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Funny / Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Rampage

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  • As expected from a Looney Tunes game, some of the ACME items have pretty hilarious effects. For example:
    • In Level 2.1, dropping a target on the floor causes heavy objects to drop on enemies. The cowboys get a safe dropped on them and are smashed into their hats.
    • In Level 1.3, you can lay a cork on the ground in front of the Big Bad Wolf, who will inflate like a balloon and float into the air. He then floats back down with an umbrella, snarkily waggling his eyebrows at you the whole time, as if asking "Did you really think that would work?"
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    • In Level 2001, you can place mirrors in front of the Instant Martians, reflecting their shrink rays and, well, shrinking them. For added fun, follow up with a swift kick and punt the twerp into space.

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