Tony" is. And of course, the line for Vision's signature just says "Vision", given that he has no other name.
  • At the end of the second trailer, during the two teams' face-off, Stark calls out "Underoos!" Cue a line of webbing snagging Cap's shield, then Cap getting his hands webbed up. Cut to Spider-Man, who finally has animated eyes,note  holding Cap's shield and saying "Hey, everyone," in the most mundane way possible. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    • The Underoos bit is even funnier in the Japanese version, where he's called "Leotard-kun"
  • The fact that 99% of Black Panther's scenes in the trailers consist of him beating the crap out of Bucky, leading many to question just how obsessed Black Panther is with fighting him. Even Sebastian Stan had to comment on the matter.note 
  • Another new trailer shows that Spidey's greeting was something much more.
    Spider-Man: [waves] Hey, everyone.
    Iron Man: Yeah, we really don't need to start a conversation here...
    Spider-Man: [salutes Cap] Oh, Captain. Big fan.

  • "Iron Man Meets the Iron Lady". Seriously, Robert Downey, Jr. is in top form.
  • Somebody made a parody of the scene in which Black Panther kicks Bucky by using the infamous Chappelle's Show sketch where Charlie Murphy kicked Rick James.
    Rick James!Bucky: He'll tell it like he gave me some kinda Bruce Lee... crosskick or somethin'.
    Charlie Murphy!Black Panther: I kicked the shit outta him, man!
  • During the film's announcement at the El Capitan theater in 2014, when RDJ and Chris Evans were welcoming the new Black Panther:
    Robert Downey, Jr.: What do you think? You wanna drift one way or the other?
    Chadwick Boseman: Well... Iron Man, Captain America, as much as I respect you both—
    Random Fangirl: Captain America!
    [crowd cheers; Chris salutes them, RDJ gets angry and mouths out "Come on!"]
  • Someone took the teaser trailer and set it to Adele's "Hello." It must be seen to be believed.
  • This Tweet from Robert Downey, Jr.:
    Robert Downey, Jr.: You've got a friend in... oh, wait.
    • Even more hilarious since in Brazil RDJ's official dubber also voices Woody.
  • This interview with some of the cast, specifically Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie discussing the action scenes.
    Sebastian Stan: [about shooting in the Georgia heat] Paul Rudd had that mask on the whole time.
    Anthony Mackie: But it wasn't Paul, his stuntman did a lot of that, fuckin' Paul Rudd, he's not— fuck him! [faces the camera] Fuck you!
  • Spider-Man's introduction is incredibly meta, what with Iron Man announcing that he's run out patience (much like the audience), then making a hand gesture that looks suspiciously like the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and then calling for "Underoos", who then proceeds to steal Captain America's shield right out of his hands (much like how he has stolen the audience's attention for the trailer and will likely continue to steal it during the movie). The trailer then ends his introduction by having Spidey literally looking into the camera, holding Cap's shield, and saying "Hey everyone." to the audience.
  • Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. and Elizabeth Olsen in "Tony Steals the Last Donut". The video makes it very clear that this is no laughing matter: Donuts ARE Serious Business. Especially donuts with the little red white and blue sprinkles on them. Throughout the whole skit, Olsen has an adorably terrified look on her face, and she breaks the tense silence at the end by screaming at the top of her lungs, causing everybody to corpse and end the skit. It's never brought up, but as a neutral party, Olsen has ignored the donuts entirely and is enjoying some red watermelon slices.
    • The scene is made even funnier towards the end of the skit where RDJ jokingly threatens to cancel Civil War's press tour if that clip was not played back.
  • In another similar video, Evans and Downey continue to debate why their respective roles are superior. Deciding to have a second opinion, Downey decides to ask "the next schmuck" that passes by. Cue Stan Lee and his response to who he thinks is better:
    Stan Lee: I really don't care, as long as I get a good cameo.
  • The Twitter ad campaign encourages people to tweet either #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan, which prompts an automated reply, with one of the characters either talking smack or praising them for being on the right side. Tweet #TeamIronMan and get a reply from Steve though...
    Steve Rogers: I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.
  • Chris Evans praised Ryan Reynolds for his performance as Deadpool on Twitter, leading to Reynolds declaring himself #TeamCap. Robert Downey Jr. was not pleased.
    • To which Evans exclaimed that he enjoyed the cussing... before sheepishly asking everyone not to tell Kevin Feige... or his mom.
    • After Robert Downey Jr. weighed in this exchange, Reynolds proclaimed himself "Team Hello Kitty".
  • This video of Spider-Man having some ideas about Cap's shield.
  • Several of the Civil War cast appear on Jimmy Fallon's show to play a game of "musical beers". Hilarity (and Squick) Ensues.
  • Robert Downey Jr. goes to Berlin to get a taste of the local cuisine courtesy of Daniel Bruhl, who then proceeds to offer him stranger and stranger things disguised as legitimate dishes.
  • The cast goes to a Twitter Q&A. From responses ("We're writing a movie Weekend at Bucky's. Cap dies, and Bucky & Falcon are trying to figure out how to get him home.") to videos (many including large cutouts of the character emojis!), plenty of laughter to get.
  • The Russo Brothers' video of Chris Evans reacting to the finished film.
  • This meme sums up both the box office behemoth for Civil War and the Fandom Rivalry between this and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice quite accurately.
  • Somebody made a video of Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker looking in awe at Tom Holland's Spider-Man. It ends in a Heartwarming Moment when Peter goes on to look nostalgically at his Spider-Man costume, and it also made another one when Tobey Maguire himself uploaded the video on Instagram to praise Tom Holland for his performance in the film and wish him luck with the future films.
  • Hayley Atwell apparently thinks Peggy won't approve Steve and Sharon's relationship. Why?
    Hayley Atwell: Well, first of all, she'd be turning over in her grave. She'd be like, "No." And she'd inject herself with the blue serum and become a supervillain. She'd break out of her coffin and ground [Sharon]. She'd ground her. Then she'd kick Steve's ass as well. I just feel that, you know—I wouldn't want to date with my great aunt's guy. It just feels like it crosses an incestuous boundary. And Peggy just died. That's even more disrespectful, right? It's like, "Don't touch that. You can't tap that!"
  • The outtakes:
    • Robert Downey Jr. jokingly acting like a self-centered big shot actor:
      RDJ: Alright, EVERYBODY TENSE! UP!!!
      RDJ: Stop fucking with me, Tom. The camera's on me now.
    • Chris Evans turning off the lights by invoking the '60s Batman transition.
    • Anthony Mackie is, as usual, a walking CMOF. The fact that he's off camera as he says the line below somehow makes it even funnier.
      Martin Freeman: Where you should be, in a... fuck.
      Anthony Mackie: That's right, when a cool motherfucker walks up to you, you're struck speechless.
  • Leslie Jones watches Civil War. "IS THAT A BIG-ASS CAT?"


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