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  • The first time Saga and Henrik have sex. And the second.
  • Saga's bluntness makes for many amusing moments, her pickup line is essentially "Would you like to have sex?" In other matters sexual:
    • Might Henrik be her best partner? "You're not the best."
    • So many conversations with Martin, from her attempts to understand his infidelity to discussions of penis size, including intimate details about the then-boyfriend.
      Martin: I know what you're going to ask me, Saga, and I'm not telling you!
  • Saga comforting the bereaved, including debating library fees with a victim's husband.
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  • When a stalker asks if her object of affection reported her missing, Saga's response is "No, he seemed relieved that you were gone."
  • Saga nonchalantly telling her colleagues, "I got my period this morning."
  • Henrik seeing Saga's car:
    Henrik: What an unusual car.
    Saga: Everyone says that. You're not allowed to drive it.
  • Saga introducing her fuck-buddy with, "This is Anton. We have sex occasionally."
  • Jonas Mandrup's bluntness. Unlike Saga, who doesn't know any better, he just doesn't give a fuck.
    Jonas: And the Iranian fag they deported?
    Lillian: Taariq Shirazi. He went into hiding.
Jonas: Have we found the fag?
Lillian: Taariq. Taariq Shirazi. Just learn it, will you?
Jonas: Why should I, you know who I mean, right? So, have we found the fag?
Lillian: No, we do not know where Taariq Shirazi is.
(later still)
Jonas: You know, that fag...
Henrik: Taariq.
Jonas: No, the other one, the lumberjack.
Henrik: (sigh) Silas.
Jonas: He had never met the Iranian..
  • Saga telling man that he can't be a the baby's father because of the eye colour. The look on Jonas's face.

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