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  • "'Mingle'? What in the Emperor's name does that mean?" A bewildered Sergeant Priad upon being invited to circulate at a diplomatic reception.
  • Children of Khorne, at a corn-producing planet. Also, poor inquisitor, whose attempts at lampshading it are lost on Marines.
    • Yes, that's right. Only Dan Abnett could get away with making a canon corn/Khorne joke.
  • Antoni trying to show that she's perfectly fine with all the advanced technology Priad has, and failing. To give you the gist of it:
    Antoni: Yes, of course. Your land speedy.
    Priad (increasingly amused): Land speeder.
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  • Priad's reaction to Petrok insisting on calling him by his name. Petrok himself seems to be having way too much fun watching Priad struggling with it.
  • Priad has no sense of humor, as Petrok finds out to his amusement.
    Petrok: [The equerries would] drive a man mad with their fussing and their lists! I can't bear them. I've killed four or five of them already. *beat, as Priad says nothing* It's all right. I've hidden the bodies well. *beat, as Priad blinks* Funny, you can spot a tracer round flying at your head in time to duck it, but a joke...
    Priad: That was a joke?
    Petrok: I haven't killed any equerries. It's frowned upon.
  • One of the Snakes has to make a critical shot. He aims... shoots... and missess. The funniest of it is Xander's exasperated reaction.
    Oh, for Throne's sake...
  • When searching for the teeth from an Ork skull in Baal Solock's museum, one of the servants eagerly shows Priad and Antoni... a set of buttons.
    Antoni: Does those look like teeth to you?
    The servant: Uh... No?
  • Autolochus' very first line:
    I'm always awake. Noise you idiots make, it's hard to slumber.
    • Autolochus in general. He's not quite Bjorn the Fell-Handed but he does his best to establish his grumpy old Dreadnought chops.
  • The very idea of the "cheese run" test: you have a giant block of cheese. Your job is to smuggle it past a Space Marine squad who will stop at nothing to get the cheese themselves. Interestingly enough this is based on a genuine Spartan rite of passage.
  • The way the trainees outwit the Damocles squad in the end. Captured, they come to the stone the cheese is supposed to be put on and one of the trainees sits on the stone, waiting for the last of them, who supposedly has the cheese. Then this exchange takes place:
    Priad: You were supposed to put the cheese on the stone.
    Trainee on the stone: Yes.
    Priad: And?
    Trainee: I ate the cheese this morning.
  • When things go south at the coronation, one of the nobles demands that Priad take her to safety. When he refuses, she shoots him with a mini-lasgun built into her ring. Being a tiny thing, it glances harmlessly off his armor. Priad's reaction reeks of an unspoken "Did you seriously think that would work?"


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