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  • Laine and Meghna singing during training. "There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza!"
  • Highly YMMV, but many reviewers found Dardana's unexpected death to be humorous.
  • Practically all of Igris' and Fronce's arguments. Too many to list.
  • Rome hamming it up after he defeats a giant lizard mutt. The Great and Powerful Rome, indeed.
  • This line of Igris':
    "Amer doesn't seem to understand why we haven't instantly become a well-knit, getting-along, holding-hands-and-singing-kumbaya group with him as head."
  • And this bit of Amer's, when Igris is defending his Vitamin C-rich but otherwise disgusting tea:
    "Oh, joy! We won't get scurvy!"


  • Everything to do with Aurth and his conviction that magic will help him win the Games.
  • Korea fanboying over his soap operas – even while on a train to his likely death.
    • Both of the above can double as Fridge Horror, seeing as neither one of them bothers to do anything in the way of actually preparing for the Games and they completely ignore the consequences.
  • Livna being an in-universe Yaoi Fangirl and trying to hook up Den and Norge.
  • A dark example: Korea suspecting that “Staff fighting did not originate in Korea,” while losing a battle to (and shortly afterwards being killed by) Osso.
  • Tina to Den, after he mentions the two things he wants most in the arena:
    “Axes and beer don’t sound like the best combination.”
  • Ax forgetting her own weapon at the riverbank, leading to Osso facepalming.
  • Basically all of Osso’s and Ilber’s bickering counts as this.
  • Ilber’s plan to break away from the Career group being delayed for a day simply becauseAx forgot.
  • Journs randomly revealing her inner math nerd when Ilber and Ax are practice-fighting.
  • Amer’s new profession of drawing comic strips about anthromorphosized countries.


  • Florry's reaction to a career pointing a sword at him? Saying "Sorry, but I don't think I want to die right now, so you should wait for later" and trying to walk away. He gets killed for it.
  • Romania tricking Turk into thinking he’s a ‘stress sleepwalker’ by putting his coat on backwards while he’s asleep and denying doing so when he wakes up. He falls for it.
  • Rica’s Tranquil Fury after Ivan insults her weight.
  • Romania attempting to give Turk lessons in evil laughter.
  • Romania suggesting the Careers fell down a hole and died when her alliance sees their faces in the sky … from the hole in which they fell into and are now trapped.
  • Romania looking at Turk “like [he] just confessed [he’s] actually President Snow” after he turns down a fight.

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