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  • Steve and Sharon's first date, during which he proposes to her, even though he doesn't know her real name.
  • Unintentional as it may be, that one time where Steve & Bucky were forced to dress as an old lady and a stereotypical 1940s kid, respectively. (It Makes Sense in Context, though.)
  • This infamous typo from Tales of Suspense #92.
  • Steve once described Machinesmith as just like the Internet, only more evil.
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  • Shortly after the Punisher refuses to fight Cap, Cap delivers this hilarious zinger:
    Frank Castle is insane.
  • During a cross-through with Squadron Supreme, Captain America finds Nighthawk fighting three supervillains in an over-sized props warehouse. Cap is more concerned about talking with 'hawk than he is with the rapidly approaching supervillain, so much so that when he throws his shield at the villain, defeating them in one hit, he doesn't even bother to look.
  • It happened in Amazing Spider-Man, but this exchange is pure gold:
    Doctor Doom: Such incompetence would not be permitted in Latveria of DOCTOR DOOM.
    Captain America (disguised as a security guard): How do you do that?
    Doctor Doom: Do what?
    Captain America: Speak in all capitals like that?
    Doctor Doom: Silence, minion.

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