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  • "Is my turtle ready?" That was Yonghwa trying to say, "Is it my turn already?" Yes, really.
  • A punishment on a show Yonghwa/Jungshin appeared on was to have a cow eat grass off of one's head. Jungshin had a hard time with that, as seen by his terrified and disgusted facial expressions.
  • Their much-anticipated first appearance on Weekly Idol are full of these.
    • Their take on the Random Dance Play segment note  - there's Minhyuk having great trouble sitting on an imaginary seat, Yonghwa being taken out for moving his foot that was suppose to be pedalling (and the Oh, Crap! face that followed) and him sabotaging the members.
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    • Minhyuk/Jonghyun and Yonghwa/Jungshin playing the Apple Game.note  Much awkward skinship and questionable positioning ensued.
    • Yonghwa bragged that he can look in a girl's eye and know whether she likes him or not. He attempted to demonstrate this ability with two staff members and chose the girl he thought liked him... only for her to reject him. She laughed and tried to back away as Yonghwa kept tugging her hands shouting, "You don't like me?! You do like me! Don't you like me?" while being pulled away by an MC.
    • They mentioned they once went to a club but found it too boring and left. Their improvised dancing before saying that made it very clear why they're awkward in a club setting and shouldn't step foot in it again. Or dance.
  • Jonghyun and Minhyuk's appearance in the special episode of Weekly Idol too:
    • When they were made to dance free-style on the Weekly Idol special episode, in contrast to FTI going crazy, they decided to... slow-dance in each other's arms. Their labelmates present were amused/disturbed... and then one of the MCs immediately grabbed Minhyuk saying, "No, he's mine!
    • Their awful imaginary-instrument miming made a return in their Weekly Idol Special episode appearance, where they played with absolutely no improvement from their last appearance (Minhyuk being unable to sit on the imaginary seat properly and Jonghyun's guitar-strumming being likened to opening a champagne). Their labelmates present found it hilarious and they were immediately kicked out of the Random Dance Play competition.

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