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  • The episode "The Ape" where Hoss joins a fight to protect his brothers from a simple yet strong man named Arnie, the two giants get each other in a bear hug... cut to Adam and Little Joe looking bored and Adam stating they've been grappling for an hour and fifteen minutes. Eventually they get tired and decide Defeat Means Friendship only without the defeat part. Unfortunately, the rest of the episode spirals into Tearjerker.
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  • In "Old Sheba," Joe and Hoss get themselves into a jam with the owner of a local carnival and various circumstances lead them to return to the Ponderosa with... an elephant. The "WTF" face Lorne Greene throws at the camera as the commerical break comes along is utterly priceless.
  • The Cartwright's cousin, Muley Jones, stops by and shows his fantastic singing voice... which has the side effect of shattering glass nearly everywhere he goes. After some messes, he finally leaves, promising to pay the Cartwrights back with two dollars every month. As his stagecoach pulls out of town, Muley sings loud and the camera focuses on Hoss and Ben wincing at every sound of shattering glass and horses going wild.
    Hoss: You know, Pa, the way I got it figured... at two dollar a month... he oughta be breaking even in a hundred and fifty years.
    Ben: If he gets out of town quick enough.

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