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    Bronies React to Teens React to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 
  • One teen looks... well, Solrac says it best:
  • One teen, basically, assumes he was being shown the show because "maybe you thought I was on the other side of the street, and I'm not?" [sic] Cue Sarcasm Failure from the Bronies React crew. Dusty glares at the camera, Race and Tombstone struggle to say something, Solrac is silent... And then D.Notive is the first to talk, pointing out how "other side of the street" is a rather dumb euphemism for "gay".
  • Solrac borderline shows annoyance and eventually destroys his computer via brohoof when one of the React kids refuses to do a brohoof.

    Bronies React to the Derpy Change 
  • Saberspark has a Big "NO!" when he sees the change.
  • And then...
    Director (Race): What did you just watch?
    Dusty: I just watched New Coke.
  • The Stinger of this episode: IBringDaLulz answers the question, "Can the bronies survive?" with...
    Lulz: Can the bronies survive? Would I go gay for Mic — what?
  • Lulz had an even better moment earlier; when asked how he first reacted to seeing Derpy in an episode, he cut to a flashback. In the flashback, Lulz is watching the new episode... then Derpy is shown, called by name, and gets to speak. Cut back to Flashback!Lulz, whose shirt is now suddenly missing.

    Bronies React to the Season 2 Finale 
  • Anything Orchestral Design does.
    Orchestral Design: [knocking a container off his table as he points frantically] LOOK! THERE'S LUNA!
  • IBringDaLulz discovers Queen Chrysalis. And then when she defeats Celestia, he cheers.
  • During the fight scene between the Mane Six and the Changelings, we randomly cut to Race trying to imitate the battle by fighting with one of his couch cushions. He loses.
  • After Chrysalis (disguised as Cadance) gets rid of Twilight at the end of the first part...
  • During Twilight's sad reprise of B.B.B.F.F., most of the cast is somber and sad. Tombstone, even moreso, giving a hilarious pouty face.
  • Race's epically long scream when Chrysalis reveals herself to Twilight.

    Bronies React to College Humor's My Little Brony 
  • Tombstone is a lot funnier in this episode than previous ones. "FLESHLIGHT FOR BEST PONY!"
  • "I'm coming at you, with my fleshlight!"

    Bronies React to Cupcakes 
  • Everyone is in a costume , so their names become the names of whatever they are dressed up as. Race becomes Cow, Tombstone becomes Bunny, etc.
  • BlackGryph0n as a ninja. Complete with ninja-like movements, gestures, and speech.
  • Saberspark actually getting sick from watching the video.
  • Slender Man kills Mic the Microphone and takes over his part... and begins drinking tea and remarking how he had watched Cupcakes expecting colourful ponies, not the gory movie it was.
  • Yaplap talking like he's selling Rainbow Dash's internal organs.
    Yaplap: Step right up everypony! I got some— I got some— got s— got some liver, got some stomach, some spleen, esophagus, and even got some lungs.

    Bronies React to the Season 3 Premiere 
  • "Twilight, I need you to come fix my shit again."
  • Solrac freaking out like a little girl over Shining Armor's "horn herpes".
  • Also with Solrac: he claims whatever Twilight is doing isn't a test. He then holds up an S.A.T. book and yells, "THIS IS A TEST!" And then later, he holds it up again: "I DID IT!"
  • Race, excited over Sombra's defeat, begins waving his arms, sliding himself and his couch out of view of the camera, and chanting "YES! YES! YES!" over and over again. One cannot watch that scene and not laugh.
  • Everyone's reactions to the Gak commercials. Especially when Saberspark expresses his hatred for it... then says he prefers Floam. BlackGryph0n reacts by loading a rifle, then pointing it at his screen.
  • Robbob is taking a drink. Cut away to someone else. Cut back, he lowers his drink... and discovers it has somehow become a grenade. Which he accidentally activates. Then randomly cutting to "Gangnam Style" before going back to the episode.
  • Race subverting a Running Gag by starting to say he bets Luna is going to have a big role in the episode, but stops himself. Then fully says it later.
  • Also Race: complaining about needing a haircut.
  • The various reactions to the return of Pinkie's party cannon, as well as it working in reverse:
    Race: PARTY CANNON! ABANDON SHIP! [jumps off couch]
    Nowacking: Party cannon, yay! cannon, I didn't know that could happen.
    Tombstone: Pinkie of Persia... Sands of... Party?
    PaleoSteno: They showed the party cannon again! [as the party cannon works in reverse, Paleo's line is repeated backwards]
    Jaxblade: Well that lost faster than when I first saw a Lemon Party.
  • Nowacking's O.O reaction to Shining Armor throwing Cadance like a javelin. Followed by Jaxblade and Saberspark commentating as though she was actually a javelin in the Olympics or a football in the Super Bowl, respectively. With matching animations.

    Bronies React to the Season 3 Finale 
  • The dramatic intro, featuring Orchestral Design preparing to watch the episode, complete with putting on a racing helmet that first appeared for all of one second in a previous episode. And then later, he tries to drink from a cup and eat cereal (straight from the box) while still wearing the helmet. Needless to say, he fails.
  • Amethyst calling IBringDaLulz out for wearing socks with sandals. Lulz's only retort is that he only wears them indoors.
  • Every time Race starts trying to figure out the connection between cutie marks, destinies, memories, the timeline, and more... yes, It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Saberspark's appearance. He is wearing a fake horn and fake wings, pretending to be an alicorn. And then later on he decides that since only princesses have wings and a horn, he is now a princess.
    Saber: [yelling offscreen] MOM! I'M A PRINCESS!
    Saber's Mom: [yelling from offscreen] NO YOU'RE NOT! YOU'RE AN EMBARRASSMENT!
  • Followed by, in The Stinger, Saber removing the horn, which was attached by tape. He screams in pain and wonders aloud why he did that.

    Bronies React to the Equestria Girls Trailer 
  • Everyone being Sophisticated as Hell.
  • Most of the people basically just say "give the show a chance, it's not that bad". Mic the Microphone decides to really hammer that point home.
    Mic: [to the audience] You watch a show about pastel-colored horses. Now think about that for a moment. And now you're judging this. [holds up a Twilight Sparkle figurine] Where it's STILL TWILIGHT SPARKLE learning about the magic of friendship. [holds up an Applejack figurine as well] Twilight Sparkle, still gonna meet people like Applejack. And be like [as Twilight] "Hey Applejack, how ya doing?" [as Applejack] "Oh you know, I'm doing good sugarcube, how ya doing?" [as Twilight] "Oh I'm doing good! Hey, I wanna be prom queen!" [as Applejack] "Oh, let's get you to be prom queen, sugarcube!" [throws figurines away, stares at camera] THERE YA GO! NOW THEY HAVE THUMBS, THAT IS THE ONLY THING CHANGING AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED! THEY HAVE OPPOSABLE THUMBS! [picks up a brush] NOW WHEN THEY PICK UP A BRUSH, WE WON'T THINK THAT IT'S WEIRD! WE'LL THINK IT'S NORMAL! [camera zooms in on his face as he says the last word]
  • Nowacking freaking out at how Vinyl Scratch looks.
  • Saberspark's reaction to Snips wearing a fedora, complete with his headset breaking right afterwards.

    Bronies React to Equestria Girls 
  • "Is that her name? Sunshit Simmer?... ew."
  • BlackGryph0n complaining about the design choice for Twilight's human form, questioning why they gave her purple skin before:
    BlackGryph0n: N-not that I have anything against purple people! Never really met one but I know they exist, there are songs about them. [beat, then starts bobbing his head back and forth and singing] ONE-EYED, ONE-HORNED, FLYING PURPLE PEOPLE EATER!
  • He also comments that all Twilight seems to do when Spike tries to help her is glare at him. He says she deserves a slap in the face, and before he even finishes the sentence, she walks smack into the door.
  • The Stinger:
    ACRacebest: Do you guys ever wonder what M.A. Larson wonders about us? [chuckles] ACRacebest signing out! Bronies React: Equestria Girls.
    [dissolve to M.A. Larson in deep contemplationnote ]
    M.A. Larson: What does the "AC" stand for?
  • During the first scene with Principal Celestia, Saberspark notes that Celestia towers over Twilight... like a Titan... cue Attack on Titan parody with the pony characters heads crudely photoshopped over the bodies of the Survey Corps and the Titans.
    Saberspark: You see PMVers? I CAN EDIT!
  • BVids's reaction to Normal Norman:
    BVids: Oh shit, they put in Normal Norman. Finally, someone I can relate to.
  • Solrac pretty much every time he is seen. Especially when the dance is going on after the battle and there is a lot going on. He just jumps out the car in fright and hit the car next to him.

    Bronies React to Smile HD 
  • BlackGryph0n watching in an Apple Bloom costume is funny enough. Getting Michelle Creber's mom involved by accident is pure gold.
  • Jax's Freak Out near the end.

    Bronies React Panel - Brony Con 2013 
  • At the very beginning:
    Race: [to the audience] So how's everybody doing?
    Mic: [in a really nerdy voice] Excuse me, I think you mean everypony!
    Race: I'm done. [stands up to leave]
    Mic: [victoriously] I did it! The panel's mine!
  • Race declares, after a question asking for it, that his favorite pony is Rainbow Dash. BlackGryph0n says the same. The two of them begin cheering with each other and doing some sort of cumbersome hug that results in them both falling over.
  • Dusty also says his favourite pony is Rainbow Dash. BlackGryph0n looks like he's about to repeat what he did with Race, but stops himself when Dusty gives him a look.
  • Solrac's favorite pony is Spike and Saber's is human Celestia.
  • Mic constantly talks about how tired he is, due to BronyPalooza the night before. And how, directly afterwards, he went back to his hotel room with some friends... and he had a Nintendo 64 there. He got no sleep because he spent all night playing games. Also, he acts like he has a hangover (which, for all we know, he did); when Solrac starts yelling, you can hear Mic going "Ow."
  • When Solrac introduces himself, he then pulls out a poster and throws it into the audience. This (maybe slightly inaccurate) conversation ensues.
    Mic: Damn dude, did you put rocks in that? That thing got some distance.
    Solrac: Well, look, I don't... if I had Jax throw it, it would've gone through the wall, out of the convention center, and landed in California, and I...
    Mic: Oh, sweet! I could pick it up at the airport!
  • Relevant to the poster thing above: later on, Solrac starts throwing more posters, and other people start getting up to also throw things. Saber is the only one left at the table. "I'll hold down the fort."
  • When the guys are asked how they would react if their OC ponies ended up in a My Little Pony episode...
    Dusty: [standing up] How would I react if my OC was in an episode? [falls over]
    Saber: [looking back] HE'S BLEEDING!
  • Mic reveals that, after filming for the reaction to Cupcakes in his Slender Man outfit, he then went out and terrorized teenagers by walking up to them in the dark while wearing the outfit.

    Bronies React to the Season 4 Premiere 
  • When Spike reminds Twilight that they can try flying, Saber makes a Peter Pan reference, then comments that Race can't miss it since he's a Disney fan. Gilligan Cut to Race standing on top of his chair, singing "You Can Fly"... before falling out of the chair.

    Bronies React to the Season 4 Finale 
  • Three words: Jax's Freak Out.
  • Saberspark somehow got teleported into the season 4 finale itself.
  • "Minecraft pony."
  • "What are that they going to do? How are they going to do it? What's gonna happen... WHY AM I ALWAYS RECORDING INSIDE OF A CAR?!"
  • "Never have they been so happy to have pictures on their butts."
  • "I want them to open the box and inside it's just Gak."
  • "It was hair volumizer! That was in the box all along!"
  • "I'm so glad you understand that you're meant to lower banners and hold all our shit. Now go get me a latte, you scamp."
  • Solrac's reaction to Discord giving Celestia flowers is simply to hold up a picture of a ship.
  • "...because I carry within me the most powerful magic of all!" ("Funding from HASBRO!!!")

    Bronies React to G3 
  • After the Halloween specials featuring Cupcakes and Smile HD, we get... G3.
  • Just about everything regarding Michelle Creber and Black Gryph0nnote , the '80s Divas.
  • Race's complete mental breakdown when exposed to "Newborn Cuties", pretty much unable to get over Scootaloo's close-up. Pretty much everyone's reaction to NC, especially involving Scootaloo.
  • DustyKatt Pistol-Whipping himself and spending the rest of the review knocked out.
  • This gem:
    Starsong: [reading Sweetie Belle's letter] You're almost through with this hunt. You'll find Sweetie Belle—
    ACRacebest: IN MY C--
  • Michelle, Gabriel, and Dusty's reactions to Rarity imitating a caterpillar.
  • The ending. That is all.

    Bronies React to Rainbow Rocks 
  • The thumbnail for the video is an image of Sunset Shimmer making the "Forever Alone" meme face.
  • The various reactions when Flash Sentry makes his first appearance.
    KP: F**k off! [Saberspark covers his mouth]
    James: [head-desks]
    Race: [makes an Oh, Crap! face] Ah!
    PaleoSteno: No! No! You get out!
    Nowacking: Uh, I heard someone mention Twilight. I'm here to steal your waifu.
  • Two Running Gags throughout the reactions are the amount of shipping in the film, and how "everyone is a bitch."
    AnimatedJames: Jesus, this is like "Bitch: The Movie". Rainbow Dash is a bitch, Rarity is a bitch, Applejack is a bitch. The only one who's not a bitch is, ironically, Sunset Shimmer.
  • AnimatedJames spends the entire video parodying various other reactors and head-desking at particularly ridiculous moments in the movie. Here's a few stand-out moments:
    • When the Dazzlings see the Mane Six's friendship beam:
      Adagio: Do you know what that is?
      James: An opportunity for every brony to make the "Taste the rainbow, motherf***er" reference?
    • When Apple Bloom turns down Sunset Shimmer's help:
      James: We're trying to get our "Go f**k yourself" cutie mark!
      [cut to a picture of Apple Bloom with her cutie mark being a hand giving the middle finger]
    • "Why are they all sabotaging this specific act? I mean, why didn't they sabotage Snips and Snails's... okay, never mind, I just answered my own question."
    • When Flash makes Twilight cry, AnimatedJames gets overjoyed at the prospect of having a legitimate reason to hate him, complete with gratuitous fireworks, an improvised musical number and a big banner that says, "FLASH SENTRY IS A CU—"
    • "Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, F**K YOU OCTAVIA!"
    • For The Stinger, James reacts to Flash Sentry bonding with Twilight by giving the mother of all head-desks, trying to hold himself back before going into a gradual slow-motion complete with different angles and incredibly dramatic musicnote .
  • Nowacking gets a whole bunch of really good lines.
    • She notices the foreshadowing during the "Battle of the Bands" song of Vinyl not paying attention to the Dazzlings.
      Nowacking (as Vinyl): [with headphones on playing really loud dubstep music] Wha-What? What's going on? Are we being mind-controlled? What's happening?
    • And later, when it's revealed that Vinyl was indeed immune to the Dazzlings' powers because of her headphones:
      Nowacking (as Vinyl): [wearing the exact same headphones] I ignore reality and create my own!
    • After making a bad pun about Maud, the scene randomly cuts to someone else jumping in his car, driving to her house, and punching her in the face.
    • Nowacking also refuses to make an obvious Call-Back to the "BASS CANNON" meme when she sees Vinyl Scratch's car.
      Nowacking (as Vinyl): Oh, it ain't nothin, it's just my car!
    • She makes an offhand comment at the end as Sunset is writing in her journal to Princess Twilight.
      Nowacking: They're starting their long-distance relationship. No! Why'd I say that? Damn this movie! Why is it making me ship them?! I don't want to ship them!
  • BlackGryph0n after Sunset Shimmer ruins the Rainbooms' performance, and sees Celestia writing down the result.
    BlackGryph0n: And she's all like [snooty voice] "Makes me hebishmeh..."
  • After Trixie storms out, saying "This isn't over!" to the Rainbooms, BlackGryph0n emulates her pouty walk. Across his bed.

    Bronies React to the Season 5 Premiere 
  • Orchestral Design's introduction, which is just him making breakfast.
  • M.A. Larson. Just... M.A. Larson. Especially his responses to some of ACRacebest's remarks regarding him.
  • The two big running gags:
    • AnimatedJames backing away from his computer every time something disturbing happens. It gets more and more exaggerated with each iteration: by the end, he's out of his room entirely, scooting his chair down the hallway with a wide-eyed, horrified look on his face. Then Starlight Glimmer delivers her famous outraged "QUIET!" The next we see of James is him running down the street, flailing his arms and screaming in terror.
    • BlackGryph0n going Bow Chicka Wow Wow music.
  • AnimatedJames is introduced with a parody of "Without Me", and it ends with the following bit:
    Singer: James is back and he's black, despite sounding whiter than Racebest.
    [James just turns and stares at the camera in bewilderment]
  • At one point, after doing another of his impressions, AnimatedJames says that one of the others will do an impression of him to get back at him. His suggestions for how they're going to this are: head-desking, making a Family Guy reference, and wearing black face.
  • When Fluttershy says she wants to join the village, the other townsponies begin chuckling. Then we get this from BlackGryph0n:
    BlackGryph0n: Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho, ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho, we don't know what to do at this point, no one's ever said that before ho-ho-ho-ho-ho—
  • "Man, it would suck to be the conductor of that train. I-I-I-I-I-I-ha-ha-ha-ha-hate-my-y-y-y-y-y-jo-o-o-o-o-o-o-b!"
  • When Rainbow Dash complains about having to rely on the other ponies in order to get their cutie marks back, AnimatedJames turns to a Rainbow Dash tie and says the following:
    James: All you do is bitch!
  • When Starlight Glimmer's name is revealed, AnimatedJames remarks that a previous villain was named Sunset Shimmer, and then wonders if the next villain will be named "Seafood Dinner".
  • James's impression of Tommy Oliver:
    James: That's awesome! I love them! Like, Party Favor and like, all their designs are really great, but specifically Party Favor I really like. Like, his entire design is really on model and like accurate to his personality. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because ramble ramble ramble. Ramble ramble ramble ramble, ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble.
  • Everyone's reaction to the "But I didn't listen!" scene.
  • "Sugar Belle just likes to touch butts."

    Bronies React to "Slice of Life" 
  • BlackGryph0n's reaction to Derpy being given a voice again. Doubled minutes later when he sees her with Doctor Whooves.
  • James's reaction to Derpy's voice.
    James: Is that a New York accent? Jesus, even Derpy sounds blacker than I do!
  • AnimatedJames getting a "No. Just... No" Reaction from his own word processor when he tries to make a joke regarding Dr. Whooves' "straight technique".
  • Orchestral Design's massive Nerdgasm the moment Octavia comes into the scene, and talks. With fireworks and triumphant music in the background. Well, we should say Nerdgasms, because he has another one when she says "Blast!" And let's not go into his reaction of seeing her playing with Vinyl Scratch...
  • Saberspark's reaction to seeing the bugbear... a "pandering panda". He deems it worth at least four "LARSON!"
  • Nowacking yelling "JUST BUCK ALREADY!" (which is bronyspeak for Get a Room!, if you wonder...), first at Lyra and Bon Bon, then at Vinyl and Octavia.
  • DustyKatt cosplaying as Octavia Melody. No, seriously.
  • Everyone's Jaw Drop at Gummy's monologue.

    Bronies React to "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" 

    Bronies React to Friendship Games 
  • Littleshy "getting ready for his Principal Celestia cosplay" — he struggles to stand on stilts and falls over, parodying Celestia's unusually tall stature.
  • Nowacking flipping out from one of the background humans wearing a "cutie mark" (black-and-white comedy/tragedy masks) very similar to the one of her own OC pony.
    Nowacking: It's the concept of the thing — you are infringing on me!... Good madam... and my horse... butt mark.... See you in court!
  • Nowacking, again, comparing the potential Twilight-Flash-Twilight love triangle to the scenario of a soap opera... with lots of details thrown in. The very emphatic hand gestures are what's selling it.
  • The terrified reactions to Pinkie Pie going Fish Eyed.
  • Saber noting that Rainbow Dash sounds like a motorcycle when she's having her magic drained from her. The sound she makes is even slowed down and played alongside footage of a motorcycle race.
  • After Twilight finishes turning into Midnight Sparkle as the final event of the Games begins:
  • The Stinger. ACRacebest is about to leave the room, when he turns around saying "Wait a minute. What time loop?" Followed by the Inception sound for good measure.

    Bronies React to the Fine Brothers 

    Bronies React to the Season 5 Finale 
  • "I love how [Starlight Glimmer] just does that evil sit. Like, Twilight comes home and she's like, 'What up, BITCHES?'"
  • BlackGryphon's tendency to go into spoiler-laden rambles about The Force Awakens, each time muted by a big SPOILER ALERT.
  • In reference to two soldiers "fighting":
    BlackGryph0n: "I will massage your back until you ask me politely to stop!"
  • Everyone freaking out over Twilight making bedroom eyes at filly Rainbow Dash.
  • ACRacebest's whimpering of terror at the sight of Applejack turning into Queen Chrysalis.
  • After Spike points out how it's nighttime in the "Nightmare Moon Wins" timeline...
    BronyDanceParty: Gee, nighttime, I bet the bad guy is gonna be Vinyl Scratch.
  • The two overlaying Take That!:
    • When Twilight gets to the Bad Future with Flim and Flam, the shot of them destroying Equestria with the bulldozer has them replaced with the Fine Bros (in reference to how the latter were trying to get other React channels from YouTube taken down).
    • When Twilight takes Starlight to the barren wasteland, a sign has been added that says "Vote Donald Trump 2016".
  • At the reveal of how Starlight Glimmer developed her philosophy against cutie marks, we see ImmaToonLink standing on a beach with forlorn music in the background.
    Voiceover: Starlight became a crazy dictator because a friend got a butt tattoo...
    ImmaToonLink: WHAT!?!
  • A brick joke all the way from "Crusaders of the Lost Mark":
    ACRacebest: [agonized groan...] We forgave her, didn't we?
  • The Stinger features this gem:
    Ratchetness: Well, I guess that's a rap. [tries blowing out the lighter, but fails, then tries again]

    Bronies React to the Season 6 Premiere 
  • Right before the baby is revealed, ImmaToonLink guesses that she's going to be seven feet tall. As soon as she's revealed to be an alicorn...
    ImmaToonLink: Oh God, she's seven feet wide!
  • The very first reaction to Flurry Heart being an alicorn comes from Fire Team Harmony.
    Fire Team Harmony: Aww!
    RD Spartan: It's kinda cute!
    [Flurry Heart's wings are revealed]
    Fire Team Harmony: AAAAAAAAAAH!
  • The reactions to Celestia's Continuity Snarl about how Equestria's never encountered a naturally born alicorn.
    ImmaToonLink: Oh god, the fan-fictions! The head-canons! EVERYBODY WAS WRONG!
    Josh Scorcher: But-but-but-but-but-but-but-but-but-but-but-but-but-! [a shot of The Journal of the Two Sisters grows bigger with every "but"]
    ILoveKimPossibleALot: If I'm wondering about alicorns, I would've looked somewhere else. [she picks up a copy of Pennyroyal Academynote ]
    Josh Scorcher: Nothing's canon anymore!
  • Everyone lampshades just how out of place and poorly timed the happy credits music is when the cliffhanger leaves with the Crystal Empire about to be covered in a deadly snow storm.
    ImmaToonLink: Everybody's gonna die and you're playing... ~doopy-doopy-doo~!
  • ImmaToonLink constantly calls Starlight Glimmer Hitler throughout the entire react.
    ImmaToonLink: I am not letting off!
  • Saberspark's Thousand-Yard Stare with dramatic music at the reveal of Flurry Heart as an alicorn, complete with visions of M.A. Larson and Lauren Faust.
  • Fire Team Harmony's reaction to Fluttershy noting that all of the crystal shards look the same.
    Twilight Spartan: RACIST!
    RD Spartan: Oh my god, Tumblr's gonna have a field day!
  • When Flurry Heart's beams start shooting from the castle.
    Littleshy: Oh great, looks like Cadance has constipation again.
  • Some of the various reactions to the spectator ponies:
    • Several reactors note that the pin pony is "the brony".
      Littleshy: Looks like some brony finally found the portal.
      ILoveKimPossibleALot: It's like every brony ever.
      BlackGryph0n: THIS guy's the brony!
      Viva: I just came back from a convention!
    • About the pony sitting in the chair:
      Race: I believe that pony's special talent [zooms in on pony's cutie mark, a mule/donkey] is being an ass.
  • After Pinkie explains what Cadance are Twilight are doing to prevent the empire from being covered by ice and snow, RD Spartan says, "Oh my god, it's gonna turn into Michigan!"

    Bronies React to Legend of Everfree 
  • As this was uploaded on Halloween 2016, many of the reactors are once again in costume, and are referred to by the character they're dressing as.
    • ACRaceBest as Judy Hopps.
    • BronyDanceParty as Sailor Moon (complete with transformation sequence at the start of the video).
    • ImmaToonLink as Rainbow Dash.
    • Saberspark as Jessie from Team Rocket.
    • LittleshyFIM as Inconspicuous Background Pony #83. (He simply puts on a hat and sunglasses.)
    • Jaxblade as Rock Lee.
    • PaleoSteno as a random shark and totally not Jaws. (He couldn't find a dolphin costume in time.)
    • BlackGryph0n as Master Chief.
    • Fire Team Harmony as... Spoopy Fire Team Harmony. (Their regular costumes slightly edited to look more creepy.)
    • AnimatedJames as Deadpool. (It's not revealed who's under the mask until the end of the video, but you can figure it out early if you listen to the voice.)
    • DustyKatt as Randy Savage.
  • BlackGryph0n promises that every time the movie does something he doesn't like, he'll take off one piece of the outfit. He strips completely naked just as the movie ends.
  • LittleshyFIM gives his response to Flash Sentry's outdated "Cool story bro."
    Littleshy: All your AYY LMAOs are belong to Harambe, lit fam. Look how cool I am.
  • AnimatedJames is very much in-character as Deadpool, and thus gets some of the best (and outrageous) lines.
    Deadpool: Well, she's turning into an X-Men. As if the actual X-Men weren't pussy enough.

    Deadpool: Damn, those jokes are cancer! And that's coming from the human tumor!

    Deadpool: [to the tune of The Huckleberry Hound Show] ♫Insert penis joke hee-eee-ere!♫
  • DustyKatt cosplaying as Sunset Shimmer and singing. Once again: No, seriously.
  • When Fluttershy reveals that she got the Amethyst tent:
    PaleoSteno: I got Steven.
    Deadpool: [wearing a Steven Universe shirt] ...Nope, I got nothing.
And Jaxblade is actively struggling not to make a Steven Universe joke.
  • And then there's all the comments about Flash's relationship with Princess Twilight to get through.
    BlackGryph0n: Your Twilight is also a horse, and— so, that's kind of bestiality if you think about it, but... DON'T.
  • During the campfire scene:
    Rarity: We've had to deal with more than our fair share of those. At the Fall Formal, the musical showcase, the Friendship Ga—
    PaleoSteno: The Friendship Gay, of course! The Friendship Gay, remember the Friendship Gay?
  • The various reactions to Rarity's rather one-note focus on fashion (especially her fashion show) throughout the movie.
  • At a couple points, all Viva does is slowly turn his head towards the camera, with an "Oh, you!" smirk.

    Bronies React to the Season 6 Finale 
  • The intro. Twilight Spartan sees a "newspaper" on his fridge, with the header, "BlackGryph0n: 'Wearing Armor is Too Hard'" (referencing the previous episode), and the response: "Local Spartans: 'Bitch Please'".
  • ImmaToonLink's amazing Call-Back to his Hitler comments on Starlight Glimmer, complete with a dance number.
    ImmaToonLink: Something-something-crazy-evil-dic-tator-Hitler-Hitler-Double Hitler!
  • Race brings up a valid point about Starlight having seen Princess Luna in her dream.
    ACRacebest: I wonder how they're able to distinguish whether Luna's actually there, or if they were just dreaming about her. Like, Luna might be like, "What are you talking about? I was on vacation. You LIAR!"
  • The diverse reactions to the Equestria Girls reference (the peanut butter crackers joke) vary from finding it Actually Pretty Funny (AnimatedJames) to "leaving the fandom" (LittleshyFIM).
  • ImmaToonLink's Call-Back to his reaction to the part 1 happy credits theme music after a dark Cliffhanger.
    ImmaToonLink: [while dancing] They're never gonna stop that trend of playing happy music after something fucking bad happens!
  • During the changelings' transformation:
    ImmaToonLink: Hell yeah, you wanna become a fucked-up deer thing, let's all become fucked-up deer things!
  • Another one from ImmaToonLink; his Epic Fail impression of Chrysalis which resulted in him collapsing from his bunk and knocking several things off his shelves. The fact it is a genuine slip-up only makes it more hilarious.

    Bronies React [LIVE REACTION]: "Fame and Misfortune" 
  • Halfway through the episode, Jessie joins them — except she hadn't caught up with the previous two seasons of the show.
    Jessie: Who's she?
    ACRacebest: That's Starlight Glimmer!
    [cue laughter as everyone realizes what's going on]
  • Their extreme reactions to a pony asking why Fluttershy keeps needing to learn the same lesson, and then to a pony saying they liked Twilight before she had wings. That's the moment they realize the episode is Meta Fiction making fun of the fandom.

    Bronies React to "A Royal Problem" 
  • Silver Quill reacting to Twilight's comment about the royal hairdressers having a dispute — with the screen progressively turning monochrome and dramatic music.
    Silver Quill: Hey, don't dis a hairdresser argument. Those things are bloody. I remember... oh yes, I remember... the great hairdresser argument of eighteen-tickity-two. It was like The Hunger Games meet Sweeney Todd... Every night I wake up screaming!
  • From LittleshyFIM: "The princesses have decided to cook all the food themselves ever since the third food tester died."
  • After Luna is seen eating a banana peel, BronyDanceParty is seen looking at a banana fruit, then the peel, and ponders:
    BronyDanceParty: How many of the other reactors are actually doing this?
    [cut to BlackGryph0n putting a peel in his mouth]
    BlackGryph0n: I don't see a problem here...
    [cut to BDP trying the same thing, only to retch]
    [cut back to BlackGryph0n spitting the peel]
    BlackGryph0n: Oh but it's horrible, OH MY GOD!
    [makes plenty of disgusted faces]
    BlackGryph0n: The Princess of the Night has some issues...
  • After the scene where Starlight switches Celestia and Luna's cutie marks:
    Silver Quill: It's finally happened. They are intentionally calling our attention to the princesses's rumps... How could you?
  • When Starlight declares to Twilight that she intends on confronting the Royal Sisters:
    Twilight: WHAT?! ARE YOU CRAZY?!
    PaleoSteno: Yeah, that's like going up to God and Satan and saying "You're both doing it wrong"... no, wait, did I just compare Luna to Satan? I didn't mean to do that.

    Bronies React to "The Perfect Pear" 
  • The reactions to Applejack panicking upon first seeing the pear jam:
    ACRacebest: Big Mac, git the gun!
    Saberspark: You did what?!
    ImmaToonLink: Applejack's a racist!
    LittleshyFIM: There will be no pears on the Apple homestead!
    PaleoSteno: They really do just hate every other fruit! It's only apples!
  • At the beginning, Jaxblade swears that, even if this is a sad episode, he's not going to cry (again). Of course, he doesn't last past "You're in My Head Like a Catchy Song".
    Jaxblade: [in tears] Why, Race? Why do you do this to meeheehee?
  • Jaxblade, visibly anxious and fighting tears when the siblings talk to Grand Pear again.
    Jaxblade: Dog, get back here!
  • ImmaToonLink turns what should be a heartwarming moment into a funny one.
    ImmaToonLink: You'd say "Oh, Bright Mac, that's really fucking gay" and I'd say "Nope! That's literally the opposite of gay!"
  • At the end, the reactors meet up at a convention to console each other after the Tear Jerker of an episode they just watched. They then pull Michelle Creber (Apple Bloom's VA) into the Group Hug, and she's just confused.

    Bronies React to the Season 7 Finale 
  • Silver Quill's reaction to the Pony of Shadow.
    Silver Quill: Oh great, we've got a monologuer.
  • The Bronies trying very hard to ignore an Accidental Innuendo.
    • ACRacebest's "DON'T MAKE A SEX JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO—", with several back-and-forth cuts showing him still yelling.
    • Silverquill hitting his head with a Mjölnir toy while saying "Trying very hard to be family-friendly!" with Punctuated Pounding.

    Bronies React to the Season 8 Premiere 

    Bronies React to the Season 8 Finale 
  • Dustykatt, after seeing Yona Kissing the Ground:
    Dustykatt: I wonder... if the grass in Equestria... tastes as good as the grass in Afghanistan? [picks a leave from his teacup and eats it]
  • ACRacebest's sheer joy, at the end, that Cozy Glow wasn't Easily Forgiven.
    ACRacebest: We didn't forgive her! WE DIDN'T FORGIVE HER!!

    Bronies React to the Season 9 Finale 


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