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Funny / Book 5: Legends

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  • Virtually anytime Princess Koko is on-screen, her being an Expy of a character from a much more light-hearted series after all, and taking along anyone she can for the ride with her Insistent Terminology and Cloud Cuckoolander tendencies.
  • Tenzin does allow Ikki and Meelo to go with Korra on a humanitarian effort mission... but insists they get permission from Pema first. Naturally, they instantly consider this a win, and start celebrating even before they ask.
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  • When Korra is worrying about getting refugees basic needs, she starts to list shelter, food, water, and Meelo chimes in with “adequate toilet facilities!”
  • After learning that Bolin and Opal are heading to Kyoshi Island, Fumiko immediately requests to join them. Her brother thinks its because she has always wanted to see an elephant koi. She corrects him. She has always wanted to EAT an elephant koi. Whole.
  • When Tahno tries hitting on Korra again, albeit in a slightly friendlier fashion, she turns him down, and then hits him in the gut. And what does he say after she’s gone? “Oh yeah... she wants me...”
  • Bolin makes a compliment on the Kyoshi Warrior’s training. And nearly gets a knife in the face for his trouble.
  • Arresting Viper, Lin reads him his rights, and then convinces him to exercise his right to remain silent... by slamming his head into the hood of the truck she’d caught him in and rendering him unconscious.
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  • During a search for the bending thief, Korra bemoans how none of her opponents like to fight fair against her. Mako quickly points out that, as the Avatar, she doesn’t exactly play fair herself. She tosses a cushion at him.
  • Korra lampshades just how horrible Mako is to be giving dating advice to her.
  • Newly married business couple unveil their new product: “The Varrick Zhu Li,” the Avatar world’s equivalent to the Kama Sutra. Known for inducing heavy blushing at the mere turn of a page. And doubly hilarious later on when Opal tries out some of its PG-13 rated techniques on Bolin.
  • Miko chasing Pabu around the airship, ducking under and over furniture and people alike, and virtually nobody raising an eyebrow at her odd behavior.
  • Eska and Desna casually remarking on how after fighting Dark Spirits and now Dead Men, they can’t seem to find any opponents who are truly interesting.
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  • Being offered sanctuary by friendly hobo Gommu, Meelo agrees immediately to bring along the street urchin Skoochy who he just met... and just as quickly protests about letting Ikki, his own sister, come too. It’s the way he says it that makes it particularly amusing, like he has to let her into the kids club house.
  • During Asami and Korra’s Big Damn Kiss, Bolin’s jaw drops, and Opal pats it closed. Also, big sisters Jinora and Ikki share a moment of mutual understanding where they simultaneously block Meelo’s view of it.
  • Suyin Beifong allows Bolin and Opal to get married, but insists on a condition... lots of grandkids. It leaves them both mortified.


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