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My Fair Sticksy

  • Sin 3
    Amy: I wish for a pony!
    VG: Amy's a Pegasister.
  • Sin 11
    Amy: [...]The Awardy Award!
    Tails: They really need a better name for that thing.
    VG: Ditto.
  • Sin 23
    VG: We interrupt this Sonic animation to bring you My Little Pony. Wait, did Amy's wish actually come true?!
  • Sin 25
    Sonic: Finally, some chow!
    VG: Chao!

Sole Power

  • The simple fact that it's VG's brother who's narrating here.
  • Sin 49
    Amy: Are we really gonna do the thing where you explain how you did it?
    Jonas: Aw, I wanted to hear it.

Hedgehog Day

  • Sin 11
    Eggman: Spoiler alert...
    VG: No no no no no no no!!
    Eggman: I win, you lose !
    VG: Oh.
  • Sin 31
    Eggman: It's no use!
    VG: Take That!, people who don't like Silver. I'm not a fan, but it's for those who are.
  • Sin 32
    Sonic: Cartoons are over by the counter.
    VG: Including this one?
  • Absolution 40 -> 39
    (Eggman screams because Agony of the Feet)
    VG: I'm taking a sin off because that scream made me laugh for days!


Late Fees

Eggman Unplugged

  • Sin 11
    Eggman: That's what fools do! They stand!
    Cubot: You're standing.
    VG: BURN!!

Closed Door Policy

Battle Of The Boy Bands

  • Every time VG gushes over the fact that Sonic, Tails and Knuckles sing in this episode.
  • Sin 45
    Sonic, Tails and Knuckles: You should expect the expected, and nothing more...
    VG: Take that, intro! This song has all the nostalgia!
  • Sin 52
    VG: Suddenly Sonic Underground.

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