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  • Kazuki initially mistaking Tokiko as homeless. In particular, his Imagine Spot of her living in a cardboard box.
    Tokiko: YOU'RE SO RUDE!
  • Kazuki carrying Tokiko on his back from the mountain to the dorm after she's injured in battle. Cue Luminescent Blush. Doubles as Heartwarming Moments.
    • And made even funnier when Kazuki's sister and friends find the two like this.
    • Kazuki's explanation: Tokiko threw her back out and he had to carry her all the way from the hill...through crowded the train...
    Tokiko: Just let me die already...
  • "Don't touch me!" "I WANNA TOUCH!"
  • Kazuki finding out Tokiko knows about his "onee-san" fetish.
  • Chapter 19:
    • Tokiko transfers to Kazuki's class and during introductions, Kazuki's friends want to know what her relationship is with Kazuki, which is when his little sister comes in wanting to know as well, and it just escalates from there.
    • Captain Bravo becomes the new dorm supervisor, and it just mortifies poor Tokiko.
  • The "Bravo kiss". Then the "Kazuki kiss".
  • Kazuki's friend Daihama (the fat one) after his crush on Tokiko is revealed. Funny because it makes it look like he's got a school swimsuit fetish.
    • Kazuki's friends in general are usually good for a laugh.
    Rokumasu (guy with glasses): (goes on a really long lecture about swords while Kazuki is sparring against Shusui Hayasaka)
  • Kazuki and Tokiko expected to have a dramatic confrontation with the revived Papillon. Instead he meets them at a fast food restaurant.
  • The mankini.
  • Papillon showing up at the onsen. With a bucket covering his manhood.
  • "I'll avenge my death!"
  • "W-will that be for here or... to go?"
    Papillion: For here. (groan)
    Captain Bravo: For here. (MANAGER! You can have it for free, please just go!)
    Tai and Shi: For here. (MANAGER! You know what they're starting to call us!? FREAK BURGER!)
    • Oh, it gets better!
    Captain Bravo: "BRAVO! What magnificent service! I'LL HAVE TO COME HERE ALL THE TIME!!!"
    • And then, as we see in the epilogue, the entire restaurant staff just gives up and runs with it!
  • The spoof of "I'm right behind you." "No, I'm behind you." In the anime, they keep appearing behind each other - not attacking, just Flash Stepping behind each other - for a good ten seconds. And it is hilarious. Tokiko's reaction just makes it better.
    • Even better, they end up Flash Stepping right out of the room and outside.
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    • And Kazuki immediately claims I Meant to Do That, to Tokiko's skepticism.
  • The moment while Kazuki and Tokiko share their second kiss, and Mahiro pops up with a squee on her face.
  • This exchange:
    Chouno/Papillon: MUTOOOOOO!!!! *SPURT*
  • When infiltrating LXE's headquarters, Kazuki, Tokiko and Bravo strike poses (which are also Shout Outs to other famous anime poses) at the door when prompted in order to get in. When nothing happens, Bravo muses that, since they're obviously enemies, they probably wouldn't be let even if they knew the password, and an embarrassed Tokiko angrily breaks down the door.
    • Right before that, Kazuki discussed the upcoming summer holiday trip with Tokiko, who was understandably annoyed he did this while they were minutes away from their target. Then Bravo chipped in...
    Bravo: Warrior Kazuki...I can drive.


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