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  • EVERY scene involving Melissa McCarthy's Megan. Her sincere and somewhat deadpan deliveries help this. No wonder she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.
    • Her driving by Annie with nine puppies in the car and sporting a Slasher Smile.
    • Her idea for Lillian's bridal shower: A female Fight Club where everyone surprises Lillian by not telling her the theme and then beating on her. Everyone's reaction just makes the scene all the sweeter.
    • The sex tape with the Air Marshal that cuts into the Dance Party Ending during the credits.
    • "I took two puppies. They're in my van."
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    • Her constant badgering of her seatmate on the plane, thinking he's an air marshal. Which is actually true, to her delight.
    • "I'm glad you're not with him because I'm gonna climb him like a tree."
    • "I can't protect you. I know where all the nukes are, and I know the codes. You would be amazed, a lot of shopping malls. Do NOT repeat that."
    • "I own six houses and an eighteen-wheeler that I bought just because I wanted to."
    • "I snuck a loaded handgun into Dougie's luggage. The TSA is gonna tear his ass up."
    • Her very first speech to Annie, talking about how she fell off a cruise ship and communicated with a dolphin "I'm gonna say, telepathically?"
  • The opening sex scene, including Ted’s crazy laughter.
  • Rita telling her children to "Shut your filthy fucking mouths!"
  • Becca's drunken compliments - "You-you're more beautiful than Cinderella! You smell like pine needles and a face that looks like SUNSHINE!"
  • Annie breaking every car law she can in order to get Nathan's attention
    • Nathan's deadpan response ignoring her: "Let's see what Marmaduke's up to."
  • Lillian's Dad: I wish they'd just get married right now, just to save me a shitload of money. (Everyone laughs). I'm not joking. (Everyone laughs again). I'm not joking. (Everyone laughs one more time).
  • The plane scene (along with others) is arguably an Overly Long Gag, but parts are excellent, such as a drunken Annie demanding that they keep the curtain between coach and first class open "because it's civil rights. This is the '90s."
  • Pretty much any scene with Annie's roommates.
  • You're really doin' it.... You're shittin' in the street...
    • That entire scene where the bridesmaids succumb to food poisoning while in a very fancy dress shop is too hilarious to put into words.
  • On first meeting Nathan, who's a police officer, Annie tries to prove to him that she wasn't driving drunk by... performing an odd yet nicely choreographed dance routine along the road's white line.
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  • "Lillian...*stares at Lillian*"
  • Annie's (rather justified) tantrum at Lillian's bridal shower.
  • "I've seen better tennis playing in a tampon commercial."
  • Helen screaming "Excuse me" through Officer Rhodes' closed car window.

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