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In general

  • Bunny, Candy and Charlotte are basically walking CMoFs, especially with their hammy nature.
  • ...even if Candy abuses least, to some.


Bunnies are from Mars
  • "Care to discuss this?"
  • Charlotte's line when Bunny and Candy start fighting:
    Charlotte: STOOOP! Violence solves anything. Uh...I mean nothing! Violence solves nothing!
    • Proceeding with the scene where Bunny does his taunting dance at an angered Candy.
      • Also including part of Charlotte's line during said scene later:
    Charlotte: ...and [Candy's] from...Vunus! Ngau, Venus!
The Dispense-Sense 9000
  • Modchi, "as" Jean-Francois, says negative things at Bunny.
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  • Charlotte's shameless flirting with Bunny in front of Candy.
  • Several people auditioning to become Jean-Francois's replacement. This includes a glasses-wearing guy in the art style of South Park (who was dancing back and forth) and Louis... who struts in his underwear.
Text Message Madness
  • Ting calls the Cyberslicker 5000 sexy during the advertisement of said phone.
  • Debilouman giving Bunny's romantic text to the General. The General almost immediately interprets the message as a coded threat, so he and his troops set out to attack.
  • This scene:
    Stan Ookie: (reading a text message) "Listen, I know I'm the superhero of your dreams, but you're just too much of a jerk for us to be together. Signed, Bunny". Whoa-ho, you tell her!
    Candy: (proceeds to drop from the Bunnyganger, angered) UGH! STANLEY, YOU READ THAT AGAIN!
    (Cue Stan (in the gag of him) duplicating, as said duplicates later pop)
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  • "Th-th-that's exactly where Bunny is." You okay there, Stan?
  • And later, we have this exchange between Bunny and Candy when she comes to...kill him, apparently:
    Candy: I'll teach you to dump me by text message! "You're too much of a jerk for us to do this thing together"...that's what you wrote, you coward!
    Bunny: That was meant for Louis Picollin! I sent you a cute little message! Mwah, mwah!
    Candy: Yeah, how cute?
    Bunny: "Snuggle wuggles is missing his puffy princess. Mwah, mwah!"
    Candy: Louder, I didn't quite catch that!
    Bunny: (speaking with a megaphone) "SNUGGLE WUGGLES IS MISSING HIS PUFFY PRINCESS. MWAH, MWAH!!"
Stan's Perfect Match
  • The fact that Stan plays with R2-D2 and C3-PO figurines in his spare time.
  • Stan being flirtatiously excited, when his (former) girlfriend Blairo visits the HQ.
  • Bunny and Candy trolling Debilouman, by taking pictures of themselves and sending those to him with Blairo's lipgloss camera.
Stuck With Me
  • While dangling from a pole by his clothes, Louis loudly declares his credit card number to the ProtecTeam over his cellphone. Everyone in the crowd that was watching him quickly jots down the information and scatters away to use it. They even ask Louis to repeat it, to which he unknowingly obliges.

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