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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season 1 
The BoJack Horseman Story: Chapter 1
  • The opening scene of the first episode with BoJack showing up drunk for his interview on the Charlie Rose show, perfectly encapsulates what kind of person he is.
  • When Princess Carolyn off-handedly makes a comment about a baby on a stroller that's next to them on the street, BoJack suddenly flips out while speaking randomly, for no reason at all flips the stroller and goes off-screen to, apparently, hijack a car and be immediately stopped by the police. All the while Princess Carolyn, the mother and her baby stand completely still while only following the chaos with their eyes.
    Police Officer: Step away from the stolen vehicle, sir!
    BoJack: No, no, no. Misunderstanding, officer. I was running away from my girlfriend whom I don't respect enough to have a baby with.
    • This was, of course, a Cutaway Gag prompted by this exchange.
      P.C.: You don't even respect me enough to have a baby with me.
      BoJack: Whoa, what? I never explicitly said that.
      P.C.: You said it with your actions.
      BoJack: What actions? (Cue cutaway gag)
  • After Diane tells BoJack that he's responsible for his own happiness:
    BoJack: "Responsible for my own happiness? I can't even be responsible for my own breakfast."
  • BoJack's reaction to finding out Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter are dating "in a sexual way" is to start violently throwing up, while he tries to say he's happy for them.
    BoJack: [vomits] Really, I'm so happy for you guys. [vomits more]

BoJack Hates the Troops

Prickly Muffin

  • BoJack asks Diane what she thinks of Sarah-Lynn... and is answered with a long, articulate and, more importantly, completely sincere feminist opinion on sexual freedom, patriarchy, Male Gaze, and whether or not starting these discussions is a result of misogyny itself, all while BoJack, totally baffled, occasionally interjects with "uhh, what" and "that's my same worry!" before specifying that he meant what she thought about Sara-Lynn living with him.
  • The revelation by Sarah Lynn that Andrew Garfield loves lasagna and hates Mondays. Todd's reaction really seals it.
  • Todd being unwillingly dragged into BoJack and Sarah Lynn's intercourse.
    Todd: No! Noooo, why are you—? this is a very bad idea. Oh, my god! My arm, you got my arm! I'm in it now! Oh God, no! I'm a part of it!
  • BoJack draws the entirely wrong conclusion at the end of the episode after Diane's attempt to cheer him up. While it will prove Harsher in Hindsight, the exchange itself is gloriously stupid.
    BoJack: Everything is meaningless! Nothing I do has consequences!
  • Just the way Horsin' Around parodies cheesy 90s sitcoms such as Full House with exaggerated but still pretty accurate portrayals of the humour and sap used in said shows. Sarah Lynn's "That's too much, man!" is awfully reminiscent of Full House's Michelle's "You got it, dude!".

Zoes and Zeldas

  • BoJack's two passionate sex scenes and resulting orgasms despite not penetrating Princess Carolyn the first time and not even waiting for her to get into bed the second! Helped in no small part by Amy Sedaris's brilliant read of "You're not even inside of me!"
  • The rooster jogging past BoJack's house screaming "EVERYBODY WAKE UP!!!"
  • Diane's ex-boyfriend Wayne gives her a whole speech on how she's not being her true self because she's really a "Zoe" and she would be better off getting back together with him. As he leaves, it's revealed that Mr. Peanutbutter was sitting right there next to them listening to the whole thing looking his usual cheerful self.
    Mr. Peanutbutter: I like that guy!

Live Fast, Diane Nguyen

  • Diane returns to Boston, Massachusetts, to see her family, who are a bunch of abusive sports fans with Hahvahd Yahd In My Cah accents. At one point one of Diane's brothers makes an excuse for his and his brother's failure to find employment, blaming "immigrants" for stealing their jobs, which leads Diane to point out that the Nguyen family are Vietnamese immigrants.
    • Diane's brothers seem offended by Diane pointing out that they are immigrants themselves, one of them yelling that they are "As American as Pho" (a Vietnamese noodle soup dish).
  • "Pops is wicked depahted." "Yeah pops depahted so hahd, and I do NOT like them apples"
  • "A kaleidoscope? I'm not five-SHAPES AND COLORS THE LIKES OF WHICH I'VE NEVER SEEN."
    • "Whelp, out of combinations. Now I'm bored. (rolls down window) DIAAAAAAAANE!"
    • Diane's fathers body is STILL IN THE LIVING ROOM WRAPPED IN ICE BAGS:
      Diane: ...Did you draw balls on his face?!
      Brother: Yeah, but that was before we knew he was dead, we thought he was just wicked hung over.
  • Diane being the Black Sheep of the family, despite one of her brothers being a LITERAL black sheep. (He's adopted).
  • Diane's over-the-top tantrum at the bar. She holds a scream for a good four-five seconds, runs around smashing beer bottles while screaming at BoJack, then steals the truck with her father's chum while screaming obscenities at her family.
  • "Closure is something made up by Steven Spielberg to sell movie tickets!"
  • A flashback to BoJack's childhood plays up just how much of a Standard '50s Father he had in Butterscotch when he tried introducing his Imaginary Friend.
    Butterscotch: Imaginary friends are freeloaders invented by Communists to rip off welfare. Why don't you do something productive like bang your head against the wall until your brain isn't so stupid?
  • The entire David Boreanaz House subplot, especially since it's not the first time Todd's gotten way over his head.

Our A-Story Is A D-Story

  • The newscast after Beyoncé trips on the one-dollar bills BoJack was throwing on the street is absolutely hysterical.
    Reporter in the field: Well, Tom, I'm told that she fell on "all the single dollars."
    Tom: ALL the single dollars?
    Reporter in the field: ALL the single dollars!
    Tom: (despairingly) Bills, bills, bills...
    • The fact that no one gave a shit about BoJack distraction until Beyonce slipped because he was only throwing singles.
      Woman: Cash is for poor people!
  • After Mr Peanutbutter leaves with Diane, BoJack wants "a bottle of something to help me forget my problem". To which the Elephant behind the bar offers up a bottle of cyanide.
    BoJack: Ooh, maybe not that strong.
    • After which, the bartender gives him a bottle of vodka.
      BoJack: What is this, breakfast?
  • Todd's subplot is a Two-Timer Date... between prison gangs.

Say Anything

  • BoJack's drunken misadventures with "John Stamos" and the inevitable outcome.
    • Not to mention the guy sitting next to BoJack during his drunken naked spiel who's covering his crotch, presumably out of embarrassment or arousal.
  • Anything involving Charlie Witherspoon (who is made Princess Carolyn's assistant in this episode due to nepotism)
    • (picks up phone) "TELEPHONE!"
  • The appearance of Princess Carolyn's rival agent Vanessa Gekko in "Say Anything" revealing that she is... a human woman.
    Princess Carolyn: That slippery, slimy, cold-blooded, bug-eyed...
  • A minor subplot was two photographers attempting to blackmail BoJack over the course of several episodes that ultimately results in a threat to pin Tupac's death on them.
  • There's a Running Gag where Bojack being asked if he likes Diane responds with a long and awkward "Whaaaaaaaat?" Later in the episode, Princess Carolyn tells Diane that Bojack is in love with her, resulting in Diane reacting the same way as Bojack. What really sells it is a cut to Princess Carolyn's staring, 'not-amused' expression in the middle of Diane's "Whaaaaaaat?"

The Telescope

  • BoJack's 80s flashback includes this song:
    Song: Generic 80s new wave, be bop be bop be bop, this is a song from the 80s / The decade which it currently is...
    • Later on, in the 90s flashback...
      Song: Generic 90s grunge song! Everyone in flannel! Generic 90s grunge song, something from Seattle...
  • Herb and BoJack have a conversation about being rich and famous:
    Herb: Can you believe it? We're gonna make an actual TV show! One that takes an unflinching look at the gritty reality of the American family.
    (BoJack looks horrified at the idea)
    Herb: Just kidding. LET'S GET RICH!
  • When they reunite, they have this conversation:
    Herb: BoJack, how are your utensils?
    BoJack: Uh, they're fine...
    Herb: Are you sure? Because if that knife ain't sharp enough, I got another that you left in my back twenty years ago! HA HA HA HA!
    BoJack: Could've seen that coming; who asks about utensils?
  • Right during the middle of BoJack's tense confrontation with Herb, BoJack sincerely asks Herb if his rectal cancer is related to his homosexuality.
  • Todd's wacky misadventure for the episode involves him having a lot of trouble turning the car around, only to be ambushed by a "Celebrity Stealing Squad" who try to carjack him. He talks them down and relates to them, leading the trio to muse about life while staring at the sky. Until Todd mentions that he's never let his guard down like that before, leading the thieves to exclaim "He let his guard down - get him!" and knocking him unconscious before running away.
    • BoJack only realizes Todd isn't in the car after he and Diane leave and it's oddly quiet in the car.

Horse Majeure

  • The hanging signs from "Horse Majeure."
  • Todd's The Cloudcuckoolander Was Right moment in "Horse Majeure", where instead of finding the receipt under the couch that would prove BoJack's involvement in the destruction of his rock opera, he sees a newscast that Margo Martindale went to prison; which ends up leading him to the same conclusion.
    Todd: Margo Martindale? I know her. But how? Wait... she was at the convenience store on the night I bought that video game and ruined my rock opera! She's the one who asked me to hand her that tape from the ten cent bin. (Gasp!) That means... Margo Martindale likes tapes! And a tape is something you listen to, but tape is also a sticky thing you can use to seal boxes! Boxes is what cereal comes in! (Gilligan Cut to Todd standing in front of a wall with jumbled papers strung up on the walls and connected by string) What does it all mean? Am I just grasping at straws- wait. Straws. That's it! Straws are used to drink soda, or water, and plants need water. And BoJack, used Margo Martindale as a plant at the bank- and the convenience store! Which means BoJack hired Margo Martindale to make me find that video game so he could kill my rock opera! Aw dude...
  • Anything involving Vincent Adultman.
    • Or the fact BoJack is the only one to notice that Vincent is three kids in a trenchcoat.

One Trick Pony

  • The complete derailment of Mr. Peanutbutter's fictionalized account of his engagement with Diane. BoJack's made to be completely unlikable, PB (played by BoJack) is pushed to the side and is basically reduced to saying "True dat" as a catchphrase, and the film itself becomes a melodramatic series of monologues about Diane angsting over her life, which is then made into a B-Movie flick. Also BoJack is played by Wallace Shawn.
    BoJack: Curses! My evil plan has been defeated, but I'll be back. You haven't heard the last of Evil Emperor BoJackitron Horsemaniac! Oh, no! You shot a laser at me! Oh, no! I'm dying! Oh, no, I'm dead.
    Diane: And so now that we've escaped the evil clutches of the Emperor, I'm free to assume my natural form, an all-knowing floating orb of light.
    Mr. Peanutbutter: True dat.
    • The entire project (somehow) eventually devolves into a bi-monthly basket of snacks. Despite this, Mr. Peanutbutter is glad with this and claims that 'his story has been told'.
    • "Everyone, please turn off your internet, it has gone bad!"

Downer Ending

  • The Who's on First? scene with Doctor Hu.
  • BoJack's Mushroom Samba begins with a hallucination of Diane turning into a grotesque mass of flesh ala Tetsuo. And as horrifying as it is, it is made pretty funny by the reason being she ate too many pancakes.
  • In the midst of the sheer horror of the drug sequence, we get a nice moment of levity when BoJack hallucinates Diane drawn to resemble Lucy van Pelt, complete with a "Psychiatric Help" stand. Near the end, we also get a glimpse of Mr. Peanutbutter drawn like Snoopy.
  • This little moment of hilarity during the same scene.
    Yong Sarah Lynn: Can you make me a penisbutter and vajelly sandwich?
    BoJack: WHAT?!
    Adult Sarah Lynn: I saaaaid, make me a penisbutter and vajelly sandwich, BIIIIIIIIIITCH!
  • After BoJack somehow writes a (completely incoherent) book during his drug trip and sending it to Princess Carolyn, we get this gem:
    Princess Carolyn: You got 20 pages of Doctor Who erotic fan fiction, a recipe for soup, five different theories about how 9/11 happened, and a bunch of embedded YouTube videos that can't possibly be printed in book form.
  • While dark, there's definitely something funny about BoJack waking up from his serene dream about the idyllic family life he could have had, by waking up in a filthy, rainy parking lot.
  • The Mood Whiplash of the ending, where BoJack ends his desperate plea to Diane to tell him that he's a good person. There's a long, uncomfortable silence, before a random member of the audience stands up:


  • The poop in a bucket conversation.
  • "You're not going to find what you're looking for in these made up places"
  • BoJack getting a Golden Globe for his book for "Best Musical/Comedy". Despite it not being a Musical/Comedy. Or a film.
  • Todd and Mr.Peanutbutter's pitch for a Halloween store in Januarynote  to BoJack and his snark throughout the entire thing.
    • Their "Halloween in January" plan then goes into a discussion on whether or not fire can have names.
    • Any time we cut to people walking into the floor-less "Halloween In January" storefront.
    • BoJack's very exasperated face during Todd & Mr. Peanutbutter's next pitch, for "Smoodies", as he grows increasingly angry at their failure to adequately explain the concept of the product.
      Mr. Peanutbutter: We're all about "Smoodies".
      BoJack: What.
      Todd: Smoodies!
      BoJack: You're saying "smoothies", right, "smoothies"?
      Todd: No, "Smoodies". It's a mood that you drink, like a smoothie.
      BoJack: [growing more frustrated] I don't... understand, how do you drink a mood?
      Mr. Peanutbutter: Like a smoothie!
      BoJack: So it is a smoothie?
      Todd: No, it's a Smoodie, a mood, that you drink!
      BoJack: [exasperated] How do you drink a mood?
      Mr. Peanutbutter: [incredulously] Like a smoothie.
      BoJack: [genuinely angry] But do you buy it in a store? I mean what are the PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES?

    Season 2 
Brand New Couch
  • BoJack's new attitude getting in the way of the Secretariat biopic when he delivers a serious line the way he would have on Horsin' Around.
  • BoJack tries to start jogging as part of his new attitude. He doesn't even make it up the hill in front of his house.
    BoJack: (exhausted) Oh, my god, this is the worst... Oh, god, why do people do this?!
  • BoJack threw out his old couch as part of his renewal (he realizes later that he actually misheard one of the phrases on the self-improvement tape he was listening to) and had the movers throw Todd out with it.
    Todd: (filthy and disleveled) BoJack, why did I wake up in an alley?
  • There is something darkly funny about Beatrice proclaiming herself as a great mother after casually reminding Bojack that he ruined her when she got pregnant with him and later goes to hide Butterscotch's heart medication out of spite.
    Beatrice: Okay, enough me being a great mom. I'm gonna go hide your father's heart medication. Enjoy your dumb little TV show.

  • While his mother is as supportive as ever, the flashback to their dinner after she'd come to watch a taping of Horsin' Around is awkwardly funny, as BoJack is desperately in need of a drink.
    Beatrice: You know, the man sitting next to me was wearing a t-shirt. A t-shirt, BoJack, in the theater!
    BoJack: Yes, a t-shirt, that is the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone in the theater!
    Beatrice: The t-shirt told me to "Just Do It".
    BoJack: Here we go.
    Beatrice: I don't know to what "It" the t-shirt referred, but I will not be spoken to in that tone by an article of clothing.


Still Broken

  • The article that Herb is cutting out during a flashback. Hypocritical Humor at its finest.
  • Herb Kazzaz's funeral scene:
    • The pure Black Comedy of Herb's death; his cancer had gone into remission, only for him to be distracted by his phone (using Twitter) while driving his car, crashing it into a truck full of peanuts on the way home. He survived the crash, but was deathly allergic to peanuts. Henry Winkler reads his final tweets at the funeral:
    Winkler: "#Invincible, #GonnaLiveForever, #TweetingWhileDriving. Oh no, I'm gonna hit that truck! #HopeItsNotFullOfPeanuts, #OhNoItWasFullOfPeanuts."
    • Sarah Lynn inexplicably starts a fight with Malala Yousafzai. Sarah is trying to steal her Nobel Peace Prize.
    • The reunion of the surviving cast members is incredibly awkward.
      • Sarah Lynn immediately asks Joelle if she has children (she doesn't), only because the latter has become noticeably fatter. Joelle isn't amused and calls her a 'cunt'. But it's okay, since Joelle lives in Britain where it's more acceptable.
      • Sarah Lynn is so high on drugs, that she doesn't even realize she's at a funeral for an old acquaintance, she just thinks it's a crappy party. And she also has trouble with remembering who Bradley is when meeting him again.
      • BoJack doesn't even remember that he once did Bradley's mom, which was an extramarital affair that got the poor kid's parents divorced.
      • When the former cast talk about whose funeral they'll all have to attend next, they all look at BoJack. But ultimately, it's their next best guess — Sarah Lynn at the end of Season 3.

After Party

  • Episode 4 has Princess Carolyn finally see "Vincent" without the Totempole Trench... and she immediately assumes that's his son.
  • In the middle of Wanda's story about the gardener:
    Wanda: And when he's finished, the flower beds are amazing: beautiful roses, beautiful lilies, beautiful—
    BoJack: Orchid bushes?
    Wanda: Well, you wouldn't really have a bush of orchids.
    BoJack: I'm sorry, I thought you said this gardener was the best.
    Wanda: Okay, fine, beautiful orchid bushes.


Higher Love

Hank After Dark

  • BoJack and Princess Carolyn voicing their shared vitriolic hatred of honeydew.
  • As they're going on a promotional tour for his book, Princess Carolyn tells BoJack to be on his best behavior and not offend anyone.
    BoJack: Please, we're going to Alaska. How am I going to offend a bunch of inbred Eskimo blubber-munchers?
    Princess Carolyn: You're right, what was I thinking?
  • BoJack being forced to (tastefully) answer a random and irrelevant question about the Arab–Israeli Conflict during his book tour. Seeing both an Israeli and a Palestinian in the same room, he simply states his support for the peace process.
  • An extremely anti-feminist website posted an article insulting Diane for daring to make accusations against Hank.
  • "Some Lady" from the last episode has been replaced by "An Actress Or Something", as the former has been kidnapped - which is met with an exaggerated "Uh-oh!" from A Ryan.
  • Similarly, Diane is told to "Shut your stupid, ugly face!" by a random passerby while out on the street.
    Random Guy #2: Don't listen to that guy, Diane! I think you should shut your stupid, pretty face!
    • Soon after, Mr. Peanutbutter shows Diane the pile of death threats she'd received while she was away.
      Diane: "You cant. You stupid, ugly cant."
      Mr. Peanutbutter: Yeah, that doesn't say "cant".
      Diane: Oh! (drops the letter)
  • After Diane inadvertently steals the spotlight, BoJack goes so far as advocating for child labor to try getting it back.
  • The Prince and Pauper subplot with Prince Gustav of Cordovia impersonating Todd, and of course everyone's too stupid to notice that something's wrong. When the real Todd shows up near the end, his ramblings about the civil war over there are ignored because the media is still obsessed with Diane and Hank.
  • When BoJack follows Diane around the Manatee Fair office, we get a cute bit of slapstick as she slams the glass door on him, causing his face to smoosh up against the pane.

Let's Find Out

  • Episode 8 ends with the feud between Mia Mckibbin and Todd over the coveted pen, forwarding to an aged Todd talking to their apparent grandchildren:
    Mia: Unbelievable! You are the most annoying, immature, aggravating, irritating, crazy-making
    Todd: And that, kids, is the story of how I met... THIS PEN! OHOHOHO! (revealing him to be once again, messing around in Make-up department, talking to dummy head props)
  • "Hey, did something exciting just happen? Because people on the app are, and I quote, 'losing their tits'." [Beat] "Oh, no, no. I just stumbled onto a cancer support message board."
  • Daniel Radcliffe suggesting that Mr. Peanutbutter get back at BoJack for kissing his wife by... kissing BoJack?
  • Daniel Radcliffe's reaction to BoJack saying Elijah Wood played Harry Potter.
  • A not-actually-dead J. D. Salinger as a maniacal game show producer.
    J. D. Salinger: Oh, if only I'd had a kiss cam for Catcher in the Rye. Well, just one more regret on a long list of many.
  • Anguished screams from women signify the start of a new round on Mr. Peanutbutter's game show. Bojack is naturally alarmed every time it happens.

The Shot

  • The Running Gag of the panda cable guy who's dragged along on the distraction team because He Knows Too Much, and they emphasize that he's probably going to be the one to die during it. Bonus points for his wearing a Red Shirt.
  • Mr. Peanutbutter talking to Diane while he's wrapping up the caper in "The Shot"
    Diane: Hey, how's the game show going?
    Mr. Peanutbutter: Oh shit! I completely forgot I was supposed to be hosting a game show right now.
    (cut to the game show set where the contestant, Ethan Hawke, is sitting alone)
  • Sebastian's flashback as Diane writes her book:
    Sebastian: SHUT UP! SHUT UP, CHILDREN!!!
  • Character Actress Margo Martindale is released from prison:
    (Margo walks out of the prison gate with her Emmy in hand and takes a deep breath; BoJack pulls up in front of her in his car)
    BoJack: I need your help with a break-in.
    Margo: BoJack, I've been out of prison for two minutes... (devious smile) What took you so long? (gets in BoJack's car and casually throws her Emmy away)

Yes And

  • Diane, who's been drunk, filthy and completely angry at the world for weeks after her experience in Cordovia, gives BoJack and Todd this bit of helpful advice.
    Diane: Well, why does anything matter, really? Happiness is an illusion, and love is fleeting, and there's no such thing as God and all your favorite musicians beat their wives. Allegedly!!
  • Todd's random "Yes And"ings:
    Todd: Yes, and my car runs on farts.

    Todd: Yes, and I'm a Nazi Kardashian.

Escape from LA

Out to Sea

  • Diane's new ringtone featuring Sarah Koenig, the host of Serial.
    Phone: Hi, this is Sarah Koenig. This is one ringtone told over the course of several rings. And the story it's telling you... is to answer your phone.
  • The entire improv battle between Todd and the security guards.

    Season 3 
"Start Spreading the News"
  • The Overly Long Gag with Pinky delivering some Good News, Bad News regarding Wanda.
    Pinky: Didn't you hear? She got poached.
    Mr. Peanutbutter: Oh, God!
    Pinky: By another company.
    Mr. Peanutbutter: Oh good.
    Pinky: They shot her.
    Mr. Peanutbutter: Oh, God!
    Pinky: Straight to the top of the corporate ladder!
    Mr. Peanutbutter: Oh, good.
    Pinky: She had to move to Detroit.
    Mr. Peanutbutter: Oh, God!
    Pinky: Which I hear is due for a resurgence!
    J. D. Salinger: Can we get to the goddamn point, please?
  • During a transitional scene, a construction worker misses throwing out half a hot-dog, having it land on the streets of New York City - cue 3 pigeons, a rat, and a roach all growling at each other, presumably before fighting for the discarded food.
  • Mr. Peanutbutter's former accountant is recounting how happy he is now that he's able to spend more time with his family... until PB drives onto his lawn (smashing the mailbox in the process) and all-but abducts him while announcing that "PB Livin'" is back in business. Bonus points for his having wanted to listen to "Cat's in the Cradle" with his son.
  • Todd, having smuggled himself in BoJack's luggage by accident, manages to get lost in New York without ever leaving the hotel they're staying in. Twice.
  • While being smuggled in Bojack's luggage, Todd's skeleton shows up on the airport scanner, followed by another suitcase bristling with firearms. Then the next suitcase is shown to have ...
    TSA Agent: A small bottle of shampoo? Not on my watch! (hits alarm)

"The BoJack Horseman Show"

  • During Princess Carolyn's drive (singing to "Generic 2007 pop song"), one sign reads "Subway - Kids Eat Free!"note 
    • Shortly after, Mr. Peanutbutter mentions receiving a "very strange offer" from Michael Vicknote .
    • After four months had passed from the start of the flashback, Mr. Peanutbutter reminds everyone why they're donating money - to help John Edwards' campaign for President.
      Mr. Peanutbutter: You know, I was talking to one of the volunteers earlier, and she was just gushing about how John Edwards touched her. I say, let's make this man president so he can touch whoever he wants.
  • Princess Carolyn's boss, Marv, is noted to be terribly out of touch, passing on No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood - but immediately snatching up "Mitch's Life" (only because PC had trimmed it down from the Overly Long Title).
  • Turns out that Todd is the reason that The Sopranos' series finale ended so abruptly - he accidentally tore the final sequence off the main reel when fleeing Emily's house as a teen.
    Todd: Whoa, whoa - Tony marries Dr. Melfi? Mamma-mia!
  • This episode ends with an alternate ending theme. Here's the lyrics:
    Back in '07 I was in a not-successful TV show! I'm BoJack the Horseman.
    Goddamn! What the hell was I thinkin', bro?
    When you're an artist, yeah, it's hard to play it safe.
    That show stumbled hard right out the starting gate.
    Wonder if I'm ever gonna get another chance; maybe a listicle at best.
    Yeah, I'm not a horse, I'm an ass!
  • Jessica Biel taking the absolute piss out of her own career, a lot of which was reportedly at her own request as the original script went much easier on her.
    Jessica: I'm Jessica Biel. From Stealth? Summer Catch? Rules Of Attraction, nothin'? Ugh... the girl from 7th Heaven who took all her clothes off for that magazine?
    Diane: Oh yeah!
    • Which comes back later, as Mr. Peanutbutter is talking up his Blockbuster Original Series to Jessica, and she asks what customers would do if someone else rented the episodes they wanted.
      Mr. Peanutbutter: They could just get something else! Like The Illusionist. Or The Prestige? Whichever one you were in.
      Jessica: Do you know which one I was in?
      Mr. Peanutbutter: Do you?
      Jessica: (beat) Ugh!

"BoJack Kills"

  • When BoJack and Diane discover Nadia's dead body, Diane tries to search Nadia's cell phone for someone to call for help. BoJack tells her that kids these days don't "call" people on their cell phones anymore, but communicate via "a combination of text messages, eye rolls, and dick pics."
    Diane: (after discovering a potentially incriminating text) Oh, my God!
    BoJack: What is it? Is it dick pics? See if they spell out a message!
  • At Whale World, its owner Richie Osborne (aka "Goober") denies the description of his female orca dancers as "strippers", and claims that his park is a "family-friendly" establishment rather than a strip club. Cue a few of the ladies giving lap-dances to little kids.

"Fish Out Of Water"

  • During his Freak Out on the submarine, BoJack winds up getting tasered by an electric eel.
  • Pretty much all of BoJack's interactions with the baby seahorse are either this or heartwarming, especially as it all plays out like an old Silent Movie similar to The Kid (1921).
  • BoJack's response to being told he can't go to France because of some remarks he made.
  • BoJack finding out he could have been heard the whole time.
  • BoJack's way of coping with being unable to smoke or drink while wearing his underwater breathing helmet: nicotine patches and a vodka enema.
  • Bojack gives a thumbs up to a photographer, not knowing it's the underwater equivalent of Flipping the Bird. This blows up into a huge scandal that's nonetheless entirely confined to the background.

Love and/or Marriage

  • Todd and BoJack crash a wedding rehearsal. One of the speeches consists of a bridesmaid endlessly repeating the names of the happy couple in different tones.
  • Diane is accidentally invited to hang out with one of her clients, and as a result takes drugs, gets stoned, and ends up breaking her wrist. During the ensuing hospital visit, she finds out that she's pregnant. "Motherf-"

Brrap Brrap Pew Pew

Stop the Presses

  • During one of the segues, we find out that Margo Martindale evaded arrest after the shootout at Yorba Linda by hiding out... in regional theatre, where she performed in a deservedly obscure Tennessee Williams play. The bit of it that we see is hilariously awful.
  • BoJack standing up for his decision to use a mirror with the words "You are Secretariat" on it as the ad campaign for the movie is played as an artistic, compassionate decision from BoJack... right until he gets his way and we see that the campaign meeting they were having was about a highway billboard. Cue a minute of Turteltaub bitching about What an Idiot! BoJack is.
    Carolyn: It kind of just looks like a billboard for the sky.
    BoJack: Yeah, I really didn't think this part through.
    Turteltaub: Yeah, no kidding. So the sky is Secretariat? So, what the sky wants me to nominate it for an Oscar?
    Diane: It is kind of eerily beautiful. Like an art piece that resists interpretation.
    Ana: If you stand where I'm standing, you see a reflection of the KIIS-FM billboard.
    Turteltaub: Beautiful. So we spent half a million dollars on an Oscar campaign for KIIS-FM.
    Diane: I'd hate to be driving here at rush hour. When the sun goes down and hits that billboard, that's gonna... that's gonna be a real problem.
    Turteltaub: Well the good news is, BoJack got what he wanted!
  • The Closer's file on BoJack, which is written out in largely equine terminology (listing his height in "hands", his parents as "sire" and "dam" and other things like his breed, marking, temperament and tack preference) is a very funny Genius Bonus for horse people. For starters, his conformation is absolutely abysmal, including things like a buck knee, splay foot, ewe neck, and wall eye. His breed is listed as Grade (he's a thoroughbred cross) — in other words, an unregistered, mix breed horse that usually sells for less. Finally, his temperament is down as "spooky, stubborn, unpredictable, substance abuse."

Best Thing That Ever Happened

  • After realizing that BoJack called her to Elefante with the intention of firing her, Princess Carolyn tries to delay the inevitable with a song-and-dance routine that she has very obviously pulled out of her ass.
  • While the episode is pretty weighty, the banter between BoJack and Princess Carolyn is wonderfully written, with both parties getting in some vicious (but quite witty) barbs throughout the episode.
  • At the start of the episode, BoJack tells Princess Carolyn that she's fired - unfortunately, the restaurant's manager thinks it was directed at him, resulting in himself and his family (which comprises the entire kitchen staff save for one waiter) quitting in a huff. Said waiter gets promoted to chef, and he somehow ropes a customer into replacing him as waiter... before the kitchen goes up in flames.
  • After the minimal effort that BoJack and Princess Carolyn went to in an attempt to impress the food critic, she gives them a failing grade... but then it turns out that she's only a Tumblr blogger, and her rating system is far from professional.

That's Too Much, Man!

  • In the opening, sober Sarah Lynn cheerfully greets her gardeners... and then suddenly breaks out cursing when the paparazzi ambush her.
  • While it's by far the bleakest episode in the series, BoJack decides to get up at an AA meeting that Sarah Lynn had brought him to and show them that what he's done is far worse than anything they've ever done by relating his experience in New Mexico.
    • This triggers BoJack into taking Sarah Lynn along to make amends.
      Sarah Lynn: Maybe you should start with the family whose playhouse you just smashed.
      BoJack: (Looking out at Oxnard and his son distraught over it) Oh. Hey kid! I'm sorry your lame dad built such a cheap-ass playhouse!
      Sarah Lynn: Yeah, you gotta use parallel joints to support that foundation, dumbshit! Also, suck a dick!
  • As a freeze-frame bonus, BoJack has a bottle opener in his glove compartment, courtesy of M.A.D.D.
  • While at Mr. Peanutbutter's, BoJack and Sarah Lynn decide to do some roleplaying so BoJack can get some closure with Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter... who walk in on them mid-costume change.
    Mr. Peanutbutter: Um... should we do something about this?
    Diane: Hey, why don't you two sleep this off in our guest room?
    BoJack: Oh, my God, that mirror is talking to us!
    Sarah Lynn: You can't stop us, us from the future!
    BoJack: We're making amends, assholes!
    (both push Diane and PB as they run off, in the process breaking Diane's arm again)
  • BoJack blacking out whenever Ana tells the lifeguard story. After blacking out a third time, Sarah Lynn insists they don't go back to Ana's place because she wrote the story down. Or so she thinks:
    BoJack: (reading Sarah Lynn's note) "I'm a lifeguard. This woman's house smells weird, or is that me? Pay attention, Sarah Lynn. Don't do that thing where you write down your thoughts instead of what the person is actually saying. I wonder if it's time to get my boobs done again." (crumples up paper) That's very helpful.
    • Helped by the crude loose-leaf drawings accompanying BoJack's recitation of the note.
  • Sarah Lynn brings up an off-screen moment that happened while BoJack was blacked out: they apparently tried on trench coats in the fashion of a typical movie shopping montage.
  • The first time Sarah Lynn reiterates that she's always wanted to be an architect, she breaks the briefly serious moment by saying she'd also be a high-class call girl at night... and a spy during the day... BoJack is understandably confused.
    BoJack: Wait, so when is she an architect?
    Sarah Lynn: I don't know, frontier times?

That Went Well

  • All sorts of different subplots and zaniness built up throughout the season all culminate in a seemingly dire situation where a ridiculous amount of spaghetti threatens to destroy an underwater city. It takes Todd's Cabracadabra drivers and Mr. Peanutbutter's amassed spaghetti strainers to save the day, all leading to a brilliant Mad Max: Fury Road parody. The sheer absurdity of it all and the pay off is wonderfully hilarious.
    Mr. Peanutbutter: Spaghetti or not, here I come.
  • Apparently, Katrina has disappointed Mr. Peanutbutter before...
    Mr. Peanutbutter (answering the door) Katrina!'re not pizza.
    Katrina: Ugh, this fight again?

    Season 4 
  • Nobody being able to remember or say Hollyhock's last name.note 
  • During "Hooray! Todd Episode!" Todd accidentally becomes a fashion icon, which prompts Sharc Jacobs and Tim Gunn to create a fashion line of red hoodies and knit caps that several people through the entire season are seen wearing as the latest fashion. Courtney Portnoy claims at one point that the hat alone costs 50k dollars.
    Couch surfer couture!
  • At "Girl Croosh", Diane's chair is constantly switched with work out devices, none of which she is able to sit to do her job comfortably or correctly. She often falls to the ground while trying to settle herself in them or reach for her phone.

See Mr. Peanutbutter Run

  • Vincent D'Onofrio was the initial pick for "Untitled Horsin' Around Ripoff" until Mr. Peanutbutter shows up. It's just as ridiculous as it sounds, especially due to D'Onofrio's Adam Westing and how his speech patterns are like Wilson Fisk's.
  • The cow that Todd tipped 8 million dollars last season? She's still waitressing, but now sports a regal cape, jewels, and tiara. But she's not shy about asking for tips.
  • On the last day of pushing for a recall on the current Governor, Mr. Peanutbutter drops this massive Furry Reminder.
    Mr. Peanutbutter: Oh, God, today's the day. I haven't been this nervous since Diane was vacuuming during a thunderstorm on the Fourth of July and I had to take a bath and there was a stranger in our yard!
  • Todd's antics with his "Drone Throne", up until he accidentally breaks the remote.
    Todd: I was hoisted by my own petard, the one petard I thought would never hoist me!
  • The Art Shift to a School House Rock format as Katrina wrangles up the votes for the "Ski Race Amendment" is made hilarious by the Reality Ensues of the situation, where Senators' votes are bought through pork-barrel compromises, including a highway to Hawaii.
  • And The Reveal after the Governor is forced to accept Mr. Peanutbutter's ski-race challenge - the Governor is a medal-winning skier from his college days, while Mr. Peanutbutter has never learned how.
    Katrina: Then why did you challenge the Governor to a ski-race?
    Mr. Peanutbutter: (Nonchalantly) I didn't think it would get this far. You gotta admit, this is pretty out there.
    • The resolution to the race? TODD winds up winning in the most outlandish way possible, and he quickly resigns the post, forcing a special election for the new vacancy.
    • One of the newsticker items during the TV debate is "bloated corpse in the White House turns out to be bloated alive person".
  • Most of the scenes with Professor Thistlethorpe, who "dies" (forms a chrysalis) after a single day of teaching Mr. Peanutbutter absolutely nothing. He shows up at the end of the episode to fly briefly across the background and make no further contribution.

The Old Sugarman Place

  • Beatrice's father, at least when his personality isn't Played for Drama.
    Beatrice: Oh, I'm sad to leave the summer house.
    Joseph: Well it'll always be here, just like polio and blackface.
    • And regarding World War II...
      Joseph: Honey, no. If anyone's to blame, it's the Jews, for peeving off Hitler so bad.
    • Similarly, the Deliberate Values Dissonance is sometimes Played for Laughs, like with the man who tells Honey to have another drink to steady her nerves and then drive herself and her young daughter home.
  • The Freeze-Frame Bonus of Paul Giamatti's interview, in which he detailed his Method Acting... of scarfing down muffins and apple fritters to get in BoJack's headspace.
    Giamatti: I found the character of BoJack to be incredibly complex and contradictory. Why would a horse eat so many muffins if they filled him with such regret?
  • The Furry Reminder gag has a squirrel burying nuts for the winter, digging them back up come spring.
    • Later, Eddie complains about how the termites have been such a problem - before turning to yell at Bobby and Susan for gnawing at the porch.
  • Honey gets a gem when undergoing her nervous breakdown.
    Honey: Let's paint the town scarlet, crimson, and ruby! Why, I've got half a mind to paint things redder than the banks of Normandy! Ha ha! What? too soon?
  • In the present, Eddie and BoJack share some witty repartee.
    Eddie: And that broken door is the cherry on top of the shit-sandwich!
    BoJack: What kind of a sandwich has cherries on top?
    Eddie: A shitty one! How 'bout fixing your door, instead of my metaphor?
  • When the Crab brothers chase after BoJack for stealing (back) the weathervane, they're only able to move quickly when going sideways.

Hooray! Todd Episode!

  • The orchestra conductor lauds Todd as a truly selfless individual who approaches heroicness... only for Todd to emerge disheveled from the bathroom, having been stuck there for an HOUR because of a mishap only he could have experienced.
  • Tom Grumbo-Jumbo's (Still voiced brilliantly by Keith Olbermann) news report on the gubernatorial race takes an amusing turn mid-story:
    Tom: The gubernatorial hopeful has until now played coy on the controversial issue of fraaaaaaaaaaa... What happened? Randy pass out on his keyboard? Oh, he did? Oh, my God, is he okay? Well, did someone call Cynthia? No one called Cynthia?! For Christ’s sake, this isn’t just a newsroom, this is a family!
  • Hollyhock's reasoning for her repeated use of chloroform? She has it, and it's not like you can't not use it!
    • Todd reveals that BoJack has the same spy kit, but he uses the chloroform on himself - which is reinforced when he reacts positively to Hollyhock using it on him.
    BoJack: Oh yeah, deliver me...
  • And then we have Hollyhock's ludicrously-long last name of "Manheim-Mannheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzarelli-McQuack", a result of her having been raised by eight gay men in a poly-amorous relationship.
    BoJack: Of the Newhaven Manheim-Mannheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzarelli-McQuacks? (Beat) That was a joke. I've never heard of your family and/or law firm. That was also a joke.
    • Todd is forced to run around the entire episode trying to keep track of the various plot threads, and does so in the most ridiculous, ineffective ways possible.
  • Diane goes over to Channing Tatum's house to interview him about having a possible Cordovian refugee daughter, only for Todd and Hollyhock to be there instead. Todd tells Hollyhock to hide, and to try and shoo Diane away, he does his best Channing Tatum impression... sort of.
    Todd: Uh... it's me, Channing Tatum. I'm in the middle of uh, Channing right now, but you can come back... Tatum?
  • Bojack absentmindedly continuing to pour his bourbon until it runs well over the rim as he stares shocked at Todd, who's explaining that Bojack has a daughter. Made funnier when you consider not only is this in keeping with Bojack's crippling fear of fatherhood, it's also funny in that it's much more subdued than Bojack's reaction the last time someone brought up the possibility of hum being a parent.

Commence Fracking

  • Princess Carolyn's ovulation watch, voiced by Harvey Fierstein:
    iOvulate: Hello, I'm Harvey Fierstein, let's put a baby in you.

    iOvulate: You must fertilize that precious ovum now, or it will disintegrate into nothingness.
    • The "girl parts" poster at the doctor's office, bearing labels like "the mighty uterus," "the supreme ovum," and "the inimitable side butt."
  • The doctor tells Princess Carolyn that her number of eggs is "more than the Harry Potter movies but fewer than the James Bond movies." PC's response? "Doctor, no!"
  • Princess Carolyn is so desperate to get pregnant before her ovulation cycle ends that she has sex with Ralph in Meow Meow's police car after getting arrested for speeding.
    Princess Carolyn to Ralph: You have a good lawyer, right?
  • BoJack and Hollyhock visit a Loony Fan he'd slept with, who stalked every woman he'd dated after her. Hollyhock needs the information it can provide, so BoJack offers to provide a distraction. Said distraction is having sex with the fan so Hollyhock can steal the album.
    Hollyhock:Ugh! You said give you a few minutes!
    BoJack: I didn't think it would take this long! I usually finish faster!
    Hollyhock: You're disgusting!
    BoJack: Aughhh, that's what I needed...
  • The interstitial gag at the restaurant has a man ask for a grasshopper, only for a Statuesque Stunner with a grasshopper's head to come onto him. They're later seen walking out together.
  • Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter's sex-life being re-ignited by political conflict.

Thoughts and Prayers

Stupid Piece of Sh*t

  • The Art Shift of Bojack's fantasies to a bouncy doodle style, which looks amusingly ridiculous even when his actual thoughts are dramatic.
    • The dancing and multiplying Brooke Shields as Bojack tries to remember the title of Suddenly Susan deserves special mention.
    • Some of the rambling internal monologue Crosses the Line Twice.
      BoJack's Mind: These are cookies. This is not breakfast. You are eating cookies. Stop it. Stop eating cookies and go make yourself breakfast. Stop it. Don't eat one more cookie. Put that cookie down. Do not eat that cookie. (BoJack takes a bite from it) I can't believe you ate that cookie!
  • Bojack gets yelled at by his neighbor Felicity Huffman because she lives underneath him and she gets all the crap he's thrown off his balcony over the years, most notably the cotton candy he threw up in season 1, which lay festering on the cliffside for a month before sliding into her hot-tub.
    Felicity: Who do you think has to deal with all that?!
    BoJack: I assume your maid or gardener or something?
    Felicity: Well, yeah. But it's still super-obnoxious.
  • Princess Carolyn and Rutabaga need to make sure Meryl Streep signs onto a movie deal so her retirement party doesn't interfere with Courtney Portnoy's lavish, short-notice wedding. Their solution? Set up a literal Box-and-Stick Trap with the script inside. And it works! Said box is then seen at the end of the episode, with poor Streep still trapped inside.
    Princess Carolyn: Yeah, I know what "packaging talent" means.
    • Furthermore their idea is to make her direct, which is something all actors want, but there's no way to make her interested in anything, since every director's dream is to work with Meryl Streep. Their idea? Make Meryl Streep direct a movie where she herself plays all the roles.


  • One of the party-goers having an orgasm every time he senses a shift in power dynamics.
  • Jessica Biel wants to resort to burning someone for warmth after less than 30 seconds underground.
    • She eventually does get her way - by burning Zach Braff when he's delivering An Aesop in the same style as Scrubs.
      Pinky: Fire is my new God now!
    • As his method of coping, Zach Braff pleads for someone to give him validation... on his parking.
    • Mr. Peanutbutter sums up the situation to Bojack and Diane after they've been spending the whole time drinking away from everyone else. It naturally sounds even more insane out of context.
    Mr. Peanutbutter: The people of underground have a new god: the fire. And for my crimes I will be fed to its ravenous flames. My only hope is the meat of Zach Braff proves lasting, but I fear by daybreak there will be no Braff meat left.
    Diane: ...What's going on?
  • Princess Carolyn's Take That! to Friday Night Lights
    Sometimes, life is like the second season of Friday Night Lights, you gotta push through and hope there's better stuff ahead.
  • The ridiculous b-plot about Todd and Princess Carolyn stumbling across an underground kingdom of amazon ant warriors.
  • The fact that the ant warriors rescue the stranded celebrities since they don't want their neighbourhood gentrified.
  • "Let's go ho- oh..." (Realizes they're standing in the shambles of their former home).
  • The episode just... stopping after Bojack and everyone else start chit-chatting about Ethiopian food, disregarding the chaos all around them.
  • Diane drunkenly mumbles she can juggle while she and Bojack are drowning their sorrows. Turns out she's not kidding, as she juggles three of the empty liquor bottles later in the episode while talking to Bojack.

The Judge

  • Bojack didn't bother checking what the show he was going to be on was about, but assumed with a title like FHBA: Los Angeles it was a police procedural like NCIS or CSI. All he knows is, he's The Judge, and... that's it. In the middle of driving Hollyhock with him to set, he sees someone texting while driving and lambasts him.
    BoJack: You have been judged be a shitty driver! I'm the Judge, and I sentence you to kiss my ass! Boom! You got judged.
    • Butt it turns out the full title of the series is actually Felicity Huffman's Booty Academy: Los Angeles, a ridiculous reality show about picking the best butt (except not because it's "so degrading").
      BoJack: So if it's not about their butts, then why is Sir Mix-a-Lot the other judge?
      Mix-A-Lot: Because I'm an honest and impartial judge. And if there's one thing I'm known for, it's that I cannot tell a lie.
      • Bojack has to stay to shoot for 10 hours. Two of which will be spent by setting up the badonka-donka-dobstacle course.
      • Even more funny, it was originally pitched as a future leaders of America show, but it got retooled by the network.
      • Bojack is clearly confused by the show's premise and at one point seems actually embarrassed of participating in it. When recording the opening, he actually is only able to act confused and smile awkwardly as he attempts to understand what's going on.
      • When he gets fired, Felicity states he isn't good to judge characters or booties, he simply responds by asking if it's an admission that it's a show to judge butts.
      • The show's two part Elimination Catchphrase.
      Felicity Huffman: Tasha, our anaconda don't want none. Cover up your bottom and go.
      Sir Mix-a-Lot: Your booty has been adjudicated!
      • It's subtle, but one of the contestants is a literal ass (as in, a donkey).
  • Upon learning Bojack has to shoot for 10 hours, Hollyhock is surprised to learn that being on TV is an actual job. She also wonders why is it so bad if people are actually being paid to do it. She just assumed it sucked because no one was trying. Turns out even bad TV is a shitload of work.
    • Hollyhock herself winds up hooking up with a college intern, while BoJack is convinced he'll never, ever call her back, stating that he'll do 100 pushups if he does. Miles texted her mid-conversation, and BoJack attempts to do the pushups and instantly fails.
      BoJack: Nope, can't. Impossible. Anyone who ever says they did a pushup is lying.
      • After Hollyhock leaves to spend the day with Miles, we see that Beatrice is on her 47th pushup.
    • When Hollyhock comes home much later than expected, BoJack attempts to pull the Caught Coming Home Late... only to discover that, despite sitting there for five hours waiting to do it, the lamp's bulb had burned out, prompting a quick dash to replace it and then utilize the trope.
  • This (surprisingly witty) chemistry joke that one of the contestants make.
    "Someone better check the ph of that jacuzzi, because those bitches are basic!"
  • Peanutbutter waits until the moment after Karina signs off the purchase of their new HQ to tell he is dropping the race. It's a Freeze-Frame Bonus, but you can see that the woman she bought from noticed it and is smashing the elevators buttons to not lose the sell.
  • Ralph's parents offer an amount of things to do to the (unbeknownst to them) pregnant Princess Carolyn: smoke, drink, go on a rollercoaster, get punched in the gut, eat seafood and even stand around Ralph's mom while she smokes.
    • While en route to their parents' house, Princess Carolyn is concerned that Stefani might spill the beans. Ralph reassures here that unless their baby starts trending, she'll be too absorbed in her phone to notice anything they talk about, which P.C. proves by poking her in the eye, which she No Sells.
  • Todd's brilliant idea for the PB Livin' - Dentist Clowns.
    Todd: Don't be ridiculous, Diane. Not all of them are dentist-clowns - some of them are clown-dentists! note 


  • Ruthies description of Princess Carolyn in her presentation: Agent, Manager, Pink.
  • Judah apologising to Princess Carolyn for "engaging in punnery during work hours."
  • Princess Carolyn runs into Charlie Witherspoon while at a jewelry store, as he's looking for a gift fora nice catfish he'd met online.
    • This being Bojack though, it's entirely possible Charley is referring to an actual catfish.
  • While the revelation that P.C. had suffered another miscarriage is dreadful, we then get this exchange when she's trying to figure out how to tell Ralph.
    Princess Carolyn: That Kerry Washington has really brought red wine into popularity.
    Italian Restaurateur: You know it's-a funny, because I thought that the terroir of the Italian countryside did it. But a-no, it's a Miss-a Kerry Washington. Everybody love-a Miss-a Kerry!
    • And after she lied about it to Ralph, in walks "Miss-a Carrie Underwood, Miss-a Carey Mulligan, and Miss-a Carey, first name Mariah," just to rub it in.
    • There's something darkly funny about how Princess Carolyn finds out her treasured necklace is not a centuries-old heirloom, it's just a piece of costume jewelry from 1963. The family history thing is just some random crap her mom made up.
  • Everything about Ruthie's school and the future she lives in, where beans have become the new measurement of time. There's also a wealth of Funny Background Events to be seen.
    • Ruthie's robot teacher keeps getting mad at her for going off on tangents with the side story with Bojack, since it's supposed to be a book report about her ancestor. She also gets in trouble for the inappropriate language and content of the stories.
  • Ruthie differentiating between an agent and a manager.
    Torf: What's the difference between an agent and a manager?
    Ruthie: Both look to find projects for their clients but only managers can produce.
    • And even halfway through the episode, Ruthie's turtle classmate is still confused, and their robot teacher gives him a "Hush Pill" (labelled "Future Adderall") to shut him up.
  • BoJack's plan is to once again rely on his fame to carry a plan through. The clerk fails to recognize him, but does recognize Diane from her Girl Croosh articles, and is happy to help at that point.

lovin that cali lifestyle!

  • Governor Woodchuck Coodchuck-Berkowitz's new hands gain him a lot of positive press - until The Reveal that they belonged to a pedophile/murderer.
    Tom Jumbo-Grumbo: Well, if you gotta murder somebody...
    Katrina: No, Tom. Not a pedophile-dash-murderer. A pedophile-slash-murderer!
    Tom: Oh no! The way you said "slash" was very scary!
    • Before getting his new hands, Woodchuck had to make due with a few stop-gap measures; first a pair of gorilla feet and then a pair of lobster claws. All the voters hated it.
  • And what finally sinks Jessica Biel's campaign? She expressed hatred for avocados. That's it.

Time's Arrow

  • Beatrice's debutante party, which involves her gracefully jumping over hurdles, commentator and all.
  • Since all of the background characters in Beatrice's memories don't have faces, one bear in the background of the park scene is having trouble eating a loaf of bread without a mouth.
  • Beatrice and Butterscotch's argument as he returns home from yet another grueling day at the local cannery is darkly funny. Especially due to young BoJack's reactions:
    Beatrice: Well, I burned dinner, again! (Butterscotch groans in defeat) But you can pick at the charred remains and delight me and your simple son with with your "noble", "salt-of-the-earth" co-workers like "8-finger" Joe or "Sports-Team" Steve...
    (BoJack briefly stares in puzzlement at his own ten-fingered hands before he gets a subtle look of confusion and a Twitchy Eye)

    Butterscotch: Maybe if the goddamn baby wasn't crying all the time, I could finish the goddamn novel!
    BoJack: (confused) I'm not a baby! I'm six!
    Butterscotch: Yes, (mockingly) Wah-wah, gah-gah, goo-goo!
    BoJack: I'm forming sentences!
    Butterscotch: Oh, and I can't?! Everyone's a critic!
  • When Beatrice's Morning Sickness acts up and she pukes on Creamerman, he lets out a scream.
  • There's something darkly funny about the deadpan delivery of "You're fired, obviously."

What Time Is It Right Now?

  • Bojack and Hollyhock making small talk about a fruit cup leads to this golden Take That!:
    Hollyhock: What on-the-go jet-setter is demanding more honeydew in his or her fruit cup?
    Bojack: Nobody ever wants honeydew! But it's always there!
    Hollyhock: It is literally the worst part of anything it's in. It's like the Jared Leto of fruits!
  • Princess Carolyn actually succeeds in getting a friggin timekeeping website to pick up a TV series pitch by twisting around the description to sound like it's at all relevant to time or clocks. The story itself is supposed to be a detective series.
    • And in show fashion, the website became real, and is genuinely promoting "Philbert" at the bottom of its page.
  • Bojack's Eureka Moment being sparked by Princess Carolyn mentioning Matthew Perry, and the subsequent flashback where Hollyhock talks about Chandler's List, the SNL parody of Schindler's List, only because she'd only ever seen the (fictional) parody.
    Hollyhock: And the whole time, he's like "I'm Chandler! Could I have a bigger list?" But then at the end, the war's over, and he's like, "...could I have had a bigger list?"
  • After all the trouble Hollyhock and Bojack went through this season trying to figure out who Hollyhock's mother was it turns out she's not Bojacks daughter at all, she's his half-sister! She's the result of an affair Butterscotch Horseman had late in life with their maid Henrietta. Bojack running around meeting all his old lovers was completely pointless!
  • After all the build-up of the Philbert show being Bojack and Princess Carolyn's new big break, Bojack finally takes a glance at the script and gives a horrified "Oh Christ!"
    • Made funnier as of season 5, when we see Philbert being filmed. It's... certainly something. Let's just say Bojack wasn't wrong to react that way.

    Season 5 

The Light Bulb Scene

  • Bojack to Todd after his scheme goes awry.
    BoJack: Once again your good hearted naivete has conspired with random happenstance to completely dick me over!
  • Flip's notes for the show, including just the word 'nudity?'
  • Bojack's plan to get back at Flip: seduce his mom, steal her fake leg, then hit Flip with it until he chokes on his own blood.
    BoJack: It's subtle but I think he'll get the message.

The Dog Days Are Over

  • Stefani says she is doing a new, fully immersive 3D spinning class. She quickly realizes that she is just biking.
  • Another addition to the Running Gag with Mr. Peanutbutter's trouble with printers appears at his party.
  • Diane's hysterical weeping at the start of the episode is probably supposed to be sad, but it's so over the top and out of character for her that it comes off as humorous.
  • Diane runs into trouble at the airport when she tries to tell a clerk she wants buy a plane ticket to "anywhere", the clerk is so unused to actual customer interaction she keeps trying to get Diane to use the automatic kiosk.
    Diana: want me to use the screen?
    Clerk: And could you rate this conversation? That screen is my supervisor.
  • When some cockroaches working for Stefani unionize, she calls an exterminator instead of a negotiator. It's left somewhat unclear whether this was really accidental.
  • Laura Linney's way of getting attention on a plane:
    Laura Linney: Excuse me, could I get some more pretzels? I'm Laura Linney!

Planned Obsolescence

  • Pickles the Waitress - Mr.Peanutbutter might have finally found somone to date who is even dumber than he is.
  • Todd's subplot where he has to pretend that he and Yolanda are not asexual to her very openly sexual familynote ; it involves her family coming on to him, identical twin mix ups, and ends with everyone rolling around in expensive lube.
    • Yolanda's family keep saying things will happen when "the cock crows at midnight"; it's a rooster who just announces it's midnight.
    • Yolanda and her sister wear exactly the same outfits, just blue for Yolanda and purple for her sister, but Yolanda describes her sister's outfit as "slutty" while pretending to be her, and later the sister comments when she's pretending to be Yolanda that she's dressed "like a big dumb loser" as always.
    • Yolanda's mother wants to try being asexual partially because she's tried practically everything else - to say she's Comically Missing the Point is a huge understatement.
      Mrs. Buenaventura: Asexualize me like one of your French girls, Todd!

BoJack the Feminist

  • The spurring event of the episode is Vance Waggoner, who's a conglomeration of all the worst Hollywood celebrities who've fallen afoul of the public, including Mel Gibson's drunken rant about Jews, Alec Baldwin's abusive phone call to his daughter (while offhandedly insulting Swedish people), and so many others that it Crosses the Line Twice. Especially because he keeps doing it.
  • BoJack commenting that "It turns out the problem with feminism all along, is it just wasn't men doing it."
  • Mr. Peanutbutter, frustrated over being Type Cast as the Nice Guy, wants to try for a bad boy role, and decides to emulate other Hollywoo bad-boys to get press coverage to make such casting more likely. Unfortunately, he proves to be The Ace every time, from fixing the Paparazzo birds' lazy eye and TMJ to slapping the cigarette from the hands of someone who's cheating while trying to quit.
    • At the end, he enters a Bad-Guy Bar to declare "There's a new sheriff in town!" The bikers in the bar all comment on the actual newly elected sheriff before thanking P.B. for keeping them informed of local politics.
    • The reason for why he wants to shed his Nice Guy image is because P.C said he didn't have a shot for a role in the remake for Dog Day Afternoon since he wasn't belivable as a tough guy to the audiences. Considering his personality, it's doubtful Mr. Peanutbutter even knows what that movie is about.
  • Diane tries to explain basic media theory to BoJack with a Schoolhouse Rock! style breakdown that includes a dancing Ellen Degeneres''.

The Amelia Earhart Story

  • Princess Carolyn grew up watching a movie about Amelia Earhart, it has her going off to fight monsters on the sun so 'now we don't have to be sad when we think of her.'
  • BoJack's response to falling five stories onto a car is to complain that "Sartre was a hack", because physical pain is worse than emotional pain.
    • Why did he do this? Because Mr. Peanutbutter, being in far better shape, was going to do all of HIS own stunts and BoJack was jealous.

Free Churro

  • Throughout the episode, BoJack has mentioned his mother's Famous Last Words - "I see you" - multiple times. We then get his Eureka Moment about what she meant by that.
    BoJack: I'm not gonna stand up here and pretend I ever understood how to please that woman, even though so much of my life has been wasted in vain attempts to figure it out. But I keep going back to that moment in the ICU when she looked at me, and... (realization dawns) I-C-U. I... see... you. Jesus Christ, we were in the Intensive Care Unit. She was just reading a sign!
    • As for why he disobeyed her instruction to have an open casket — it's because her face upon dying was "Kinda like a pissed-off toy dinosaur", which BoJack demonstrates twice to the funeral-goers. The Scare Chord really seals it.
    • BoJack convinces the organist to play musical cues and rimshots to accompany his speech, and the organist goes along with it. He later pauses to lecture the organist on his lack of comedic timing.
  • He off-handedly mentions that his father Buttersotch died in a duel, then comes back to it to explain — and it Makes Just as Much Sense in Context.
    • Context: After Butterscotch had finally gotten his novel published, it got shredded in reviews, and he took it as a personal insult and challenged any one of his critics to face him in a traditional duel. Some guy in Montana, who was just as crazy as he was, accepted the challenge, and the two met in Golden Gate Park, and agreed to fire at the count of ten... except that's not how Butterscotch died. At the count of 5, Butterscotch turned around to ask his opponent to clarify what he thought of the book, tripped on a tree root and busted his head open on a rock.
  • After an entire episode of BoJack giving a devastatingly raw and honest eulogy for his mother, we get the punchline that he was doing it at the wrong funeral. And he doesn't realize this until he opens the casket in an attempt to give his mother the open-casket funeral she wanted, and notices it's not her in there, even though the entire rest of the audience of mourners are GECKO'S!


  • The whole episode, really. At least, when it's not being tragic. The moment you see the Bojack's name in the opening credits replaced by "Bobo the Angsty Zebra," you know you're in for a ride.
  • The fake names given to all the characters in the framing stories to hide their identities. Bojack becomes "Bobo the Angsty Zebra", Diane becomes "Diana" (as in: Diana, Princess of Whales), Mr. Peanutbutter becomes "Mr. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread", Todd becomes "Emperor Fingerface", Flip becomes Flippy the Dolphin, Princess Carolyn becomes both "Tangled Fog of Pulsating Yearning in the Shape of a Woman" and "Priscilla Crustacean". And they all change appearance to match.
  • Todd nearly forces Princess Carolyn into arbitration over a string cheese.
    Todd: Well, this morning you said yourself that when it comes to eating, you just grab whatever you can!
    Mary-Beth: Can we use "I" statements?
    Todd: Ai, ai, ai! You took my cheese!
  • Flip's breakdown in the writers' room, because he has no idea what he's doing, would potentially be sad to watch, but since for most of this episode he is Flippy the Dolphin and communicating entirely in subtitled chirps and squeaks it becomes utterly hilarious.
    • Flippy’s corkboard notes are likewise written as dolphin chirps. Specifically, most of them just say "EEEEE".
  • BoJack and Mr. Peanutbutter act a scene in Philbert where they kill a bunch of men, followed by this exchange:
    Mr. Peanutbutter/Fritz: These poor guys. I wonder if they had kids, families who will never know
    Flip: Can you just say the lines, please?
    Mr. Peanutbutter/Fritz: Barf me a river, fartbags.
  • While BoJack deals with his mother's death with his usual demeanor, asking people to not treat him differently while wanting to be treated differently, Mr. Peanutbutter mentions that he's never lost a loved one. His mother is just living on a big farm up-State, which his brother arranged. BoJack and Gina quickly point out the truth, meaning Mr. Peanutbutter gets the consolation that BoJack secretly craves.
    • Mr. Peanutbutter then thanks the cast and crew at the end of the day for the outpouring of support... before realizing that his father had gone to the same place.
  • Diane as Diana, Princess of Whales.
    "It's so tough being Princess of Whales. Like, I can't be all things to all whales!"

Mr. Peanutbutter's Boos

  • Diane spends the entirety of the party trying to find the keys to the two cars which have wedged her Prius in, then the keys to the cars which wedged the first two cars, and so on, until the end of the party when she gives up, throws everybody's keys in the air, and steals a golden helicopter someone brought to the party.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Jessica Biel tells Mr. Peanutbutter that she's had traumatic experiences involving mummies. It turns out that the traumatic experience was failing to land the title part in The Mummy Trilogy... in 2004, three years after the second movie came out.
  • BoJack keeps having a Halloween party, despite hating them, because every year, he gets so wasted that by the end of the night, he tells everyone to come back next year, and then forgets about it the next day.
  • Katrina explains to Mr. Peanutbutter her new views on government spending and the superiority of a free market after she is stuck talking to Ben Stein and Tim Allen at the party.
    Mr. Peanutbutter: This is from 10 minutes with Tim Allen?
    Katrina: You left me alone for an hour and a half.

Ancient History

  • Todd's newest idea for a business venture;
    Todd: What if marbles were cubed shaped, so they didn't roll away all the time?
    Emily: No dice.
  • The introduction of Henry Fondle, Todd's sex robot. He's cobbled together in a single afternoon out of household items (such as a blender and a hose) and thrusting sex toys, spouts random bits of badly written dirty talk through a Speak & Spell, sports googly eyes crudely Scotch taped on, and is generally a glorious, disastrous amalgamation of everything Todd believes sex to be.
  • When BoJack and Hollyhock are trying to pick up pills from a guy selling them out of his van, Officer Meow-Meow Fuzzyface rides up on a scooter, a hat reading "Teen", and asking if it "is lit under here?" Despite still wearing his badge beneath the costume, the dealer refuses to believe BoJack because he thinks it's just an attempt at deflection.

Head in the Clouds

  • Todd's sex robot becomes CEO of his company. How? Todd brought it work to avoid having to throw it out, and the robot, still active, randomly wheeled out of Todd's office and into the then-CEO's office, who misunderstood its randomized sexual remarks as advice that the robot wanted his position, and that he should retire and fall in love with his wife all over again.
    Henry: I AM A HORNY ROBOT! (ejaculates waffles from his toaster component)
    CEO: For my job, yes, you've been quite clear!
  • After the premiere, a mosquito gets enthralled by a bug zapper. He can be heard dying offscreen moments later.

The Showstopper

  • The Previously On… for Philbert has him mention he knows why they call Sassy, sassy. In the opening credits, there's a note saying why is she called Sassy, but it's crossed out.
  • One of the newspaper articles on Philbert's String Theory board mentions how traffic on the I-405 freeway has improved... since most of the population of Los Angeles was wiped out in a nuclear attack.
  • Despite how horrifying the last couple minutes are, a funny line is snuck in, based on the ending of BoJack's drug/dream sequence
    BoJack: Where would you go to sing with your Popsicle dancers?!
    Gina: (Confused) Popsicle dancers?

The Stopped Show

  • Considering last episode's climax was among one of the most horrific, this episode's recap of the situation is hilarious:
    Todd: YOU SHUT DOWN PRODUCTION??? (several startled bird people flutter away outside)
    Princess Carolyn: Just for a couple of days.
    Todd: What is going on over there?
    Flip: It's a minor injury issue.
    Princess Carolyn: A stunt went slightly awry.
    Todd: Again?!
    Flip:And one of our stars got a little strangled.
    Todd: WHAT???
    Princess Carolyn: Just a little strangled. Like the minimum amount of strangled.
  • Henry Fondle (Todd's Sex Bot-turned-CEO) gets fired by the Board of Directors due to sexual harassment complaints, and Todd ends up putting him down with a taser.
    • And bonus points for the sexual harassment complaints not being spurred by the overtly sexual dialogue, but by Henry losing power (saying "Insufficient power" and "Entering Sleep Mode" to a female employee) and eventually shutting down, with that dialogue being interpreted as sexual. This is hilariously lampshaded in one of the news interviews.
      Woman: He said he wanted to "get all up in my guts with his penis and ejaculate inside me." At the time, I thought it was just typical corporate banter, but now, I'm like "uhhh..."
    • Todd's interview.
      Todd: Henry Fondle is a sex robot and he should not be a CEO of any company.
      Interviewer: When you say sex robot, you're speaking metaphorically, right?
      Todd: ...No.
    • As Todd and Henry leave the studio, Henry is immediately hired by a passing businessman in a limo.
      Todd: You know this guy was just fired for sexual harassment, right?
      Rich Guy: So he's paid his debts to society!
  • Flip's reaction after Princess Carolyn hurriedly exits her office.
    Flip: Princess Carolyn?
    Flip: She's gone. Unless... I was Princess Carolyn the whole time.
    (Flip reaches into PC's purse, pulls out her lipstick, and applies it)
    Flip: (in a falsetto) Oh, Fish!

    Season 6 
A Horse Walks Into Rehab
  • The annoying front desk clerk who wants to take selfies with every person who comes in to sign up for rehab. He has an entire board behind the desk covered with polaroid selfies. When BoJack comes back at the end after sneaking out at night on his last day, the clerk refuses to accept that he's been there at all because he's not in any of the selfies, forcing BoJack to start his six weeks over again.
    • It's later revealed that all of the celebrities the clerk took selfies with look just as uncomfortable as BoJack, because nobody is in the mood for a photo op after realizing that they've hit rock bottom.
  • Bojack is in such poor shape during the first week at rehab that he can barely participate in the activities. One of them involves walking a mountain trail, and orderlies have to carry him to the starting line, and he still can't move further than that. In yoga class he just lies on the mat in a miserable lump. And on his first night there, he spent it throwing up instead of sleeping as he was detoxing. It's not until he sees a photo of Sarah Lynn on the clerk's selfie board that he begins working harder.
  • One of the clients at the rehab center is just actor Jay Hernandez researching his role for a new Super Mario Bros. movie. He's even dressed as Mario! He also notes that the film is being directed by Zack Snyder and a key part of Mario's character will be that he's concussed from headbutting blocks.
    • This is even funnier if you remember the first Super Mario movie from the 90's, the one with Bob Hoskins. It did not turn out well.
    • What's also funny is that Mario doesn't headbutt the blocks and never has - he breaks them with his fist.
  • BoJack calls the rest of the regular cast, who are all up to the show's usual antics without him, resulting in us getting a tiny snapshot of an especially wacky episode involving Todd getting black market porcupine milk for Princess Carolyn's baby, and Mr. Peanutbutter destroying a studio resulting in Amy Sedaris' most ridiculous Tongue Twister ever:
    Princess Carolyn: Wait! You're telling me your dumb drone downed a tower and drowned Downtown Julie Brown's dummy drumming "dum dum dum dum" dousing her newly found goose down hand-me-down gown? I'll be right down.
  • Jameson's dad has a house full of movie memorabilia, such as the Ferrari from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and while she claims it's because he's into movie trivia, it's actually because this isn't the first time a celebrity has helped her escape rehab, and they keep giving him these things as apology gifts. He ends up giving them a lift back to rehab in the foot-driven car from The Flintstones, complete with the running sound effect.

The New Client

  • Princess Carolyn is so overworked and sleep deprived she almost puts her baby in the microwave in a moment of distraction!
    • She later wanders into Bojacks rehab to get Mr. Peanutbutter, only for them to think she's a drug addict due to her exhausted babbling and the needle marks on her arms (from the baby's porcupine needles). They put her in a lawn chair and she ends up sleeping for two days.
  • Mr Peanutbutter desperatly trying to keep himself distracted with his work on the Birthday Dad movie so he won't have to go home and tell Pickles he cheated on her, to the point that he keeps injecting his own guilt into the role.
    • Their also his interaction with Doctor Champ
      Doctor Champ: Hey! Your name's Mister? My name's Doctor!
      Mr. Peanutbutter: How about that?!
      BoJack: Wait, is Doctor Champ just your name?
  • The directors other project, The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, the story of a young girl in hiding, who's also stitched together from the corpses of other young girls in hiding.
    Director: Which I'm only now realizing might be in poor taste.

Feel-Good Story

  • When Diane and Guy interview the potato farmer, she reveals that she has proof the farm is a front for sex trafficking. The farmer just makes a run for it rather than try to defend himself.
    Guy: Never seeing that microphone again
  • Diane reveals that PhillipMorris-Disney-Fox-AT&T-Time-Warner-Halliburton-Skynet-Toyota-Trader Joe's has been acquired by Whitewhale. Guy's response: "Aw shit, how many companies are there now? Four?"
    • Steffonie reveals that Whitewhale purchased Girl Croosh.
      Steffonie: Well technically they bought Fuddrucker's and merged it with Dow Chemical to create a new media venture called Spronk. Spronk acquired Univision which will incorporate Girl Croosh into the Gizmodo mist of advertorial.
  • Guy and Diane go to meet with the blue-coated, eyepatch-wearing reporter who has been obsessed with trying to blow the whistle on Whitewhale.
    Isabelle: You might even say that Whitewhale is my... green light at the end of the dock.
    Diane: What?
    Isabelle: That's a Gatsby reference. Read a book.
  • The bill legalizing murder for billionaires is so over-the-top you can't help but laugh.


  • This episode sees Mr. Peanutbutter come clean about him cheating on Pickles with Diane... all while the two come home to what was supposed to be a surprise celebration with all their friends. They spend the first third of the episode arguing while all the guests hilariously move and hide out of sight of the two.
    • Of particular note are Mr. and Mrs. Captain Peanutbutter, who at one point hide behind empty picture frames, moving their heads (and blocking their bodies) as Mister and Pickles pick the frames up to muse about them. Captain is The Eeyore to such an extent that Pickles is surprised his wife hasn't gnawed the wedding ring off her finger yet.
    • For added humour, their spat reveals some less than flattering opinions of their acquaintances while they're trying to stay hidden. Including "Greg, from the bus stop", who invited for no particular reason.
  • Eduardo, BoJack's trained sober companion, hides in the "Thunder Room" (a sealed room that Mr. Peanutbutter evidently hides in during thunderstorms as well as 4th of July Fireworks) during the commotion. He's a fainting goat who panics if he thinks about drinking. He's pretty calm for a fainting goat, and the only thing that makes him panic and faint is the thought of drinking again. In the Thunder Room he tries to calm himself and reads the signs on the wall. One says "Don't Panic", and the other says "Drink" above a wall of alcohol, and he promptly faints.
    • The Mood Whiplash in Pickles video uploads, showing her progress both as a social media celebrity and her relationship with Mr Peanutbutter, only for the last video show her crying her eyes out, mascara running down her face, after he admitted to him cheating on her.
    • Mr Peanutbutter manages to make the situation worse with every word. First, Pickles thought she could get past it because it was just a random fling with someone he didn't even know. Nope, it was Diane. Well, atleast it only happened once. Nope, it was twice. Well, atleast he told her about it as soon as it happened. Nope, it was months ago!
    • One of the social media comments is "show us your feet".
  • Diane attempts to entertain Ruthie with the classic "where's the baby".
    Diane: Wheeere's the baby? Wheeere's the baby? Wheeere's... (opens her eyes to see Ruthie suddenly gone) Holy shit, where's the baby?!

A Little Uneven Is All

  • BoJack's told that he can leave rehab, only to realize that it's not that he's done, it's that he's getting kicked out for another celebrity. He then immediately storms back up to Doctor Champ to tell him off and give him a good zinger... only to be completely out of breath after having ran all the way back to him. Doctor Champ and the client that Bojack interrupted both lampshade this and then encourage him to get it out.
    BoJack: BoHo go bye bye for JoJo PoGo? That's a no-go, bro. (collapses from exhaustion) ...Worth it.

The Kidney Stays In the Picture

  • Todd tries breaking into the White Whale building using Diane's pass. As soon as the security guard points out that the name doesn't line up with Todd's gender or ethnicity, Todd tries to pass this off as if he's both mixed-race and trangender, but immediately screws this up by announcing several times that he's Todd Chavez.
  • Todd's stepfather Jorge finally reveals that the reason he was so hard on Todd growing up was because he wanted him to be the best version of himself so that he could live a good life. It's only now he realises that he never had to worry about that, because Todd is white.
    • Jorge distracts the security guard in the organ room by telling him someone at the party downstairs is putting ketchup on a hot dog, and the security guard pulls out a gun before heading down. People in Chicago take hot dogs very seriously.
  • A drunk Doctor Champ keeps using the Check, Please! line while talking to Bojack at the bar, and doesn't understand why the bartender keeps giving him his actual check.
    • BoJack accidentally gives himself therapy while he's arguing with Champ, and comes to a massive realization about himself and his self-loathing.
  • Doctor Champ points out that he's not a licensed therapist, he's a therapy horse, i.e a therapy animal, which doesn't require legal certification.note 
    Doctor Champ: I'm not a therapist! I'm a therapy horse, a subtle but legally important distinction.

The Face of Depression

  • BoJack attends his first AA meeting... and discovers that the fruit plate by the coffee literally consists of nothing but honeydew melon.
    BoJack: Goddamn— (cue intro)
  • Mr Peanutbutter and Jojo convince each other that they both have clinical depression despite having no symptoms, because "sometimes the people who seem the happiest have depression".
  • BoJack and Mr Peanutbutter visit the Television section of the American History museum in Washington, and BoJack finds out that his iconic sweater from Horsin' Around is one of the exhibits... and the entire kitchen set from Mr Peanutbutters House is another.
    BoJack: (sighs) That makes sense.
    • Mr Peanutbutter finally gets his "crossover episode" on the set, and is so overwhelmed he starts crying and can't even deliver his lines.
      Visitor: He's the face of depression.

A Quick One, While He's Away

  • Hollyhock wants to experience the magic of nighttime New York City... and steps right out into the rather underwhelming filth and grime of an average New York neighborhood, complete with police sirens in the background.
    • In that shot, you can see a poster of the Jay Hernandez Mario Bros. movie mentioned in the first episode of the season. It shows Mario vielding two M4's against a background explosion. Apparently they're not sticking very close to the source material.
  • Kelsey Jannings is offered the chance to direct the first female-led superhero film for an unnamed superhero franchise. The executives make a big deal about how now is the best time for female superheroes only because all the male ones have already done trilogies.
  • The reporters Paige and Max, who are straight out of a Howard Hawks screwball comedy with their transatlantic accents and lightning-fast banter, which is just an annoyance to all their co-workers. Paige also keeps putting off her wedding to trace the story of Sarah Lynn’s death, constantly assuring her fiancé she’s headed back right now.

Intermediate Scene Study w/ BoJack Horseman

  • BoJack preparing himself for his first class, checking his notes and writing his name on the whiteboard, only to find that he can't erase it afterwards. Then he looks down on the marker he used...
    BoJack: Aaaaand thats a sharpie.
  • The Running Gag where the acting students BoJack gives critique to keep showing up at his AA meeting doing some ridiculous bit just to prove themselves to him.
    • One of the students got mad because BoJack pointed out that his "gimmick" of doing old man characters made no sense since if a movie or tv show calls for an old character, they cast actual old people for it!
    • The third time this happens, Bojack yells at the student, only to find out that the reason she was struggling was because she actually did have a drinking problem too, and was looking for real help. Oops.
  • The Overly Long Gag when PC recruits BoJack's best student, with the pair tempting him to their side just like the dog he is.

Good Damage

  • The opening bit with Diane on anti-depression drugs, featuring a montage of her getting around problems in life instead of moping about it, which mostly involves using a passing animal person to help her, such as buying a hot dog just so a bird person will lift her over a marathon blocking a crossing, or getting around a power outage by hooking up an electric eel to the wiring. All in the same vein as the Mentos commercials from the late '90s.
  • Diane is getting a little fed up with Chicago food culture.
    Diane: Why is everything called Chicago-style? You're IN Chicago, you don't need to call it that!
    • Guy just rolls with it.
      Guy: Wanna go to a Chicago-style museum?
  • The Art Shift when Diane is struggling to work on her book, which is similar to BoJack imagination from "Stupid Piece of Shit", which is mostly played for drama, but there's a few moments of Black Comedy, especially when she talks to a mental representation of her dead father.
    Diane: How about the times you made me lose at Boggle so my brothers would think they were "wicked smarter than a girl"?!
    • The Boston Tea Party, with a revolutionary proclaiming that he's teabagging the harbor.

Sunk Cost and All That

  • The students holding a party right outside the office, which keeps interrupting Bojacks crisis.
    PC: They didn't even buy any alcohol, just a disco ball and some capes!
    • And when Diane storms out of the office.
      Diane: AGH! Everyone here is making out! GO TO YOUR DORMS! YOU HAVE ROOMS!!
  • The characters write down all the horrible things Bojack has done on two separate whiteboards while trying to figure out what Paige and Max might be looking for, and Todd adds the things Bojack did to him personally, such as ruining his rock opera and sleeping with Emily.

Xerox of a Xerox

  • Paige's sister getting annoyed by her out-of-place accent.
    "Why do you talk like that? We're from Fresno!"

The Horny Unicorn

  • The people in the Tex-Mex drivethrough think Bojack was in a magazine article about "Top 100 Most Hatted Men", and dont realize they left the drive-through speaker running while they were talking.
    BoJack: It was "Most HATED Men"!
    Drive-Thru people: What?
    BoJack: It was "The 100 Most Hated Men", it was a newsboy cap, and I can hear everything you're saying!
    • A woman driving past Bojack notices who it is and flips him off.
  • BoJack was sued for $5 million by Sarah Lynn's family due to his involvement in her death...and $100 million by Xerox for negatively comparing himself to a Xerox.
  • Todd has another harebrained scheme to throw a sophisticated housewarming party to impress his parents, and ends up asking Judah for help, leading to the most hilarious inaccurate summation of Juda's character possible.
    Todd: Hey, Judah, I need your advice. I am trying to trow a sphosticated adult party, but I have no furniture or sophisticated adult friends.
    Judah: I'm alarmed. Do you not consider me a sophisticated adult or do you not consider me a friend?
    Todd: Judah, this is no time for one fo your famous Judah tantrums!


  • Angela Diaz mentions that The Cosby Show is being edited to remove all scenes with Bill Cosby, so it'll just be The Show. She also mentions that executives are trying a similar strategy with Horsin' Around, which will be edited to remove all of BoJack's scenes and will become just Around, about three precocious children without any adult supervision who discover that wisdom and knowledge are everywhere.

The View from Halfway Down

  • While the episode is almost wall-to-wall Tear Jerker or Nightmare Fuel, there are a few laughs sprinkled throughout, such as the discussion the characters are having during dinner; Best/Worst, i.e what was the best and worst moment of their lives. Courderoy asks if he can have four examples of worst instead of just one.
    BoJack: Well, me finding you dead in your trailer definetly cracked my Top 5.
  • Zach Braff gives a somber speech about the nature of loss and death, only to reveal that the show he was putting on was a ridiculous roller-skating performance, he's even taken off the pants for his tuxedo and put on pink hot pants.
    • When Braff's accidentally pushed towards the door's path, he goes into a long Tongue Twister of all the things he never got to do, such as a Backdraft remake, finishing his memoir, and liscencing a breakfast menu item.
  • Death hasn't changed Beatrice's disposition much, as seen with her reaction when Bojack gives her hydrangeas as a gift.
    Beatrice: Oh, a plant. Dirt for inside. Goodie.
  • There's something darkly comedic about the fact that Courderoy and Herbs meals at the dinner (since everyone is eating the last thing they ate before they died) is a lemon and a bowl of peanuts respectively. As the viewer hopefully remembers, Courderoy accidentally hanged himself while performing autoerotc asphyxiation with a lemon in his mouth since he had heard it increased the rush, and Herb died from his peanut allergy when he crashed into a truck full of peanuts.
    • There's also something funny about Courderoy cutting and eating his lemon in thin slices with a knife and fork, as if it's an actual meal.

Nice While It Lasted

  • From the opening montage:
    • For years, the fandom has predicted that the entire show is just the setup to the "A Horse Walks Into a Bar" joke, and it would end with the bartender saying the classic response. The opening song that accompanies the montage finally gives us the long-awaited punchline.
      ♫ So why the long face? ♫
    • A shot of a headline with the words "HORSEMAN DEAD", which then zooms out and reveals that it actually says "HEADLESS HORSEMAN SHARED UNIVERSE DEAD", with a smaller article next to it stating that Bojack survived his suicide.
    • The sneeze photo returns. A courtroom artist even draws Bojack sneezing in the exact same way, leaving one to wonder if that's just how people see him.
    • The child that was traumatised by Bojack's break-in achieves memetic status, to the point where he's now a bigger deal than the incident that made him famous.
    • On the same magazine cover, there's a shot that reveals what happened to Wanda after she was Put Ona Bus - she ended up in another coma, and was made network executive of another media conglomerate after waking up again.
    • BoJack's bunkmate is a honey badger. And he shows a Slasher Smile because honey badger don't give a shit.
  • Mr. Peanutbutter picks up Bojack for his day out of prison, and points out he's not dressed for a wedding, which Bojack lampshades since it's not like the prison provided him with a suit, just the clothes he came to the prison in, so they have to stop at a tailor on the way.
  • The Running Gag of Mr Peanutbutter's tailor-made signs reaches its logical conclusion: he orders the missing letter for the Hollywoo sign. The "D" from "Birthday Dad", of course. It now says "HOLLYWOOB".
    Mr. Peanutbutter: The next time I need a sign made, I'll seriously consider going to a different company!

  • Birthday Dad, Mr. Peanutbutters nonsensical show he got from a birthday card in the first half of the season, has apparently exploded in popularity after the Time Skip, with references to it everywhere and a slew of awards, inclduing a new Nobel prize invented just for them!
  • At Princess Carolyn's wedding, the Honeydew melon Running Gag finally reaches it's conclusion when Bojack finds it at the buffet table, reacts with disgust... and then decides to try a bite.
    Bojack: Huh. Not bad.

    Special Episode 
BoJack Horseman Christmas Special: Sabrina's Christmas Wish
  • Todd waking up BoJack by banging a giant candy cane on a hot plate, singing his own version of "Joy To the World".
    Todd: Joy to the world, Todd is here! He drank up all your beer!
  • This exchange at the beginning, summing up BoJack and Todd's relationship in a nutshell.
    Todd: BoJack, it's Christmas!
    BoJack: Well, don't get too excited. I didn't get you shit.
    Todd: Ha! Shows what you know. When you were passed out, I used your credit card to buy me this new hat. Merry Christmas to me.
    BoJack: It looks exactly like your old hat.
    Todd: Yeah, it's my favorite kind of hat. Thanks, buddy!
    BoJack: Okay, great, Christmas transaction complete. Please leave now.
    Todd: Or we could watch "Sabrina's Christmas Wish".
    BoJack: Hard pass.
    Todd: What? Come on, you love Horsin' Around!
    BoJack: Yeah, but I always skip the Christmas ones.
    Todd: Because the themes of family and togetherness are a chilling reminder of your own isolation?
    BoJack: No, but thank you for that.
  • The Horsin' Around Christmas special is filmed before a live studio audience. In some cases, a very live studio audience.
    Sabrina: We get presents just for being good? That's too much, man!
    Audience: (heavy laughter)
    Single guy in the audience: THAT'S MY FAVORITE LINE!
    BoJack: That's right! But you gotta be really good, because Santa Claus is always watching!
    Sabrina: Even when we go to the bathroom? (audience laughter) That's too much, man!
    Audience: (louder laughter and applause)
    Ethan: This Santa Claus guy sounds like a real piece of work, yowza yowza bo bowza!
    Audience: (silence, scattered applause)

  • A funny, easy to miss joke: the DVD has Russian subtitles, implying that Todd snagged a bootleg copy.
  • When BoJack ends up gets the promotion instead of the Jewish worker
    Single guy in the audience: FIRE THAT JEW!


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