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Funny / Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe

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  • Before the movie's even started properly. Sam takes a long, dramatic walk to the debriefing chamber, escorted by guards and accompanied by tense music every step of the way...including the part where they have to struggle with a malfunctioning gate and then get lost in the corridors and have to backtrack. The music never changes.
  • Sam offers to talk to a doctor at a targeted clinic, "American to American." The doctor angrily points out that he's Canadian.
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  • After Sam finds out that the soldiers he's working with are planning on killing him, he retreats quickly to the camp and takes a tumble down a hill.
    Sam's Narration: So I just stayed calm and made my way back to camp as efficiently as possible.
  • When Sam first arrives at the Espada Ardiente camp, one of the farmer-soldiers in the foreground is seen maintaining a muzzle-loading weapon. While Beatriz is trying to convince Sam that they're not as poorly-armed as they seem.
  • Sam tumbles out of the jungle after being "kidnapped" — one of the soldiers in the scouting party radios back to base with, "(subtitled) We found the white guy!"
    • A little later, Sam tries to stall for time finding the "terrorists" by pretending to get directions confused on the map.
  • The entire bomb-building scene, where Sam has to enlist a terrified doctor with nothing resembling military experience at all to make a bomb out of equipment from around the clinic.
    Sam: Yeah, we're making a bomb, so do the exact opposite of what it says on the warning label.
    • And then later on, when the doctor proves to be scarily good at making improvised explosives.
  • Sam's nickname among the rebels: "The Chin".

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