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Before we begin, the it's worth pointing out that the reviewer tends to talk about the games as if her were an even more insane version of Rick Sanchez in both mannerisms and tone. These reviews are loaded with non-sequiturs that just barely refer to the game itself.
  • Here's the entire transcript for The Order: 1886.
    "BRO TEAM! That's the cheddar, baby! The Or-BRO TEAM!"
  • Remember Spec Ops: The Line? Remember how it made you drop some of the deadliest firebombs in the world upon hapless survivors? Remember the drama? Part of Bro Team's take on the game is as follows...
    "Shut up, I think I heard something... (Sees Canadian Flag) CANADA KILL IT!"
  • A big Running Gag in these reviews is the reviewer pointing out the cliche'd sewer level in most of the games they cover.
    "Game's so fucking short, it's done as soon as you begin it. Skyrim is shit, but at least there's sewers in it." (Echos "sewers.")
    • Oh, and speaking of Skyrim, they don't review it so much as they rap-view it.
  • Their video on Video Game/Minecraft isn't in English or any comprehensible language whatsoever, aside from this one non-sequitur:
    "Motorized See-Saw."
  • Their review of Remember Me ends a bit differently than they usually do.
    "Episode 3 finally out. Welcome back to City 17. Try not to get hurt by STEAM!"
  • [1]. So many good moments.


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