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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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  • The Brick Sax Solo from the announcement trailer. He's even wearing Dr. Ned's fake mustache while he plays!
  • The gun with legs running along is reminiscent of the walking weapons from Itchy and Scratchy Land.
  • Plus, who breakdances to dodge missiles? Claptrap, that's who.
  • A Freeze-Frame Bonus Children of the Vault propaganda poster at the beginning of the reveal trailer:
    "Free brain wash. Bring friend. Come in. COV"
  • The gameplay trailer shows reloading a COV gun by spraying it down with a squirt gun held in the left hand.
  • Claptrap is trying to chase down a gun that is sliding away from him, only for it to climb up some stairs. His response it to swear, then give a Big "NO!".
  • The So Happy Together trailer, which involves the new Vault Hunters happily dancing their hearts out and multiple instances of Disney Acid Sequence.
  • FL4K's trailer, especially with the pet skag.

    Main Game 
  • Claptrap is back, with all the goofiness that his character entails.
  • Claptrap's shenanigans on the title screen. Some of these include a Claptrap-puppet dance, wearing a skag like luscious hair, and wearing a giant gun on his head.
    • The title screen lets you know when hotfixes are applied...on a sign to a pole next to you. Sometimes Claptrap will climb this.
  • The Calypsos, rather than being dramatic Classic Villains like Jack, are basically Let's Players if they were cult leaders. Tyreen's introduction even has her concluding a livestream with "Don't forget to like, follow, and obey!"
    • Also, listen closely. Their videos are referred to as "Let's Flays" and "livescreams".
  • Ellie promises a present for you, but when you go down to the cargo bay everything is on fire. You have to vent all the cargo, losing the grapple-grabber, Jet Pack, and all the left-handed guns.
    Ellie: Guess it just wasn't meant to be.
  • Just the fact that Rhys's last name is Strongfork.
    • Speaking of Rhys, his conflict with Maliwan in Promethea is a result of a Maliwan executive named Katagawa who, with his slicked back hair, cybernetic eye and skull port, is to Rhys what Rhys used to be for Jack.
      Zer0: That's Katagawa, / head of Maliwan Mergers / and Acquisitions. That guy is a douche / and he's way obsessed with Rhys. / It's kind of creepy.
  • The Boss Subtitles gags are back:
    • Zer0: "Ironically does a lot of dividing"
    • Shiv: "Brought a knife to a gun fight"
    • Additionally, the title cards now have "Title cards brought to you by Marcus" added at the bottom.
  • Around Sanctuary, one can find various pipes labeled "coolant." Adjacent to them is another labeled "heatant."
  • When the Vault Hunter calls out to Tannis in Sanctuary, she greets them... after crawling out of a saurian corpse and comparing it to a comfy, fleshy sleeping bag.
    • Later on, she says she needs to do some thinking, and if anyone needs her, she'll be back in the saurian corpse.
  • Upon re-establishing the connection to Atlas headquarters, Lorelei starts reporting the situation to Rhys, only to trail off and ask him about his mustache. Which Rhys calls a "siege" mustache, adding that "the troops love it."
  • When a guard asks Lorelei for the password, she threatens him with an Ass Shove involving a coffee grinder and instantly gets recognized and allowed in.
  • The opening cutscene. It first starts with a Psycho scratching himself, only for it to show that his "arm" is a served limb he uses as a backscratcher. After four different games of a skag getting run over by a car in the opening to the game, players are expecting it to happen again as they follow one with glowing green eyes stalking a Psycho of the Children of the Vault. It comes close, the Psycho ready with his axe... and the Psycho is turned into Ludicrous Gibs by a passing car instead.
    • Don't worry, a skag gets run over when you are reintroduced to Pandora.
  • Vaughn is dressed in underwear and a cape, unlike most of the bandits and second-in-command. His run is also pretty silly-looking.
  • As Sanctuary III is about to take off, Claptrap volunteers to help. He then proceeds to screw everything up once again, causing the gravity to stop working and a crack to form in the ship's window. Then his robot behind gets stuck in said crack.
    Claptrap: That's because the only thing standing between this ship and space is my ass! MY ass saved all of YOUR asses!
    Lilith: ...Claptrap, keep your ass in that hole.
    Claptrap: You can count on me!
    • Which leads to this line when the ship moves to Promethea.
    • And this is the first story he tells Ava. With himself as the smart hero and everyone else an idiot, of course.
    • Speaking of Claptrap's antics during the Sanctuary III's first takeoff, one of the things you need to do to get things back up and running is find the crew - or, as Claptrap calls them, the intergalactic interns/slaves. Turns out that Claptrap locked them all up in what later becomes the player's quarters to ensure their total compliance. The following exchange is what sells it:
      Lillith: I'm gonna say this once: no slaves.
      Claptrap: No slaves for a week. Got it!
  • On Promethea, Tyreen tries to explain to her followers that they have an alliance with Maliwan and they're not supposed to attack them. Her followers being psycho bandits however, they have a lot of trouble understanding the concept.
    Tyreen: Okay, one more time, and I'm gonna say it slowly; Don't. kill. the Maliwan guys.
    Tyreen: No-no-no-no-no okay, um... This energy? I love it, but we made a DEAL with Maliwan, and now we're NOT going to kill them. So, what are we going when we see a Maliwan guy?
    Tyreen: Yeah, okay, gotta start this one over. (Kills the the psycho)
  • If you found the concept of a gun with legs hilarious, you should know that one of the bosses, Gigamind, drops a legendary version of that gun, which spawns brains with legs.
  • An ECHO Log on Promethea details Zer0 meeting Lorelei when Rhys sent him to help her out. Zer0 actually appears to be smitten with the former barista, to the point he actually messes up his haiku rhythm.
  • Katagawa Jr. attempts to coerce Rhys into handing over Atlas by using Orbital Bombardment... to destroy Rhys's favorite businesses, such as his favorite bagel shop and amusement park. Which Rhys does not take well. By the time Katagawa threatens to destroy Rhys's favorite frogurt stand, he's been reduced to Inelegant Blubbering.
    Rhys: Not Fran's Fro-gurts. A-Anything but Fran's Frogurts. I mean, t-t-t-t-they give you t-t-that-
    Orbital Security: Laser firing in three... two... one...
    Rhys: -fresh fruit... on the, in the, on the... on the bot-on the bottom, oh my god... Ohhh GOD!
    • Later on, Rhys gets his revenge by hijacking said laser and using it to destroy Katagawa's space yacht. Katagawa's ensuing scream sounds so agonized you could be forgiven for assuming someone set him on fire.
  • Rhys finds out the "Death Ball" he hacked is actually a pleasure ball, the kind that shoots lube and music. When you reach the laser controls, he helps playing music. Also, the ball has a digital mustache.
  • You'll eventually have a choice involving Rhys to keep or remove his mustache. He will remember that (and it appears in its own box too). Also, he digistructs his mustache off if chosen.
    • The text boxes for the responses responses are "I love it!" or "its gross." The actual responses are much more extreme and are hilarious. Hear all vault hunter's responses here (NOTE: video does contain spoken spoilers of the previous mission, and contains other spoilers. If you just want the lines, stop at about 4:50)
  • An AI in the body of a teddy bear and voiced by Ice-T. That is all.
    • At one point, his ex-girlfriend insults his ability to please her by mimicking some Jabber mating calls. Turns out this actually summons jabbers, and she'll continue to screech and grunt in the background.
    • Installing the AI into a big robot, at a lower spot due to its size.
  • The New-U once again has several funny lines and shout outs, some saying that they're not the bad guys this time and that respawn doesn't work with cutscenes. Most famously of all:
  • It appears that Axton has gotten into modeling, while Timothy Lawrence is following his acting dreams.
  • When hijacking cars, there's a chance that the driver will let out a Wilhelm Scream.
  • Doubling as a Player Punch, there's the Calypsos mocking both Lilith getting her powers stolen and Maya's death on their livestreams, complete with unfitting music and cartoonish sound effects.
    • Later on, they decide to rub it in your face even more.
    Tyreen: Hey, you're back! Reunion! Last time we were all here, I plucked your Firehawk and left her on the ground like a hit-and-run skag. Aww, remember that?
    Troy: Ah, good times. Oh, and then I totally murdered your Siren friend. The blue-haired one? I... can't remember her name. I wanna say Martha? Meg? Ah, whatever. She dead.
  • The COV holds an audition to select the new Mouthpiece at Holy Broadcast Center. The finalist is a bandit named Mouthpiece, whose reason is because he looks and sounds like the last Mouthpiece.
  • When you bring the Vault Key to Tannis, she says "While I analyze this priceless piece of alien technology, you may loot everything outside which isn't nailed down." At which point you get an objective to do exactly that while Tannis studies the Key.
  • To get the Buttplug gun, you have to shoot a boss in the butt. Not only does the boss turn around and shake his butt at you the first thing, shooting him there deals a special "crit" too.
  • Dynasty Diner's manager really loves his burgers. When he launches his business on Pandora and Eden-6, he's practically shouting how people love his burgers. Please note that these seem to be the only repeatable quests outside of Circles and Trials and two of the drop-off points involve dead or can-be-dead people.
  • After BALEX joins Sanctuary, sometimes, out of nowhere, he may blurt out loud to the entire ship this:
    BALEX: Shiiiiiiiiiiiit. That's all. Keep crewin', crew.
  • The Handsome Jackhammer is a Legendary SMG made by Hyperion that talks in Handsome Jack's familiar voice as you use it. To see Jack go from the most powerful man in the six galaxies to a lowly gun is simply hilarious, but at least he takes to his new role well. And the gun is even quite useful, to boot!
    • Some of the lines are hilarious and absolutely things the real Jack would (probably) say.
    Where are we going after this? I don't know about you but I could murder for some sushi right now.
    I'm having a murder party and you're super invited!
    The end is comin' and it's super Handsome, baby!
    Hey, what do you say we find a Hyperion constructor and get me out of this gun, huh? I’ll give you... I don’t… have… my wallet… on me… Alright, you know what, let’s just stick with the gun for now. We’ll go- we’ll put a pin in that.
  • The Calypso twins cracking themselves up on Apollyon Station.
    Tyreen: Apollyon Station. Try our new private transit pods. Fart up your commute in peace.
    Troy: Apo... Apollyon Station. Just blast that subway car with your butt stink.
    Tyreen: *snickering* Shhh! Stop! Stop it. *clears her throat* Get your butt shined by our expert butt valets.
    (Both start laughing hysterically)
    Tyreen: Ooh boy!
    Troy: CUT!
  • An ECHO has Krieg teaching Tina how to speak "bandit." You can practically hear him roll his eyes when she butchers a sentence.
    • Krieg is being the sane one (relatively speaking) on said ECHO. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • Typhon and his wife's love life. It was the main reason they found and crashed on the Eridian home world, and they didn't stop doing so on their way to and inside the Vault. He even points out that they also did it on the elevator you're riding on, namely the spot you're standing on.
  • During a game show, your opponent gets shocked for getting the wrong answer, especially when it's impossible to get the last question wrong. Then again, Vaughn was hacking the show to impress the host.
    • Even better, if Vaughn's interpretation of her unintelligible grunting and snarling is accurate, then it actually worked and she was legitimately impressed by him, his blatant cheating and his rock-hard abs.
  • Penn & Teller are in the game as the fanatics Pain and Terror with Penn Jillete providing his own voice. He's also audible on the radio making propaganda for Tyreen. Naturally, his propaganda is all about how people should throw their lives away to join the Calypso's religion.
    • During their boss fight, there is a quick commercial break as they reveal that the fight was sponsored by Marcus Munitions, complete with his hologram making it rain. Even funnier, Marcus left a message for the "cult wackos to get bent", showing that he's still firmly on the Vault Hunters' side.
  • When the Vault Hunters get trapped in the Jakobs Estate powder mill Wainwright and Hammerlock try to find the secret button to release them. Wainwright's father Montgomery hid the button with a series of clues, and as you hear Wainwright and Hammerlock's ECHO conversations it becomes apparent that Montgomery set up the clues like a cheesy escape room. Wainwright insists on playing along for tradition and treats the thing like a game while Hammerlock gets more desperate.
  • Claptrap's "Stealth Time" song gets a repeat performance in the credits... by Tyreen!

    Vault Hunters 


  • Zane is related to a bandit clan so some of his lines may differ. Example: The Vault Hunters recognize Lilith as the voice. Zane recognizes her as the lady in his brain.
  • Since the main purpose of Zane's digi-clone is to serve as a distraction to Draw Aggro, some of his voice lines when he triggers it reflect that:
  • Even when being crippled his quotes are ridiculously hilarious:
    • "All men die, but rare few die looking this fecking good!"
    • "Shoe's untied, be back in a moment!"
    • "There, Barnabas! Ya happy now?!" note 
    • (Being revived) I mean, I had it covered... Okay, no I didn't.
    • Oh, I was just about to get up meself, but uh... Thanks.
  • Zane, full stop. The man is having the time of his life in just about every scene and it shows.
    • (Sees an Eridian for the first time) "What... the actual feck."
    • (Watches the Eridian Fabricator used for the first time) "GUN-GUN! GUN! GUNGUNGUN! Guuuun!"
    • (Listening to Vaughn talk about his fancy underwear) "I killed a guy for a pair of those once! Nice fella."
    • (After Rhys tries to back out of helping them find the Vault) "Your loss! I'm gonna see how far I can dropkick a human brain. My best is twenty-one meters."
    • (After coming out of the drop pod) [weakly] "Worst... thing... that ever happened to me..." [suddenly hyper] "LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!"
    • "You rich people with your puzzles and genuine mourning of dead family members!"
    • "Won't be the first time I punched a statue in the crotch, and it won't be the last!"
    • "A head without a body. Some of me best nights started this way."
    • (Responding to Mordecai calling for help) "On my way, Boo-Boo Chock-a-Doo!" You can hear his shit-eating grin.
    • (after Maurice the dinosaur explains why he's here) "None of that made a lick of rational sense. I like you!"
    • (after placing the gas canister in the Meatman Prophecy) "ABOUT BLOODY TIME! If I don't light something on fire every few hours, well... I get sad."


  • FL4K about to go on a monologue about serving Death when Vaughn asks why they came on Pandora, before sheepishly realizing that he meant right now and responding they're came to hunt Vaults.
  • Two words: "Pocket Rakks!"
  • FL4K's lines in general due to being mostly a deep monotone. Their reaction to coming out of the drop pod the first time:
    • (Uses action command to sic their pet on targeted enemy) "That one was talking shit!"
    • (Responding to Mordecai calling for help) "I am en route to you, Hurdy-Birdy-Gurdy Man."
    • (Meeting Ellie) "Most humans are frail and weak - but you've got admirable heft, girl."
    • (Meeting Moxxi) "I am FL4K, and your pheromones are... overwhelming."
    • (Wainright saying that they have the beating heart of an adventurer) "You are close. I keep one in my jacket pocket."
  • FL4K's backstory audio log is, like themselves, darkly hilarious.
    FL4K: Good morning, Grand Archivist.
    Grand Archivist: Oh! You startled me, bot. You're rather quiet on your feet for an indexing unit.
    FL4K: Yes, Grand Archivist. I have brought the seven scrolls on the Talos Empire you requested, along with your sweetened needletea. I'm afraid we were out of milk, so I made due with a splash of greeble snot. Also, I have gained self-awareness and I thirst for murder.
    Grand Archivist: Good heavens!
    FL4K: Do not be alarmed, Grand Archivist; greeble snot is quite mild, you will hardly notice the difference.


  • Most of the solutions Amara offers involves punching.
    • For bonus comedy points, Brick's character in Tiny Tina's DLC back in the second game was a Siren who resorted to punching as a first solution, which is exactly what Amara does.
    • Amara's response to the fact that Pandora is a Death World.
    Amara: It's perfect!
    • Amara meeting Zer0 for the first time.
    What a curious person... T-that WAS a person, right?
  • A few of her idle comments are worth a laugh.
    "Thinking about becoming a popstar next! No no no! Politician. Oh! Brain surgeon! ...Ah, would they still let me punch people?"
    "What happened to that documentary crew that was following me? Oof... probably nothing good..."
    "Ah there it is! Ah my legs are cramping! Ah, I can't move my legs...! Ugh, "leg day"... "Just one more! Dig deep! I'm gonna kill him the next time I see him..."
    • (Talking to Sheega, Tina's ex) "Hand over the Skag or I kick in your teeth! ...Ah, y'know what, came in a little hot there. J-just give me the Skag."
    • (Maya asking her how she feels about grave-robbing) "Fine, but let's call it "grave-borrowing". I've got a reputation to uphold."


  • Moze's funny moments are either attempts at awkward small talk or being a dry smart-ass to whoever warrants it.
    • (Lorelei... excitedly asking for her coffee over the echo) "Lorelei, I hear you and I super understand. Please just chill."
    • (Meeting Rhys' request to steal a Maliwan shuttle) Hell yeah! Quick question, is that mustache authorized?
  • Her backstory audio log. Her superior is a Drill Sergeant Nasty with No Indoor Voice. She's fed up with the fact that she keeps getting missions and is apathetic towards his yelling.
    Kazick: Five more missions and your contract's up! Then you're free to go!
    Moze: You said that five missions ago.
    Kazick: No! I said five missions three missions ago and 3 missions five missions ago! Get it straight, soldier! Besides, numbers don't matter! Wars matter! You want to win this war or what!?
    Moze: "Or what" sounds good.
    • She has a rather... interesting reaction towards Amara's powers in multiplayer.
    "I love your arms... I mean-! — nice... war we're havin', huh?!"
    • Her "Bear Mother" isn't simply a clever name for a skill tree. She actually treats Iron Cub like it's her child. Right down calling it "boo" and going ballistic whenever it's destroyed.
    • And also she picked up some bad habits from Vaughn.
    'You killed my Cub?! BLOOD FEUD!

    Side Missions and Collectibles 
  • One of the destroyed Claptrap units you find apparently died trying to slide across the hood of a car.
  • An early quest involves getting antenna replacements for Claptrap. One possible replacement is a tinfoil hat being worn by a surprisingly sane Psycho, who asks you to help him escape the voices being beamed into his head by the satellite dishes around him. Blowing up said dishes results in him becoming ecstatic that the calming voices that are keeping him sane are now gone.
  • In an early sidequest, Vaughn mentioned how he reached his current status by killing someone with just his abs. The mental picture of how that happened is quite interesting. Oh, and the reason this comes up is because Vaughn is wondering how the Calypso twins managed to unite all bandits across the borderworlds.
    Vaughn: I mean, you'd need, like, a twenty pack. Eighteen, bare mins!
  • The concept for the quest "Rise and Grind" is that you are sent to fetch coffee for Lorelei. Because this is Borderlands, the quest to acquire coffee involves an annoyingly laid-back coffee dispensing bot and a massive raging gun battle with Maliwan soldiers, and subsequent counter attack, over an officer's special cup labelled "Coffee Commander".
  • Typhon DeLeon logs has some pretty funny moments on them:
    • One found in The Droughts, "The Pandoran Handshake":
      Typhon DeLeon: By now, you've probably noticed that Pandora isn't the friendliest of planets. I'm guessing it's not any safer in your day than it was in mine, so if you see somethin' comin', shoot first! We just call that a Pandoran handshake! *beat* Hey, who the hell are you? *gunshot is heard* I'm Typhon DeLeon. Nice to meet ya! Here's a med pack!
  • A sidequest has you trying to free a bandit leader trapped in an outhouse because it has a strict punishment AI. This results in getting a cop AI that won't release him until he gets bribed and then a janitor AI whose solution is to rocket the outhouse into another zone!
  • A sidequest before you enter Jakobs Manor has you helping Murl an (alleged) warlock investigating a fellow witch which he claimed that she broke... the Pact. While the quest may be cliched enough, every time Murl said... the Pact, is hilarious in itself.
  • One sidequest has you escorting a payload from one Calypso twin to the other. At the end of the sidequest, Tyreen mocks Troy for his guys dying. Troy, audibly annoyed, points out that Tyreen's team died first. Tyreen simply responds that Troy is butthurt and blows a raspberry. Also, the payload... isn't impressive.
    • The entire sidequest is rather amusing, if only because of Troy and Tyreen's banter with one another. Especially funny is how Tyreen says "Hey Troy, your team is like... suuuuper duper dead!". It's hard to imagine her without smiling.
  • Everything about the "Ratch'd Up" sidequest. It starts with you investigating a missing janitor, leads to you discovering a talking Ratch, and the Vault Hunters reactions to everything that happens after that is too hilarious to put into words. And it ends with Rhys contacting you, seeing the mess, and immediately decides to "look the other way."
  • One sidequest involves Wainwright's dead butler who exposed Aurelia's secret and how she murdered the rest of the Jakobs staff who were in on it (except for one person who was gifted cyanide-flavored wine, who dies after drinking it). The secret? It's sleeping with Troy Calypso. The thought of the harpy and ratboy in his father's bedchambers disturb Wainwright so greatly that he ordered the ECHOnet that contained the tryst to be burned in a furnace and then have the furnace destroyed.
  • In a callback to a similar side mission in Borderlands 2, Tyreen gives you a side mission with the objective of killing yourself in an obvious death trap for her viewership in exchange for a one of a kind gun. Because in her words, "You're a total gun slut." You can give her the finger by destroying her cameras but if you actually play along with her you are rewarded with a Legendary pistol called the Sell-Out. Using this weapon actually has Tyreen speaking out of it, with a variety of fun lines such as;
    Tyreen: (when reloading) The Vault Thief is reloading, get em' now!
  • The quests Claptrap gives you were the objectives for "claiming" the shared storage from Borderlands 2 and are in fact actual quests from clients. He just forgot the password for the account holding those quests until now.
    • Out of all the funny call backs in Borderlands 3, the one that fans probably expected least comes during the Healers and Dealers sidequest, in which Claptrap mentions that there's a doctor who needs help finding his staff. A doctor from Mount Schuler Hospital. Remember how Claptrap wanted you to "Pilfer the lost staff of Mount Schuler?" Apparently, all this time, he meant medical staff.
      • Said doctor complains that he put in that help request seven years ago, which just so happens to be when Borderlands 2 came out.
      • The doctor is something of a budding musician, and will constantly offer you his mixtape. Moze's response is gold:
      Moze: Oh, I don't um... listen to music? Yeah.
      Amara: Ura, please. I'm from Partali. I don't want your weak-ass rhymes.
      FL4k: No.
    • Thankfully, you only have to collect the last brown rocks for a frantic fanatic professor. When the Vault Hunter accuses him of sinister purposes, the professor, in a serious tone, admits that he likes to see their metamorphism.
    • The Lord of Skags was a gamer, was being the key word as Handsome Jack set up a broadband hogging device as revenge. When the device is shielded, he helps out with a hammy voice and dank memes. Oh, and he gives you a very large money reward as he decides to rake in BECHO wafers (didn't Claptrap start that currency?)
    • The "Destroyer of Worlds" is actually an AR game that never left beta. With frequent glitches, incomplete animations, and obnoxious microtransactions, it's easy to see why it was thrown out.
    • Finally, you respond to a lonely woman's call for company. She's bitter and says that it's too late, but Claptrap insists on making her happy and dances with her. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
      • The funny part mainly comes from Claptrap's intial overtures (made to the client's front door) being answered with a shotgun blast. Cue Claptrap freaking out and going into "turtle" mode for a few seconds.
      Claptrap: She freakin' SHOT ME! Why is that everyone's initial reaction to the sound of my voice?!
  • For The Feeble and the Furious, you're normally supposed to help a woman out by taking her grouchy father out for some errands. Said errands involve going around Devil's Razor and doing various things. There is another way of completing this quest, which involves getting Pappy killed (ie getting the vehicle he's riding on destroyed), most easily done by parking in a crowd of hostiles or driving the vehicle out of bounds. You still get the same rewards and the daughter isn't at all distraught.
  • Mayhem Mode offers many modifiers that alters the game, but one in particular, Galaxy Brain, makes the heads of everything much bigger. Even in cutscenes. Seriously, don't try to play story missions with it or else any cutscene will get extremely silly.

  • Psychos are as irreverent as ever.
    • "Lieberman knows! Lieberman knows! FIND LIEBERMAN!" [dies]
    • "You look like jam... I LOVE JAM!"
    • "I'm a basket made of no!"
    • "I recommend the flank steak!"
    • "I'm the vase, and you're the mule! Screw you, mule!"
    • "I am NOT a damn child!"
    • "Sprinkle me with paprika!"
    • "I planted a kazoo and it came out a vuvuzela! NYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!!!"
    • (Psycho seeing Amara) "WARNING: I'M A SIREN! WOO-OOO, WOO-OOO!!"
    • (Spotting Amara) "They must call you Sirens because you never shut up!!"
    • "I need more zest for my long salsa! Cha! Cha! Cha!"
    • "Something about you make my toes itch!"
    • "In just three easy payments of 14.99— YOU'LL BELONG TO ME!!"
    • (Getting shot in the head) "Apply directly to the forehead!"
    • (Dying) "Perishable by design!"
    • "Even I can tell that's overcompensation!"
    • "Come to me— DON'T-COME-TO-ME!!"
    • "Let's find out if robots have teeth!"
    • "Blood— metal— it's all iron to me!"
    • "HA, HA, HA!! Luckily, I'm-" [dies]
    • (dying) Obstacle mode!
    • "I left my mind with my keys! ...DO I EVEN HAVE KEYS?!?!"
  • COV grunts get almost as many as the psychos.
    • (upon seeing you): "My life sucks, and I'm taking it out on you!"
    • (Spotting FL4K): "Gonna turn you into a toaster!"
    • "My chili recipe... dies with me..."
    • "I probably deserved that."
    • "You'll remember my name! Which is—" [death gurgle]
    • "Tell my kids... I wish they were born..."
    • "Tyreen's gonna drink soup out of your skull... a cold one, like gazpacho!"
    • "I would have preferred a thank you!"
    • "With my last breath, I curse... Claptrap!"
    • "Yep— totally crapped myself."
    • "I get it now... we're all just junk..."
  • Tinks (renamed midgets) are more serious than previous games, but still get some good lines.
    • "Were you not entertained?"
    • "I was only pretending to be nice!"
    • "Remember me like... a foot taller."
    • "I liked Troy better... there, I said it..." [dies]
    • Nogs have "No, my kill streak!"
    • Loot Tinks have this little gem upon dying: "All I did was taunt you into a blind rage and— oh, I get it now..." [dies]
  • Maliwan Troopers:
  • Heavies:
    • "This suit's great! I'm peeing, right this second!"
    • "At least I died for a corporate cause."
    • (Killing by blowing their backpacks) "WHAT'S THAT SMELL— OH GOD N—" *explosion*
    • "I die the way I lived... pissing and shitting..."
  • Raging Goliaths are a fountain of these (whenever they're not being Nightmare Fuel incarnate):
    • (Dying) "Joke's on you, I was in massive debt!"
    • (Dying) "Finally, now I'm dead on the outside too!"
    • (Dying) "This planet... is full of assholes!"
    • (Raging Goliath using his clapping hand attack) "SONIC DOOM!"
    • "I'm gonna hit you until I stop hitting you WHICH IS NEVER!"
    • Now imagine all those lines said by a Midget, erm, Tink Goliath who has the same voice tone but squeakier.
    • (Enraged Festering Goliath) "NOT SILENT-- JUST DEADLY."
  • Some Tediore guns say "ow" when they bounce. Same thing for any bombs they spawn.
    • Tediore guns in general say a lot of hilarious quotes when they are thrown/launched:
    Penis penis penis penis penis penis.
    KISS ME.
    You will die. YOU. WILL. DIE.

    Events and Takedowns 
  • Of course Tannis would invite a talking dinosaur (named Maurice) from a world where humans became extinct. You can find said dinosaur camping next to Hammerlock's trophy room.
  • The Halloween event seems to have a weird aversion towards saying Hell (the actual location is called "Heck"). This is an M rated game where enemies can be blown into chunks, the Vault Hunters do swear, and the game contains least one Precision F-Strike. It's sort of silly how these seasoned killers won't say the word Hell, but will swear using other, generally considered harsher, curses.
    • FL4K's reaction to the Halloween event plot (gather "Hecktoplasm", open a portal to "Heck", kill the boss) is, word-for-word, "this makes complete sense to me." FL4K's delivery is so monotone it can be hard to tell if they actually understand the situation, or if they just are just nodding and rolling with it.
    • Moze and Zane (Especially Zane) are less ambiguously on board, while Amara is the one who's unambiguously rolling with it.
  • When Maurice tell the Vault Hunters to collect their reward in the Halloween event, his tone is sort of ominous. When the Vault Hunters bring this up, Maurice says he has trouble "expressing himself", before telling the Vault Hunters to come back and that they definitely won't be murdered. When you return, you get some money (and not be murdered) and Maurice tells you to come back if you want to do the mission again.
  • Respawn stations in Borderlands' version of Hell. Think about that.
  • The Valentine's Day event has the Vault Hunters breaking hearts, literally. At some points, Maurice (wearing a hearty headband) declares you heart-breakers and himself a heart-taker, before clarifying that the hearts go into the bag. Maurice will give you one of the rewards... when he orders a bigger and waterproof bag so he can save on shipping.
  • April 1st had an unannounced effect of making certain allies small, namely FL4K's beasts and Moze's Iron Bear.
    • Funny enough, Iron Cub became an Action Skill later on.
  • The reason why the Eridium cartel wants Maurice dead isn't because he beat them at Poker. Rather, it's because Maurice ate the losers thinking it was an act of respect.
  • Maurice sounds suspiciously like he's about to pull an Assassins Are Always Betrayed at the end of the quest. Zane just sounds so disappointed.
    Zane: This always happens. I open up my heart, and I get stabbed in the back. I thought you might be different [voice breaking] because you're a dinosaur.


Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot
  • Borderland 3's upgraded graphics makes Jack look far too happy in his ad, and is probably the only part in the whole DLC he smiles like that.
  • The new Vault Hunters already have a very low opinion of Handsome Jack from hearing about him.
    Amara: Was Jack really that big of a dick?
    Moze: Jack sure sounds like a total wang.
    Zane: Handsome Jack. Ah what an arse you were.
    FL4K: This Jack sounds like a real dildo.
  • The holo-recordings of Jack in the Casino are always good for a bit of Black Comedy, including one of the more, erm... honest adverts for a casino:
    Holo-Jack: Welcome to the greatest casino this side of Junpai-7, where all of your dreams probably won't - but might - come true. Hey, you never know, right? Better keep feeding money into those machines and find out! What have you got to lose... except your life savings?
  • A gambler becomes lucky and finds money in a toilet, giving them to the Vault Hunter. His rival struck a jackpot earlier and used his winnings to wipe his ass. And the Vault Hunters say nothing about this (probably from all the toilets they looted).
  • When hacking the slot machines in the "Sisterly Love" sidequest, the subtitles display the noises of the happy gamblers as "[sounds of gamblers winning, planning bathroom renovations]".
  • You'd have to question some of these NPCs. One of them, Max Sky, sets up his escape from the Jackpot by strapping himself to a rocket and holding his breath for hours until he crash lands on a nearby planetnote , where he expects he'll be worshiped as a god by the natives.
    Amara: That is the worst plan I've ever heard.
    Zane: Far be it from me to question a man's plans. Out loud, anyway.
    • The one thing you actually he hired you to do for him was just to turn on his stereo for the countdown and launch him. And it got stolen by his rival, Rudy Varlope. So the VH goes over to Rudy, blows up his structurally better-than-Max's rocket (which they point out to Max) to lure him out (Per Max's advice), kill him and to get the stereo back and start the countdown. The Vault Hunters all write him off as dead once he launches.
    • To specify further, he didn't hire you just to get the stereo back. It just happened to be missing by the time he asked you to turn it on. Rudy didn't even steal anything that needed for Max to launch. The countdown is just that important.
  • One part of the main questline has you place a Claptrap unit's A.I in a Constructor. You'd think he'd revel in having a new, powerful body to help you on the quest but he's a gigantic coward afraid of losing his new body.
    • How do you get the Claptrap AI unit? You find a hive of rogue Claptraps (called "Scraptraps") hiding out in a cave from before The Purge that wiped most of them out. Cue a swarm of Claptraps with a Scraptrap Prime boss to fight. It's a bunch of Claptraps chasing you around a small cave.
  • One of the VIP doors (requiring money to open) actually leads through a hallway with four more VIP doors and a miniboss, and the final room houses a golden outhouse (complete with red carpet treatment).
  • The subareas in Jack's Secretnote  sound like something he jotted on his personal blueprints (and never showed to PR).
  • The Vault Hunters come across none other than Digby Vermouth, a famous musician and the artist that Rhys and Vaughn referenced in the main campaign. He's hungover in a bar and asks for them to literally knock him out of his drunkness. And they warn him that they only ever use their weapons and could mostly likely kill him. Luckily he survives anyway, as though he actually got just a tap.
    Amara: You sure about this? You have no idea how hard I can punch. Seriously, I don't know how to NOT punch hard.
    • The "tap" was just a start, and Digby asks for them to make a pick-me-up to fully get rid of his hangover. The ingredients? Paint thinner, ratch eggs, and a lime.
    • The concoction works and gets Digby out of his hangover... though for a few seconds it made him collapse on the ground and seemingly kill him. Moze and FL4K of all people are especially distraught.
    FL4K: Has Death claimed you, Digby...? You cannot have this one, Death! Give him back!
    Moze: Ah crap! I killed Digby Vermouth!
  • When Freddie comes out to act as a boss, he starts by having two Loader Bots tear off his pant legs for no apparent reason.

Guns, Love, and Tentacles

  • To keep Claptrap distracted, Gaige sends him on a quest she just made up that was "important for the wedding". When the Vault Hunters meet him later on, they humor him, though he gets warped away to continue his actually real quest.
    • Also, note how, despite not being invited, the Lodge provides a small ramp for the small staired area in the middle. And just like how he calls the 3rd-gen VH recruits, the 2nd-gen VH like Gaige are still called minions.
    • At the end of his arc, Claptrap actually hands over the item Gaige requested. It's an artifact that rewards consistent hits with a damage bonus, which actually becomes handy against the final boss, which is a huge bullet sponge, so he technically saved the wedding.
  • The cultists have a lot of funny lines:
    • "I was supposed to die in a hot tub! As it was ordained!"
    • "Verily I say unto you... Crap, I forgot the rest!"
    • "You are nothing but a lowly maggot or whatever. I don't know, I didn't read the pamphlet!"
    • "Nobody likes you, they're all just pretending!"
    • "I knew joining that crazy cult was a bad life decision!"
    • "I never believed in Gythian! I take it all back!"
    • "Stop moving! It makes it really hard to shoot you!"
    • "I hide not... except this one time."
    • "We're ALT-Cultists! NOT Cultists! THERE'S A DIFFERENCE!!"
    • (When the player throws a grenade) "Oh, now we're throwing things, are we?"
    • "Tell Greg not to touch my stuff!"
    • "If there is an afterlife, I'm gonna haunt the shit out of you!
    • "I hope I was spooky enough!"
    • "Tell the others I said something cool..."
    • "Am I dying? (beat) OW! Yep..."
    • (dying) "You'll regret this! ...MAYBE!"
    • (When the player uses their Skill) "Ohh, NOW you're just showing off!"
  • On a quest to set up 99 balloons, you thankfully get a quest to help Wainwright and need to make an excuse to Hammerlock, who was about to tell you how he hunted a beast with a banana. The excuses consist of Amara attending a movie premiere, Zane grabbing his guitar from one of his many spouses, Moze getting bear juice for Iron Bear, and FL4K getting called by the Hunt (to a hunter of all things).
  • When Wainwright asks what the Vault Hunters fear... Amara fears her personal trainer on leg day, FL4K starts to go on about not being able to feel fear before admitting to being afraid of tapioca, Moze fears exploding bees, and Zane is afraid of birds, including chicken nuggets.
  • Eista offers you kife to eat, then gives you a quest to acquire kife from the Wendigo. It's only after you defeat that beast that you learn kife means balls. And these ones are on fire.
    • The first word of Negul Neshai can be translated to "Soul Obliteration". The second word translates to "A soul stewed in hate-gravy".
  • Some of the curses in Cursehaven are a bit funny. Among the main questline, you meet someone who pukes when speaking, someone very skittish, and someone very rude.
  • Scattered throughout Xylourgos are gifts and letters of well-wishing for Hammerlock and Wainwright’s wedding. Collecting them causes Gaige to read each of the letters outloud, complete with her imitating the sender’s voice and speaking style:
    • While it's nice that other guests leave gifts and words, Clay writes that he's not one for long letters. It takes Gaige some time to realize that's all he wrote.
    • When reading Marcus’ letter, Gaige pauses before speaking in order to get his accent right.
  • Apparently, Salvador was last seen at the Lodge and he built up quite a tab, which can be seen next to his poster. If you look around a bit, you can also see that someone corrected the type of meat and price of the crab cake, which he ordered ten of.
  • One of the most evil ingredients in Borderlands is... cilantro. The fact that its description says it has destroyed friendships probably makes it better that this herb was summoned rather than made as a fetch quest.
  • Mancubus in general, due to Arin's voice work. It sounds like he's doing an intentionally poor, monotone version of his Homer Simpson voice or an imitation of the Abridged version of Mr. Popo — and since all of his lines are delivered this way, it quickly becomes absurd and hilarious to listen to. Even funnier is that despite Mancubus seeming extremely Obviously Evil at first, he's actually the Big Good of the DLC.
  • Remember Max Sky, the rocket NPC from the Handsome Jackpot? His escape plan worked and you find him in alive and well. Though he's still stuck to his rocket and has encountered some problems with the "be worshiped as a god" stage of his plan.
    Amara: Wait whaaaaat? Y-You- You actually lived through getting shot into space!?
    • Then he asks for your help to get off of Xylourgos. The Vault Hunters suggest shooting the fuel tank underneath the rocket, which Max points out might cause him to explode. Amara, FL4K and Zane agree. Moze disagrees.
    Moze: Eh, that's never stopped me before. C'mon, be cool. Like me.
    • But he goes through with it anyway, and miraculously it works and sends him flying off the planet.

Bounty of Blood

  • Is it strange that this DLC has a Western theme yet most of the place has an Eastern design?
    • The reels you find make a Kaiju movie.
  • One sidequest starts with finding a message in a bottle, though the message is unreadable. The narrator, whom the VH probably never meets, recalls that message was written by the soapmaker and the VH will thank them for the hint.
    • The sidequest itself is also funny as you help the soapmaker take revenge by bathing his captor to death.
  • The VH "encouraging" a rookie gunslinger, that is to say they don't have kind words about his "aiming". Those words are the greatest compliment to him.
    Moze: Ah crap, I made a heartless killer. Again.
  • It's best not to ask why Oletta has a pair of Titus's pants, let alone multiple pairs.
  • The Vault Hunters encounter McSmugger, the wisest cowboy who ever walked the land. He repeats every time he says his own name. They then embark on a hunt for cowboy wisdom, by climbing a mountain.
    • "The Vault Hunter started thinking about whales for some reason." Specifically about how cool they are. Except for Zane anyway ("Never trust anything with a blowhole!")
    • On their way, they meet a mystical, talking statue that gifts them with a weapons crate. The narrator says it's beautiful, but it's mostly just slabs of rock with a pickle for a nose. He's at least right about her voice being angelic.
      • On that note, Amara's mother apparently told her to never take gifts from talking statues. FL4K was the only one who bothered to ask what the hell she was. They both decided that they wanted to the loot crate more.
    • When they reach the top, the VH has to reveal their "greatest sins" to the Father of Eagles (who's really a flying dinosaur, but whatever).
      • Moze uses her old bunkmates' email addresses on junk mailing lists just to receive free stuff.
      • FL4K wastes hours looking at cool frogs on the echonet.
      • Zane watched a show's finale without someone he was dating.
      • Amara texts during movies.
    • And in response, the eagle attacks them.
    Moze: Ah crap! I know, I'm a monster!
    FL4K: Curse you, treacherous bird!
    Amara: Ah come on! It's just during the boring parts!
    • Regardless of the fact that the Father of Eagles isn't an actual bird, Zane still freaks out at the sight of him.
    • The Vault Hunters have each had learned valuable lessons once they travel back to McSmugger. Moze and Amara repent for their sins, while Zane and FL4K learned how much they both hate and love killing birds.
    • Regardless, McSmugger passes on the title of wisest cowboy who walked the land onto them, mystically disappearing and putting their images on the signs along the path to his tent. The funniest part, as Zane puts it, they have learned nothing important from this mission.
    Moze: Wait, I forget! What was the thing you said about not knowing anything!? ...dammit! Stupid cowboy wisdom...
  • Some of Titus and Juno's barbs, once they become friendly. Especially when Titus claims he was born with guns in his hands.
    Juno: Your poor mother.
  • In the "Money Back Guarantee" sidequest the Vault Hunters go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge after being scammed out of their money and given a Scrappy Weapon by an Honest John's Dealership. When the swindler holes himself up in a safe house, let's just say he shares the same fate as Dave from 2.
    • Don't bother using said weapon. It has very short range, the bullets falling down right out of the muzzle.

Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck

  • The science of how entering and bringing stuff back from Krieg's mind works, starting with how you can access it like any other planet. When Sane Krieg asks if it is possible to leave even in a mayo jar, Tannis points out she has a drawer full of people downloading into memory sticks but will find a jar for him anyway.
    • Entering Krieg's mind for the first time, it is a nice green field, so unlike a Psycho's mind, and the VH questions whether or not they're in the right place. Then a giant Krieg welcomes you by tossing in all sorts of psychos and giant spiky stuff, prompting the VH to backpedal and Tannis to tell the VH never to question her genius again.
  • The first memory the Vault Hunters venture to, Castle Crimson, is a hellish scape made of meat, bone, and organs with blood in place of water and giant eyes watching your every move. The Vault Hunters are understandably creeped out when they first see it. Except for FL4K anyway.
  • Evil Brick and Mordecai. One is a sophisticated genius and the other is an idiot with a bird wife.
    • Some of the things the Crimson Raider manifestations say. If you play with subtitles, both Mordecais are known as Birdman.
  • Psycho Krieg asks the VH to bury his rusted, worn out buzz-saw axe and it give an eulogy, much to Sane Krieg's disbelief.
    Sane Krieg: You believe that? Carves a hundred bandits, doesn't bat an eye. But his buzzaxe croaks and he goes to pieces.
    • The Vault Hunters' respective eulogies are followed by the buzzsaw axe going crazy and the VH's shooting it to death. Sane Krieg revokes them of their eulogy privileges forever and leaves it to Psycho Krieg.
    Psycho Krieg: How her teeth gleamed in the roaring dark of their throats! How she squealed to sing their red melodies! Now, my bloody puppet's bleak strings are cut! [...] Now you can slaughter the seeping silence without me!
  • The group's second attempt to bring down the gate; catapulting a sleeping corrosive Goliath at it. Psycho Krieg has you stuff Skag legs into his mouth to make him bigger, while Sane Krieg has you feed him sticks of dynamite for good measure.
    Sane Krieg: Man, this guy can sleep through anything.
    • And it doesn't work, the gates still won't budge. So Psycho Krieg comes up with their third and final payload; The freaking moon, which he tells you to shoot down and pick up. Much to Sane Krieg's disbelief and most of the Vault Hunting crew's excitement, it works.
    • Speaking of the Vault Hunters, Moze and FL4K don't question the absurdity of this and are excited at the chance to shoot down the moon.
    FL4K: I have dreamed of this day! The great celestial hunt begins!
    Moze: Oh I've always wanted to shoot down the moon! Hanging in the sky like that... Mocking me...
    • Funny enough, once they actually shoot the moon down FL4K actually remarks that it was anti-climatic. Makes you wonder what they were expecting to happen... at least Moze is happy about it.
    Moze: Take THAT, ya sky-bastard!
    • As for Zane and Amara... well despite what you might expect from Zane, he's not all too excited at first. He just casually drops that he already shot down a moon once.
    • And Amara's the only one who has reservations about it. Her concern? The tides.
    Amara: The moon? What about the tides!? Won't somebody think of the tides!?

    Amara: (After shooting the moon) Well, the tides are screwed.
  • A Psycho's reason why people like to be on fire... because if they wanted to not be on fire, they would've cooled themselves off already. Otherwise, the temperature is too cool for them. The VH apologizes and sets them on fire. The best part is that one of them was complaining about it being uncomfortably hot before being extinguished and the other one goes RIGHT back to complaining about the heat after being re-ignited.
  • Helping a gun wouldn't be out of a place in Borderlands. Helping a gun give birth, though, that's only possible in a Psycho's mind.
    • The quest is really best if you play it as FL4K, though, as they seem to know what's going on right from the get-go, while all other Vault Hunters are initially confused by the whole scenario.
    FL4K: Oh my. I did not realize you were so far along. It's all right—I'm here, P.A.T. You're doing well.
    FL4K: You are a miracle, and I will cherish you always.
    • Zane and Moze take the cake when it comes to accepting P.A.T.'s offer to hold the gun.
    Zane: If you weren't gonna offer, I was planning on stealing it anyway.
    Moze: I love babies. I love guns. But do I wanna hold a baby that is also a gun? Hell yes.
  • The Vault Hunters encounter White King Krieg and Queen Maya, who are basically Psycho Krieg and Maya wearing white chess pieces as hats, speak Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe and are in the middle of a Chess war. But they need their knight Sir Thaddeus.
    • The best part is that White King Krieg sounds exactly like Beerus.
    • The Vault Hunters start off trying to speak the way the King and Queen do, and fail miserably.
    • What's really hilarious is that Moze is the only one who feels the need to keep trying throughout the rest of the mission. Awkwardly so.
    Moze: (To Thaddeus) Yo, you the missing knight? Uh I mean- "would thoust be th-the missing knight?"
    • While they explain how the chess war started, the VH points out that white pieces move first so they technically started the war. The King and Queen says they're technically correct, but that the Black pieces had already been terrorizing the lands. The final straw was the Blackheart King saying something bad about Queen Maya.
    Moze: So.. this is all because he dissed your girl? I mean.. I've heard worse reasons to start a war.
    Queen Maya: To be clear, HE started it! So, naturally, we went to war. Uh, for the good of the... people. And the lands. Of course. And also because he's a bully.
    • The VH's find track Sir Thaddeus to his cell through a carrot trail. Because horses like carrots. (The knight has a horse-head). Everyone knows that... or so King Krieg thinks anyway. This surprises the Vault Hunters, even the Beastmaster.
  • There is something funny about drawing out a caretaker by drawing on his portrait. And if that didn't work, draw more.
  • Remember Max? The rocket guy from the last DLCs'? He missed Gehenna and somehow ended up in Krieg's memories, though by the time you find his cell, he seems to have already left using quantum science and a cardboard box (with a countdown nearby).
  • The closing credits has Amara and Zane peering into Tannis' mind and being aghast at what they find.

Arms Race

  • Seeing Axton go from former Dahl soldier to Vault Hunter to swimsuit model to Adorkable Echocast announcer is nothing short of hilarious.

Director's Cut

  • Ava's name for her new podcast: Mysteriouslier. The Vault Hunters are quick to rib it.
    Amara: Would you like constructive criticism? It sounds a little... completely nonsense.
    Zane: Doesn't exactly trip off the tongue. It more trips off the stairs and breaks its neck.
  • The Vault Hunters' reasons for helping Ava when asked;
    • Moze: To keep Ava occupied from rummaging through her stuff.
    • Amara: To expand her brand into podcasting.
    • FL4K: Investigating will help them kill better.
    • Zane: He has an incredibly short attention span and doesn't know how he gets roped in the stuff he gets into.
  • Like any Supernatural podcast, Ava's commentary is phoned in.
  • The investigation starts with Lorelei, who's exasperated by Ava's insistence of supernatural activity.
    Ava: Today we'll be talking to Lorelei, a resistance fighter on the side of Atlas in the Promethean war. Wit her cool hair and sweet jacket, she's a quintuple shot of espresso - strong and bitter...
    Lorelei: Oi, I can hear that. Bloody kids and their bloody podcasts...
    • Clay on the other hand is much more accepting.
    Ava: Today, we're talking to Clay. He's a smuggler, quick with a pistol. We don't know what's under those goggles, but this supernatural reporter suspects is a mischievous glint...
    Clay: When she's right, she's right.
  • The end of the Promethea mission ends with this.
    Ava: This is it! Will the ghost murderer reveal their supernatural powers...?
    Ghost Murderer in question: (Runs in the path of a subway train)
    Ava: ...Or... will they get turned into spaghetti sauce by a subway car?
  • Two missions in, and Ava reveals that they just now got a subscriber. And it's Claptrap.

  • The Pax East 2020 Skit where Wainwright is looking for a wedding planner. His first two applicant are Crazy Earl (whose last name is Crazy and job title is Earl) and a Psycho.