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Funny / Bride of Frankenstein

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  • During the Monster's double murder at the beginning of the film, an owl is shown observing the event, reacting with a bored expression.
  • The two goofy graverobbers working for Pretorius say at one point during their labors that, "Next time, I say we just let the cops hang us." That turns out to have been a bad wish to make as the Monster ultimately kills them both.
  • Pretorius' reaction to the monster walking in on him having a meal in the crypt he'd just robbed, greeting him as if he were a visitor.
    "... Oh. I thought I was alone. Good evening."
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  • Frankenstein learning to smoke from the hermit.
  • The Creature angrily trying shoo the fire from the hermit's match, which the hermit insists on doing so in spite of the growling.
  • The homunculi scene, particularly the bit where the tiny king is trying to get to the tiny queen and break open her casing with a teeny tiny cube of sugar.

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