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    Original Short 
  • The opening theme yelling the title.
  • Tree Trunks' voice coming out of a cute alien.
  • The distress call said in a deadpan voice.
  • Wallow calling Chris "Yes ma'am".
  • The sound the portal makes when the Warriors go through it.
  • "I'm too much of a cowardly caterpillar."
  • The Warriors riding in the professor's tiny car.
  • Gleeplesacks and pooples.
  • The noise the tickle monster makes.
  • Chris remembering the alien's words. It tries to do an echo effect, but just sounds like repeating things for no reason.
  • Chris' heartfelt confession of love.
  • Chris' sigh of relief.
  • "I can't remember my name."

    Season One 
  • These lines from Beth's actress promo:
    Beth: Chris... I...
    Beth and Chris: (simultaneously) I just wanna tell you...
    Beth: JINX!!

Time Slime

  • Danny getting mad and flipping people off.
  • Everything that has the name "Fartsparkles".
    Danny: You probably shouldn't let this guy name everything after himself.
    (Wallow snickers)
  • Pixl being incredibly jealous.
  • After seeing their dead selves from 5 minutes in the future (twice), Beth says "Nope," and she and the other Warriors walk away.

Emotion Lord

  • Danny completely flipping out for apparently no reason.
  • "Forty space chickens GOOOOO!"
  • "Now what am I gonna do with all this motor oil?"
  • The Emotion Lord placing random spells around the team while Wallow tries to perform surgery on Danny.
  • The moon dragon trying to get sassy with their aft boosters.
  • "CASHEWS IN YOUR MOUTH!" Not to mention, Wallow's deadpan expression as a peanut waterfall flows out of his mouth.

Butter Lettuce

  • 9000% sexier Beth.
  • Great Plains Wildebeest. With Wizard Hat and Staff.
  • "Classic Wankershim."
  • Beth's butter lettuce fantasy.
  • "We're bathroom bros!"
  • Everyone remaining perfectly still as Beth brushes her teeth.
  • 30% sexier Beth's attempt at seducing Chris by doing a sexy dance. This being a Pen Ward cartoon, her noodle limbs go all over the place.
  • Locally grown... BUTTER LETTUCE.

Memory Donk

  • "SIGNS! They're everywhere in the future."
  • Everything that Jelly Kid does. Like creating a slice of bread for Danny for no reason, activating the self-destruct mode on the bus, and when Danny ask Jelly Kid to make them weapons it just abandons them.
    Danny: Jelly Kid can make anything! Make us some weapons! *Jelly Kid jumps off the bus*
    Danny: Jelly Kid, NOOOOOOO!
  • When the Memory Donk starts attacking and the Bravest Warriors strike a pose:
    Danny: What do we do now?
    Chris: I don't know it just feels right to pose like this!
  • When the Memory Donk revealed why she attacked them:
    Memory Donk: Oh, I just Donked out for a moment. It happens.
  • Beth friendzoning Chris after they kissed while getting their memories back.

The Bunless

  • Chris' awkward attempts at chatting up Beth. "Your eyes, uh, make me wanna share with you... a costly pasta meal."
  • The butt-dwelling entities "making out" near the end. It needs to be seen to be believed.


Gas-Powered Stick

  • "Never runs out of.... this is a jive-ass stick!"
    • Made even better when Chris says "Jive-Ass Peach Pit!"
  • Danny playing the Banjo with his feet in an attempt to win Plum over.
  • Wallow displaying his hover-car license... in his mouth.
  • Impossibear whacking anyone within range with the Gas-Powered Stick, from Catbug to Plum
  • Chris' emotional song about his feelings for Beth... while watching her shave her pits.

Dan Before Time

  • Danny's planning to go back in time to the moment the Low-Gravity Hacker Lads destroys his first science fair project and kick them all away and tell his younger self to buy sweaters.
    Wallow: Ha, ha. You're gonna punt children.
  • Made all the better when Danny does come back and destroys his time machine because something went horribly wrong.
  • Chris cheering on Danny until he notices Beth's glare and goes serious about paradoxes & stuff. Can also double as heartwarming since the chemistry between Beth & Chris in that scene just screams 'couple'.
  • This moment:
    Chris: Now you can go back and save the Dacylax people from that boiling soup storm!
    Wallow: Or you could stop the Lizard Boys from eating my expensive cheese...that turned them into lizard boys.
    Beth: No way. He's probably going to the future to french-kiss himself.

Cereal Master

  • The overly emotional Cereal Master smashing her face on the grill.
  • Beth as a walrus.
  • Danny's face after Chris uses his powers.
  • "It's God!" "REVERE HIM!" "Someone get God a mojito!" And he has a mojito in his hand in the next portal, until...
    • "It's the Devil!" "KILL HIM!" "Take away his mojito!" Mojito gone.

Ultra Wankershim

  • The horrific news alien delivering the news in a pleasing female voice... while oozing slime everywhere.
  • Who wants soft tacos?
    • You're my friends now. We're having soft tacos later.
  • "Sdrawkcab gniyalp egassem a si siht"


  • Danny's gift from his mom was a expired lottery ticket and a knife.
    Danny: My mom's got class.
    • "DROP 'EM!"
      Catbug: (gleefully) OKAY!
    • Basically everything out of Catbug's mouth at any given time is both hilarious and adorable.
  • This.
    Beth: Trying to control these things is kiiiinda like trying to make oatmeal cry.
    Catbug: Why would you do that?
    Chris: It's like using the president's mouth to make out with God's middle name.
    Wallow: It's like trying to stir diarrhea with your dog's sense of humor!



  • "Marry me Rebecca!" "No, I don't love you... Whoopsies!"
  • The Team and Impossibear getting teary eyed in the background.

Browser Fail

  • Danny using the marker to write "You guys are wads" on his forehead instead of coloring in his eyebrows, subversion at it's finest
  • Catbug showing up with Danny's eyebrows. Carrying an electric razor. And stating he likes Chris's pointy yellow hair...
    • Followed by Chris's Oh, Crap! expression when Catbug then turns on the electric razor.


  • "I'm a bomb!"

Terrabeth Bytes

     Season Two 
Aeon Worm
  • Beth happily announcing "That's us!" when her father declares he requires the sacrifice of a virgin and a horse.
    • Followed by:
      Ralph Waldo Picklechips: Or maybe a virgin horse? There's no comma on that line, could be a typo.
  • Pretty much all of the Paralyzed Horse's lines from his time entering the worm until his heroic sacrifice . After delivering two ominous monologues back to back, it's pretty damn funny listening to the horse freak out with glee and then panic.
    • That, and his dancing.
  • Catbug popping up while Beth and Horse escape the worm.
    Catbug: Why are we running!?
  • Impossibear's reaction to seeing the Aeon Worm.
    Impossibear: What is all this racket when I'm tryin' to make a mix tape?! *sees the worm* *turns around, walks away terrified, making a dismissive "NOPE" sound*


  • Beth and Wallow's reactions to RoboChris.
    Wallow: Hehe, that's so not cool.
    Beth: Doesn't he get to have skin? We've totally got a bunch extra in cargo bay two...
  • Danny's initial attempt to make Chris jealous with RoboChris.
    Danny: Sorry Chris, but RoboChris gives me all the hugs I need. I hope that doesn't make you insanely jelly, Chris. Don't lose your temper and smash him into tiny oil spurting chunks.
    Chris: I'd never do that!
    Beth: I'll do it.
    Chris: I think everyone's overreacting, I think Danny's invention is amazing. (Plants a kiss on RoboChris' forehead)
    RoboChris: I will do a murder on you.
    Danny: I still need to adjust his moop drive.
  • "I will smash his head with rocks until he is jealous!"
    • "Are you pretending to be evil again?"
  • "Ahhahaha friendship!"
  • Chris explaining how friends have boundaries and Beth's response to it.
    Chris: When two people are friends, there are boundaries that should never be crossed!
    Beth: Well, I mean, never say never.
    (Beat as the two give each other meaningful looks)
  • RoboChris socking Danny in the balls.

Mexican Touchdown

  • Danny going through the hall of booby traps in an effort to impress Plum.
  • Everything the weird little guy does with the key.
  • Plum's positively brutal rejection. Subversion used to fantastic effect.
    Plum: No, Danny! (grabs Danny's arm) I can't let you keep hurting yourself.
    Danny: Because... you love me! (grabs Plum's hand) It must be so difficult to see me in pain.
    Plum: You don't have to impress me; since the day I met you, I've known that I am so not attracted to you! Maybe it's your weird cheeks, I don't know for sure... I also think you sound dumb when you say, "Go dog-sword." (laughs) Man, that's dumb.
    • Danny's response is even better:
      Danny: Plum... thank you. All this time I've been a slave to your flowing purple hair, and your rad boobs, and your sweet, clappy little pig hands. (Plum takes her hand back.) But I get it now: now I'm free! Now, I have no reason to LIIIIVVVVEEEEEE!!! (charges at alien, throwing up two middle fingers) UP YOOOOUUURRSSSSSS!!! (half-screams, half-sobs, continues until he collapses on his knees)

Hamster Priest

  • While a lot of the dimension hopping is rather frightening, it gives a us a lot of hilarious moments to laugh at, both in dialogue, and in visuals. Not to mention the sheer amount of Star Trek shoutouts present throughout.
    • Par for the course is Catbug and his many transformations, from commander of a Star Trek-esque cruiser, to evil overlord. Every single line from his mouth here is side-splittingly hilarious and adorable at the same time.
      • Commander Catbug:
      Com. Catbug (To Danny): Officer Vasquez! Control your lady-friend! This bridge is no place for a woman!
      Danny: Yes, Commander!
      Beth: Excuse me?! I demand-
      Com. Catbug: You are in a position to demand NOTHING, Kitchen Wench Tezuka! Do NOT make me regret the day I purchased you from Wenches & Things!
      • Overlord Catbug:
      Lord Catbug: Attention, Bravest Destroyers!
      m!Plum, Danny, and Wallow: ALL HAIL LORD CATBUG!
      Beth: You're monsters! All you you are MONSTERS!
      Lord Catbug (referring to Beth): Wha-?! Someone throw that noisy thing out the airlock!
      Beth (as the Bravest Destroyers descend upon her): Wait! You can't-!
      Lord Catbug: Nope. Out the airlock.
      Beth: But I-
      Beth (being dragged to the airlock): NO! You can't!
      Lord Catbug: Now, where's my big ole' beer?
      Is brought a ridiculously large mug of beer.
      Lord Catbug: There you are, yes. *takes a slurp*
    • At one point, Danny turns into Commander Worf, then into Wallow, who looks like Mr. T.
    • Beth keeps sliding down the scales of rank with each major shift, from "Summer Intern," to "Kitchen Wench," to "Pleasure-Clone."

Jelly Kid Forever

  • Wallow referring to Jelly Kid as "The Toast Goblin".
  • Beth being Innocently Insensitive to Danny when he's dealing with Jelly Kid's death. She even played a video game during the funeral.
    Beth: (after learning of Jelly Kid's death) Here. You want me to flush him.
    Beth: (referring to Danny) He sure did love that headless little... wheat pilgrim. He needs a lady friend.
    Beth: What's the word, Vasquez? Is that thing still dead?
    Beth: (after Danny tells them Jelly Kid is alive) He's lookin' about 9000% less alive to me.
    Beth: (with a "Are you serious?" expression during Danny's breakdown while he has a lifeless Jelly Kid fire bread at them) Aw Danny, I just bought that melonpan!
  • How Chris "talks" sense into Danny over his denial of Jelly Kid's death. He slaps him without saying a word and Danny just accepts Jelly Kid is dead.
    • Justified. Chris is an Emotion Lord. So we can assume he literally smacked most, if not all, of the negative emotions out of Danny. Arguably makes the moment even funnier.
  • The few sentences where Danny laments he never got teach Jelly Kid on how to ride a tenspeed and the others compliment it.
    Danny: Never got to teach you how to ride a ten speed.
    Chris: Really sweet ten speed bro.
    Wallow: It's a bitchin' ten speed, I saw it in the closet.
  • Initially it seems like Jelly Kid Came Back Wrong and is trying to control Danny...but then it turns out that Danny is just Holding Both Sides of the Conversation because he's that desperate for Jelly Kid to come back to life.
  • No mention yet of Catbug wearing a cone at the funeral?

The Puppetyville Horror

  • The parasite's horrible puppeteering skills while it's possessing the Warriors. As if their blank stares and inhuman flailing isn't enough, their voices are obviously the parasite's.
  • The parasite uses Beth to try and seduce Chris into coming over. Freaky flailing isn't very sexy, but it is funny.
    • It also tries to do the same using Wallow. By way of him thrusting his crotch at him.
  • "I can't feel my butt!...SERIOUSLY, I AM WORRIED ABOUT MY BUTT!"

Catbug's Away Team

  • The Away Team themselves. Catbug, Impossibear, two talking fireflies, a bird, the dancing alien from "Memory Donk", Slippy Napkins(An alien with the voice of Tree Trunks), and RoboChris
  • Chris and Wallow trying to put a good spin on the mission...for about 2 seconds.
    Chris: That was a mistake.
    Wallow: Yeah, we probably shouldn't have trusted Catbug.
  • Impossibear's confessions to Wallow under the effects of concentrated Wankershim energy, as well as Wallow's reaction
    Impossibear: But wait Baby, I have something I need to admit—
    Wallow: —no you don't.

Merewif Tag

  • Chris immediately looking at Plum's...hands when they switch bodies.
  • Plum pulling rolls of quarters out of Chris' pants.
  • Plum(As Chris) pissing out the window onto some unlucky passerby's head.
  • Plum using the fact she is now in a masculine (and presumably fairly strong) body as an excuse to be a jerk to people. While Chris is just using her body to skip.
    Plum (in Chris's body): Learning is for women! [Destroys a passer-by's books]
  • When Midge, one of Plum's tique midgets starts bossing everyone around, one of the other ones says this:
    Tique: You know what I think. I think if Midge shut her yap for five minutes everyone on the planet would crap world peace and I'd be able to stop taking sleeping pills...

Dimension Garden

  • Kid Danny getting sent way of Beth's dad shooting him out of a cannon.
  • Wallow's Princess Dysentery doll.
  • Out of the massive, slimy, pulsating, eldritch chrysalis of the worm from the garden emerges its final form... Catbug.
    • The way he gets out of the chrysalis is also hilarious: Instead of bursting out, he opens a little door.

The Parasox Pub

  • 700 year old Chris. The only part of his brain that still functions is the 'Titty Twister' section, and thus keeps trying to grab Chris's nipple, only for Chris to slap his hand away like a child.
  • While explaining the situation they're in, the different Chris's give present Chris a menagerie of bizarre, nonsensical items, seemingly for a Lock-and-Load Montage, when really they were dressing him up to take a picture, then tell him to take it all off.
    • Everyones poses in the picture, special shout out to 200 year old Chris posing like a model, and 700 year old Chris tweeking his nipple.
  • Chris becoming more and more hesitant to kill Puddingtown as he goes on about all the good things he does.

Season of the Worm

  • Humpgnats. Gnats that hump you into another dimension.

Season of the Mitch

  • Despite being a serious episode overall, watching Pickle Chips and the Paralyzed Horse (in Mitch's body) fight over the Sticker Pet device that summons the Aeon Worm on Pickle Chips' belt (with the Aeon Worm being interrupted every time he disappears, and Pickle Chips telling him to "quit it") was comedy gold.
  • Wallow's absolutely nonchalant reaction to getting his arm hacked off also qualifies. He starts out the episode making jokes about it!
    Wallow: Chris is missing, salami comes from farms! Danny has low self-esteem and Beth cut off my—
  • Danny realizing a way he can defeat Ralph Waldo Picklechips; smash his glass head in with a stick.
    Danny: stick...broken dome...stick...broken dome...stick ...BROKEN DOME!!!

     Season Three 
Ghosts of the See-Through Zone
  • While on a shopping trip with Plum, Beth deflates the hydro suit Plum is wearing to avoid getting wet. This results in a fart-like deflating noise throughout an otherwise serious heart to heart.

    Comic Series 
  • The Bravest Warriors celebrate after blowing up a planet to stop sexism.
  • The cupcake death match.
  • The movie trailers that they watch.
  • Beth describing her movie choice:
    Beth: I don't want to say that my movie choice will scare the pants off anyone since that would be gross if it literally happened, so instead I'll just say this: I hope none of you are pregnant, because this movie will scare the baby RIGHT OUT OF YOU. And then you'll have a baby that you have to feed and give up your dreams for. I don't know all the details. I am not a doctor.
  • The giant two-headed kitty attacking their spaceship.
  • Beth and Plum use as many puns as they can while fighting zombies in the food court.
  • Danny teaching the clown children how to kill a ghost manages to be heartwarming and hilarious.
  • A celery man appears from the future to deliver a warning. Before he can do so, he is eaten by an evil clown rabbit.
  • Beth and Plum are amazed after seeing Danny's butt.
    Plum: I thought butts like that were outlawed after that big war!
  • Catbug is Missing, pretty much every scene of Catbug overcoming a life threatening situation by being adorable.
  • Someone rings the Bravest Warriors' door in the middle of the night and Danny jumps at the chance to answer the door shirtless like tough TV characters. When the Warriors are gathering near the door, Chris remarks on his lack of shirt.
    Danny: Yeah, I sleep like this now.
    Chris: You look so tough!
    • He then joins in by taking off his own shirt. Wallow starts to take his off too, but Beth tells him to put it back on.
    • Plum is there too. Beth wonders why.
      Beth: [groggily] Plum? I thought you went home?
      Plum: [equally groggy] I fell asleep in your guys' bathtub.
      [Beth ponders this]
      Beth: [shrugs] Okay, seems fair.
  • Issue 14, Beth wants to talk to the counter boy but is worried he won't notice her with Plum standing next to her. Plum decides to "mask her hotness" by transforming partially into her monster form.
  • Danny's beard going out of control and sweeping everyone away.
    Plum: DANNY WHYYY?
  • Issue 19, the aliens challenging the Warriors can't hear what they're saying down on the ground and keep telling them to speak up. While the Warriors are discussing what to do amongst themselves, the aliens try using a tractor beam from their ship to lower a megaphone down to the Warriors. It goes ignored.
    Aliens: Do you see it?? The megaphone? There is a free megaphone right in front of you—
  • Catbug thinks Beth's tazer is a cell phone. He ends up zapping Danny with it.
    Catbug: It must have been a wrong number.

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