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  • Vegeta's midnight snack at Bulma's house, with Bulma catching him with a piece of frozen salmon (and trying to talk through that), three raw potatoes in his left hand, a gallon of milk and a pitcher of Sunny Delight in his right, and naked, and laughing at him. Then he drank all the milk in one sitting... And, instead of puking everything out, he burped. And apologized for it.
  • The end of chapter 26:
    Despite his curiosity and frustration with Kakarott, he turned his attention back to the newcomer. Vegeta quickly grabbed the front of the boy's jacket. "Who are you, anyway?! Where did you come from? I demand that you answer me immediately!"
    Trunks relaxed, dropping out of his Super Saiyan state. "Sure"
    The look on Vegeta's face was priceless.
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  • After 18 was saved by Krillin, 17 teased her about liking him, she denied... Then 16 intervened:
    "My scanners indicated an increased heart rate and a rush of blood to your face. There is a 98.6% probability that 17 spoke accurately."
  • Tien's reaction at Piccolo deciding to fuse with Kami: annoyance at the Namekian doing that to become stronger just as he finally reached his level.
  • C47's suggestions for renaming the worlds of the World Trade Organization as "Planet Meatbag", "Planet Liquidious Fleshbag", "Planet Slushy Sack", and similar.
  • Drunken fratboys commenting that Mr. Satan's fight was 'fake' and then picking a fight with 17 for ordering a beer at a club and hitting on 18. They got away easy: 17 dared them to a Drinking Contest, literally drank more than all of them put together, and made them pay for his booze.
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  • The trip to shop clothing for 18. Then they take on dinosaurs... And 17 ruins them.
  • C47 being upgraded. All of it.
  • In the future, Lord Slug punching SSJ Goku... And almost breaking his hand.
  • The defunct future heroes offer a few moments:
  • Vegeta's indignation at Goku calling him "buddy".
  • Thurg and Lug, soldiers of Vegeta, are the one unlucky enough to intercept Paragus' challenge to him to come and fight the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, and expect to die when they tell him. How does Lug solve this? He mails the video to one of his buds so he'd do it, not expecting the video to go viral. And, being busy with Cell, Vegeta and his crew still don't receive the challenge until someone smarter manages to contact Oniya.
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  • During the underwater fight with Cell, Goku accidentally hits a fish with a ki blast. Cue Saiyan appetite.
  • Oniya catching C47 using his holoprojector and 16's head to portray a battle of ideals between him and the downed android. One that he wins by shooting 16... And then 16 reveals he's still alive and was humouring him to have some fun, much to 47's embarrassment.
  • Cell introduces himself to an alien species on his way through a distant galaxy:
    "Greetings," he began with an affected charm. "My name is Cell, and from a galaxy far, far away."
  • The fight between Piccolo (after fusing with Kami) and Present!Slug has a few moments, such as Slug going Giant Namek on Piccolo and the latter countering it pretty much the same way Goku did when Piccolo used that technique on him (Piccolo notes that Goku must be getting a kick out of it. He is).
    Slug: "STAY STILL!"
  • Yamcha agreed to help C47 test out his new strength. Hilarity Ensues.
    • After that, C47 asks Krillin for help, expecting a better challenge due Krillin having been stronger than Yamcha even before Bulma turned him into an Android. Turns out he got more he bargained for.
  • Vegeta returning to his base after Paragus' challenge and dealing with the disorder and disloyalty. Lug pissed himself in terror...
  • The astronomy lesson and Cell trolling it by destroying Mars.
  • Cell's full announcement of the Perfect Tournament... At The Late Late Show. Quite funny, at least until the SWAT tries to arrest Cell.
  • Someone put up a souvenir and beer stand at the Perfect Tournament Stadium.
  • Mr. Satan's special broadcast from the site of the Perfect Tournament has an unspecified but rated R program cancelled. Both Barney Stimson and Roshi have the exact same indignant reaction.
  • Mr. Satan's speech before the start of the elimination round of the Perfect Tournament, and Cell trolling everyone with his own speech and then suddenly setting the round in four three-way matches with the following contestants: Jewel (runner-up to the 24th Tenkaichi), Caroni (one of Mr. Satan's disciples), and Android!Krillin first; Killa (partecipant in the 24th Tenkaichi), Spopovich (yes, really. Even Mr. Satan couldn't help but insult him) and Mirai Trunks second; Pintar (semifinalist in the 24th Tenkaichi who, in canon, got humiliated by Krillin in the 25th), Pirozhki (one of Mr. Satan's disciples) and Goku third; and Mr. Satan (who has used Gohan's necessary change of clothes to claim he's one of his disciples), Gohan and Tenshinhan fourth. And they so deliver:
  • Chapter 68 is mostly an Info Dump chapter in the form of an interview to manga!Gohan, but has a funny moment due a certain question:
    Speaking of Videl, one of our readers had a question about her womanly qualities. How would you-
    If anyone is interested in asking intimate questions about my wife, they can do in person. They might also want to bring a few senzu beans.
  • The reactions to Raditz Jr. having to fight Krillin, and the fight itself.
  • When Cell absorbs Android!Krillin only for it to backfire and lead to him regressing to Semi-Perfect form, we get this gem:
    • The narration describing what happened to Cell as food poisoning is hilarious by itself, but only adds to Satan's comment.
  • C47's reaction when Vegeta decides to make Broly his chief enforcer instead of letting the droid killing him, and Vegeta's reply.
  • Mr. Satan getting the credit for killing Cell... Completely by accident.
  • The way Goku begs King Yemma to let him fight Vegeta some place in the netherworld.
  • After being told by King Kai to not challenge the Grand Kai, Vegeta thinks a few unflattering things about him and that once there he'll challenge him anyway... And gets verbally owned when the god reveals he can read minds.
  • After breaking out of Hell and escaping Goku, Vegeta and Pikkon, Cell uses Instant Transmission to get back in the world of the livings... And, due the Kaioshin of the past having prepared for something like this, finds himself back into Yemma's office, right where Vegeta is waiting for him as a SSJ2. Asskicking ensues.
  • Vegeta "showing respect" to the Grand Kai.

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