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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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  • The Brick Sax Solo from the announcement trailer. He's even wearing Dr. Ned's fake mustache while he plays!
  • The gun with legs running along is reminiscent of the walking weapons from Itchy and Scratchy Land.
  • Plus, who breakdances to dodge missiles? Claptrap, that's who.
  • A Freeze-Frame Bonus Children of the Vault propaganda poster at the beginning of the reveal trailer:
    "Free brain wash. Bring friend. Come in. COV"
  • The gameplay trailer shows reloading a COV gun by spraying it down with a squirt gun held in the left hand.
  • Claptrap is trying to chase down a gun that is sliding away from him, only for it to climb up some stairs. His response it to swear, then give a Big "NO!".
  • The So Happy Together trailer, which involves the new Vault Hunters happily dancing their hearts out and multiple instances of Disney Acid Sequence.
  • FL4K's trailer, especially with the pet skag.

    Main Game 
  • Claptrap is back, with all the goofiness that his character entails.
  • Claptrap's shenanigans on the title screen. Some of these include a Claptrap-puppet dance, wearing a skag like luscious hair, and wearing a giant gun on his head.
    • The title screen lets you know when hotfixes are applied...on a sign to a pole next to you. Sometimes Claptrap will climb this.
  • The Calypsos, rather than being dramatic Classic Villains like Jack, are basically Let's Players if they were cult leaders. Tyreen's introduction even has her concluding a livestream with "Don't forget to like, follow, and obey!"
    • Also, listen closely. Their videos are referred to as "Let's Flays" and "livescreams".
  • Just the fact that Rhys's last name is Strongfork.
    • Speaking of Rhys, his conflict with Maliwan in Promethea is a result of a Maliwan executive named Katagawa who, with his slicked back hair, cybernetic eye and skull port, is to Rhys what Rhys used to be for Jack.
      Zer0: That's Katagawa, / head of Maliwan Mergers / and Acquisitions. That guy is a douche / and he's way obsessed with Rhys. / It's kind of creepy.
  • The Boss Subtitles gags are back:
    • Zer0: "Ironically does a lot of dividing"
    • Shiv: "Brought a knife to a gun fight"
    • Additionally, the title cards now have "Title cards brought to you by Marcus" added at the bottom.
  • When the Vault Hunter calls out to Tannis in Sanctuary, she greets them... after crawling out of a saurian corpse and comparing it to a comfy, fleshy sleeping bag.
    • Later on, she says she needs to do some thinking, and if anyone needs her, she'll be back in the saurian corpse.
  • Upon re-establishing the connection to Atlas headquarters, Lorelei starts reporting the situation to Rhys, only to trail off and ask him about his mustache. Which Rhys calls a "siege" mustache, adding that "the troops love it."
  • If you found the concept of a gun with legs hilarious, you should know that one of the bosses, Gigamind, drops a legendary version of that gun, which spawns brains with legs.
    • Some Tediore guns say "ow" when they bounce. Same thing for any bombs they spawn.
  • When a guard asks Lorelei for the password, she threatens him with an Ass Shove involving a coffee grinder and instantly gets recognized and allowed in.
  • The concept for the quest "Rise and Grind" is that you are sent to fetch coffee for Lorelei. Because this is Borderlands, the quest to acquire coffee involves an annoyingly laid-back coffee dispensing bot and a massive raging gun battle with Maliwan soldiers, and subsequent counter attack, over an officer's special cup labelled "Coffee Commander".
  • The opening cutscene. It first starts with a Psycho scratching himself, only for it to show that his "arm" is a served limb he uses as a backscratcher. After four different games of a skag getting run over by a car in the opening to the game, players are expecting it to happen again as they follow one with glowing green eyes stalking a Psycho of the Children of the Vault. It comes close, the Psycho ready with his axe... and the Psycho is turned into Ludicrous Gibs by a passing car instead.
    • Don't worry, a skag gets run over when you are reintroduced to Pandora.
  • Vaughn is dressed in underwear and a cape, unlike most of the bandits and second-in-command.
    • In an early sidequest, Vaughn mentioned how he reached his current status by killing someone with just his abs. The mental picture of how that happened is quite interesting.
    • His run is also pretty silly-looking.
  • As Sanctuary III is about to take off, Claptrap volunteers to help. He then proceeds to screw everything up once again, causing the gravity to stop working and a crack to form in the ship's window. Then his robot behind gets stuck in said crack.
    Claptrap: That's because the only thing standing between this ship and space is my ass! MY ass saved all of YOUR asses!
    Lilith: ...Claptrap, keep your ass in that hole.
    Claptrap: You can count on me!
    • Which leads to this line when the ship moves to Promethea.
    • And this is the first story he tells Ava. With himself as the smart hero and everyone else an idiot, of course.
  • On Promethea, Tyreen tries to explain to her followers that they have an alliance with Maliwan and they're not supposed to attack them. Her followers being psycho bandits however, they have a lot of trouble understanding the concept.
  • A sidequest has you trying to free a bandit leader trapped in an outhouse because it has a strict punishment AI. This results in getting a cop AI that won't release him until he gets bribed and then a janitor AI whose solution is to rocket the outhouse into another zone!
  • An ECHO Log on Promethea details Zer0 meeting Lorelei when Rhys sent him to help her out. Zer0 actually appears to be smitten with the former barista, to the point he actually messes up his haiku rhythm.
  • Rhys finds out the "Death Ball" he hacked is actually a pleasure ball, the kind that shoots lube and music. When you reach the laser controls, he helps playing music. Also, the ball has a digital mustache.
  • You'll eventually have a choice involving Rhys to keep or remove his mustache. He will remember that (and it appears in its own box too). Also, he digistructs his mustache off if chosen.
    • The text boxes for the responses responses are "I love it!" or "its gross." The actual responses are much more extreme and are hilarious. Hear all vault hunter's responses here (NOTE: video does contain spoken spoilers of the previous mission, and contains other spoilers. If you just want the lines, stop at about 4:50)
  • An AI in the body of a teddy bear and voiced by Ice-T. That is all.
    • At one point, his ex-girlfriend insults his ability to please her by mimicking some Jabber mating calls. Turns out this actually summons jabbers, and she'll continue to screech and grunt in the background.
    • Installing the AI into a big robot, at a lower spot due to its size.
  • One sidequest has you escorting a payload from one Calypso twin to the other. At the end of the sidequest, Tyreen mocks Troy for his guys dying. Troy, audibly annoyed, points out that Tyreen's team died first. Tyreen simply responds that Troy is butthurt and blows a raspberry. Also, the payload... isn't impressive.
  • The New-U once again has several funny lines and shout outs, some saying that they're not the bad guys this time and that respawn doesn't work with cutscenes. Most famously of all:
  • It appears that Axton has gotten into modeling, while Timothy Lawrence is following his acting dreams.
  • The quests Claptrap gives you were the objectives for "claiming" the shared storage from Borderlands 2 and are in fact actual quests from clients. He just forgot the password for the account holding those quests until now.
    • Out of all the funny call backs in Borderlands 3, the one that fans probably expected least comes during the Healers and Dealers sidequest, in which Claptrap mentions that there's a doctor who needs help finding his staff. A doctor from Mount Schuler Hospital. Remember how Claptrap wanted you to "Pilfer the lost staff of Mount Schuler?" Apparently, all this time, he meant medical staff.
      • Said doctor complains that he put in that help request seven years ago, which just so happens to be when Borderlands 2 came out.
    • Thankfully, you only have to collect the last brown rocks for a frantic fanatic professor. When the Vault Hunter accuses him of sinister purposes, the professor, in a serious tone, admits that he likes to see their metamorphism.
    • The Lord of Skags was a gamer, was being the key word as Handsome Jack set up a broadband hogging device as revenge. When the device is shielded, he helps out with a hammy voice and dank memes. Oh, and he gives you a very large money reward as he decides to rake in BECHO wafers (didn't Claptrap start that currency?)
    • The "Destroyer of Worlds" is actually an AR game that never left beta. With frequent glitches, incomplete animations, and obnoxious microtransactions, it's easy to see why it was thrown out.
  • An early quest involves getting antenna replacements for Claptrap. One possible replacement is a tinfoil hat being worn by a surprisingly sane Psycho, who asks you to help him escape the voices being beamed into his head by the satellite dishes around him. Blowing up said dishes results in him becoming ecstatic that the calming voices that are keeping him sane are now gone.
  • When hijacking cars, there's a chance that the driver will let out a Wilhelm Scream.
  • Doubling as a Player Punch, there's the Calypsos mocking both Lilith getting her powers stolen and Maya's death on their livestreams, complete with unfitting music and cartoonish sound effects.
    • Later on, they decide to rub it in your face even more.
    Tyreen: Hey, you're back! Reunion! Last time we were all here, I plucked your Firehawk and left her on the ground like a hit-and-run skag. Aww, remember that?
    Troy: Ah, good times. Oh, and then I totally murdered your Siren friend. The blue-haired one? I... can't remember her name. I wanna say Martha? Meg? Ah, whatever. She dead.
  • The COV holds an audition to select the new Mouthpiece at Holy Broadcast Center. The finalist is a bandit named Mouthpiece, whose reason is because he looks and sounds like the last Mouthpiece.
  • When you bring the Vault Key to Tannis, she says "While I analyze this priceless piece of alien technology, you may loot everything outside which isn't nailed down." At which point you get an objective to do exactly that while Tannis studies the Key.
  • To get the Buttplug gun, you have to shoot a boss in the butt. Not only does the boss turn around and shake his butt at you the first thing, shooting him there deals a special "crit" too.
  • Dynasty Diner's manager really loves his burgers. When he launches his business on Pandora and Eden-6, he's practically shouting how people love his burgers. Please note that these seem to be the only repeatable quests outside of Circles and Trials and two of the drop-off points involve dead or can-be-dead people.
  • Everything about the "Ratch'd Up" sidequest. It starts with you investigating a missing janitor, leads to you discovering a talking Ratch, and the Vault Hunters reactions to everything that happens after that is too hilarious to put into words. And it ends with Rhys contacting you, seeing the mess, and immediately decides to "look the other way."
  • One sidequest involves Wainwright's dead butler who exposed Aurelia's secret and how she murdered the rest of the Jakobs staff who were in on it (except for one person who was gifted cyanide-flavored wine, who dies after drinking it). The secret? It's sleeping with Troy Calypso. The thought of the harpy and ratboy in his father's bedchambers disturb Wainwright so greatly that he ordered the ECHOnet that contained the tryst to be burned in a furnace and then have the furnace destroyed.
  • In a callback to a similar side mission in Borderlands 2, Tyreen gives you a side mission with the objective of killing yourself in an obvious death trap for her viewership in exchange for a one of a kind gun. Because in her words, "You're a total gun slut." You can give her the finger by destroying her cameras but if you actually play along with her you are rewarded with a Legendary pistol called the Sell-Out.
    • Using this weapon actually has Tyreen speaking out of it, with a variety of fun lines such as;
    Tyreen: (when reloading) The Vault Thief is reloading, get em' now!
  • The Handsome Jackhammer is a Legendary SMG made by Hyperion that talks in Handsome Jack's familiar voice as you use it. To see Jack go from the most powerful man in the six galaxies to a lowly gun is simply hilarious, but at least he takes to his new role well.
  • The Calypso twins cracking themselves up on Apollyon Station.
    Tyreen: Apollyon Station. Try our new private transit pods. Fart up your commute in peace.
    Troy: Apo... Apollyon Station. Just blast that subway car with your butt stink.
    Tyreen: *snickering* Shhh! Stop! Stop it. *clears her throat* Get your butt shined by our expert butt valets.
    (Both start laughing hysterically)
    Tyreen: Ooh boy!
    Troy: CUT!
  • An ECHO has Krieg teaching Tina how to speak "bandit." You can practically hear him roll his eyes when she butchers a sentence.
  • Typhon and his wife's love life. It was the main reason they found and crashed on the Eridian home world, and they didn't stop doing so on their way to and inside the Vault. He even points out that they also did it on the elevator you're riding on, namely the spot you're standing on.
  • During a game show, your opponent gets shocked for getting the wrong answer, especially when it's impossible to get the last question wrong. Then again, Vaughn was hacking the show to impress the host.
    • Even better, if Vaughn's interpretation of her unintelligible grunting and snarling is accurate, then it actually worked and she was legitimately impressed by him, his blatant cheating and his rock-hard abs.
  • Claptrap's "Stealth Time" song gets a repeat performance in the credits... by Tyreen!
  • Once again, the bandits have many crazy and random quotes:
    My chili recipe dies with me!
    (Upon death) You'll remember my name, which is-
    Remember me... but like, a foot taller.(said by Tinks)
    Finally! Now I'm dead on the outside too!
    Lieberman knows! He knows! FIND LIEBERMAN!!
    You look like jam... I LOVE JAM!!
    Tyreen's gonna drink soup out of your skull... a cold one, like gazpacho!
    I'm a basket made of no!
    I would have preferred a thank you!
    With my last breath, I curse... Claptrap!
    I get it now...we're all just a joke..
    Tell my kids I wish they were born!
    I recommend the flank steak!
    I'm the vase, and you're the mule! Screw you, mule!
    I am NOT a damn child!
    Sprinkle me with paprika!
    I planted a kazoo and it came out a vuvuzela! NYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!!!

    Vault Hunters 
  • Zane is related to a bandit clan so some of his lines may differ. Example: The Vault Hunters recognize Lilith as the voice. Zane recognizes her as the lady in his brain.
    • Since the main purpose of Zane's digi-clone is to serve as a distraction to Draw Aggro, some of his voice lines when he triggers it reflect that:
    • Zane, full stop. The man is having the time of his life in just about every scene and it shows.
      • (Sees an Eridian for the first time) "What... the actual feck."
      • (Watches the Eridian Fabricator used for the first time) "GUN-GUN! GUN! GUNGUNGUN! GUUUUN!"
      • (Listening to Vaughn talk about his fancy underwear) "I killed a guy for a pair of those once! Nice fella."
      • (After Rhys tries to back out of helping them find the Vault) "Your loss! I'm gonna see how far I can dropkick a human brain. My best is twenty-one meters."
      • (After coming out of the drop pod) "Worst thing... that ever happened to me. LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!"
      • “You rich people with your puzzles and genuine mourning of dead family members.”
      • "Won't be the first time I punched a statue in the crotch, and it won't be the last!"
      • "A head without a body. Some of me best nights started this way."
      • (Responding to Mordecai calling for help) "On my way, Boo-Boo Chock-a-Doo!" You can hear his shit-eating grin.
  • FL4K about to go on a monologue about serving Death before sheepishly realizing and saying they're here hunting Vaults.
    • Two words: "Pocket Rakk!"
    • FL4K's lines in general due to being mostly a deep monotone. Their reaction to coming out of the drop pod the first time:
    • (Uses action command to sic their pet on targeted enemy) "That one was talking shit!"
    • (Responding to Mordecai calling for help) "I am en route to you, Hurdy-Birdy-Gurdy Man."
    • (Meeting Ellie) "Most humans are frail and weak - but you've got admirable heft, girl."
    • (Meeting Moxxi) "I am FL4K, and your pheromones are... overwhelming."
    • FL4K's backstory audio log is, like themselves, darkly hilarious.
    FL4K: Good morning, Grand Archivist.
    Grand Archivist: Oh! You startled me, bot. You're rather quiet on your feet for an indexing unit.
    FL4K: Yes, Grand Archivist. I have brought the seven scrolls on the Talos Empire you requested, along with your sweetened needletea. I'm afraid we were out of milk, so I made due with a splash of greeble snot. Also, I have gained self-awareness and I thirst for murder.
    Grand Archivist: Good heavens!
  • Most of the solutions Amara offers involves punching.
    • For bonus comedy points, Brick's character in Tiny Tina's DLC back in the second game was a Siren who resorted to punching as a first solution, which is exactly what Amara does.

    Events and Takedowns 
  • Of course Tannis would invite a talking dinosaur (named Maurice) from a world where humans became extinct. You can find said dinosaur camping next to Hammerlock's trophy room.
  • The Halloween event seems to have a weird aversion towards saying Hell (the actual location is called "Heck"). This is an M rated game where enemies can be blown into chunks, the Vault Hunters do swear, and the game contains least one Precision F-Strike. It's sort of silly how these seasoned killers won't say the word Hell, but will swear using other, generally considered harsher, curses.
  • FL4K's reaction to the Halloween event plot (gather "Hecktoplasm", open a portal to "Heck", kill the boss) is, word-for-word, "this makes complete sense to me." FL4K's delivery is so monotone it can be hard to tell if they actually understand the situation, or if they just are just nodding and rolling with it.
  • When Maurice tell the Vault Hunters to collect their reward in the Halloween event, his tone is sort of ominous. When the Vault Hunters bring this up, Maurice says he has trouble "expressing himself", before telling the Vault Hunters to come back and that they definitely won't be murdered. When you return, you get some money and Maurice tells you to come back if you want to do the mission again.
  • Respawn stations in Borderlands' version of Hell. Think about that.

  • Borderland 3's upgraded graphics makes Jack look far too happy in his ad, and is probably the only part in the whole DLC he smiles like that.
  • A gambler becomes lucky and finds money in a toilet, giving them to the Vault Hunter. His rival struck a jackpot earlier and used his winnings to wipe his ass. And the Vault Hunters say nothing about this (probably from all the toilets they looted).
  • You'd have to question some of these NPCs. One of them thought about escaping by strapping himself to a rocket and holding his breath for hours but asks you to grab his stereo for the countdown. And to also blow up his rival's structurally better rocket. He'll probably succeed.
  • A Claptrap unit in a Constructor.
  • One of the VIP doors (requiring money to open) actually leads through a hallway with four more doors and a miniboss, and the final room houses a golden outhouse (complete with red carpet treatment).
  • The new Vault Hunters have a very low opinion of Handsome Jack
    Amara: Was Jack really that big of a dick?
    Moze: Jack sure sounds like a total wang.
    Zane: Handsome Jack. Ah what an arse you were.
    FL4K: This Jack sounds like a real dildo.
  • The subareas in Jack's Secret sounds like something he jotted on his personal blueprints (and never showed to PR).


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