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  • "Hide and Go Freak" is a practical gold mine of funny moments.
    • Mr. Bumpy's Bad "Bad Acting" when he tells Molly that the Cute Dolls have become bald.
    • Squishington attempting to scare Molly out of her state of shock by saying that there are snakes in the kitchen, a hurricane in the closet, and a black hole.
    • Squishington removing his eyeballs and bouncing them around. The silly, upbeat theme that plays while he does this helps.
    • When mourning the fact that Molly Coddle appears to be stuck in a state of shock forever, Mr. Bumpy says that she can't even make a good hat rack. He then puts a hat on Molly's hand, causing him to say "Okay, maybe she can, but I don't want a hat rack! I want my Molly!"
  • "Night of the Living Bread" is another episode that is funny from start to finish.
    • This exchange:
    Squishington: Call me goofy.
    Bumpy: Okay, you're goofy.
    Squishington: But I keep seeing this large evil slice of bread.
    Bumpy: Wow, you are goofy. (The living bread eats Squishington)
    Squishington: Told you I saw a large evil slice of bread.
    • After Squishy gets eaten, Bumpy tries to get him out by clobbering the mutant bread with a baseball bat. All he does is hurt Squishy. This culminates in him trying to save Squishy by dropping a safe on the bread... which spits Squishy out and runs away behind Bumpy's back, resulting in the safe landing on Squishington. It plays out much funnier than it sounds.
      • Even better? At a later date, Squishington gets eaten again, prompting Bumpy to glance at the audience and ask if it's just him, or if they're getting a feeling of deja vu all over again, before whipping out his bat and soundly clobbering the bread again, once again failing to hurt anybody other than Squishington. He promptly stops mid-swing, complaining that this isn't working, and asks Squishington how they got him out the last time. Squishington pleads with him not to use the safe, but of course, Bumpy does it again. Squishington just folds his arms and looks grumpy as all heck right before the safe lands on him.
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    • Bumpy and Squishington exchanging statements of "What if we...", all of their solutions being explained as bizarre gestures accompanied by silly noises.
    • The narrator stating a false ending where the bread eats everyone, only to raise the ire of Mr. Bumpy.
    Narrator: If only they thought to look behind them, all might have been saved. But they didn't look behind them, so the bread ate them. And then the bread ate everyone in the house. And then the bread ate all the neighbors. And then the bread ate the mailman. And then the bread ate the little dog, and then the bread ate the cute, dimpled, rosy-cheeked ragamuff—
    Bumpy: Will you shut up?! We did look! THE BREAD'S NOT GONNA EAT ANYONE!
    Narrator: Oh, sorry... Not even—?
    Bumpy: No!
    • The list of movie title parodies involving "bread" at the end of the episode.
  • Squishington's rambling after being hooked up to a radio in "Dr. Coddle, M.D."
    Squishington: Hello, boys and girls. It is my great pleasure to give you...Indigestion! Cure...the news of the hour. Tornadoes devastate...this hilarious tune from France! Jerry Lewis...and Boris Yeltsin say...Elvis has left the building!
  • In "Sock it To Me", Squishington asks Mr. Bumpy if ruining their friendship is really worth satisfying his sock cravings. Bumpy thinks it over and replies with "Yep."
  • "Party Poopers"
    • Mr. Bumpy finds a crate that has a sign labeled "Don't". It turns out to be full of Kewpie dolls.
    Bumpy: If they think they can trick me into opening this box...They're absolutely right! I gotta see what's inside.
    • Bumpy and Molly's small talk while they're propelled across the house, particularly Bumpy admitting to never brushing his teeth and Molly politely declining to see Bumpy's appendectomy scar.
  • "Adventures in Microbia"
    • When captured by the germs and put on trial for their crimes, Mr. Bumpy screams "We were framed!"
    • After giving a heartfelt speech about carrying his memory of Germ Girl wherever he goes, Squishington sneezes and breaks out in an itchy rash. Bumpy quips "Looks like you'll be carrying more than a memory for a while".
  • "Not a Peep"
    • Mr. Bumpy's first attempt at getting even with Destructo for ruining his fun is to play with a whoopee cushion behind his back and to hide it whenever Destructo turns around. He ends up found out when he presses the whoopee cushion while it is in his mouth.
    • For his second try, Mr. Bumpy secretly ties a bunch of junk to Destructo's back, causing the toy robot to make noise every time he moves. Destructo activates his sound-seeking fist missiles and ditches the junk tied to him when he notices his fist targeting himself. Bumpy gets the fist's attention by hollering "Hey! What happened?", and then gets surprised by a firing of tin foil after the fist appears to be a dud at first.
    • Destructo weakly saying "Not a peep" after he is defeated, and Bumpy slapping tape onto Destructo's mouth afterwards.
  • "Destructo's Flipside"
    • In general, seeing Destructo act like an affable softie is pretty hysterical.
    • Destructo exploding during an anger management seminar, which results in the counselor lifting his shattered mug and weakly saying "Thank you for sharing".
    • Squishington tries to get around his sworn oath not to say what happened to Destructo by explaining what's wrong with him in a game of charades. When nobody can guess what he's trying to say, he angrily screams that Destructo's batteries are in upside down while putting them back in the right position.
  • Sleemoth childishly taunting Molly with "My brain's bigger than yours" in "Comfort Schmumfort"... and actually HITTING her with it.
    Squishington: Good golly! Miss Molly is being crushed under the sheer weight of his intellect!
  • Squishington attempts to save Mr. Bumpy from being wrongfully punished for stealing Molly Coddle's feet in "Not a Leg to Stand On" by insisting that he was responsible for stealing Molly's feet, only to panic when it occurs to him that confessing to the crime would mean he gets punished and instinctively states that Bumpy framed him.

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