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You're bound to get at least one out of his many songs. Expect him to use Vulgar Humor.


  • Throwing shade at Katy Perry to her face at the YouTube awards. "Thank you Mrs. Perry."
  • "The majority of YouTubers/Are either Asian or they're gay/So there's an untapped YouTube celebrity/And his name is George Takei." Turns out he was right!
  • "New Math." "This is a song that takes something that's not fun, math, and makes it..offensive."
    "Squaring numbers is just like women / If they're under 13 just do them in your head....."
  • From "My Whole Family (Thinks I'm Gay)":
    "Maybe it's because of the way that I walk / They all think that I like...boys."
    • "You all probably think I'm gay/Man this song is counter-productive."
  • From the video for "Oh Bo" a hot girl plays with whipped cream seductively while he holds up a sign in the back saying "YAY FEMINISM!"
    • And since it's a rap song, there's plenty of lines like this:
    I'll have you going down like you've grown an extra chromosome!
  • From "We Think We Know You": "I AM SATAN, LORD OF DARKNESS."
  • "From God's Perspective"
    You shouldn't abstain from pork just cause you think that I want you to. You can eat pork, cause - why the fuck would I give a shit?... I created the universe. Think I'm drawing the line at the fuckin' deli aisle?
  • "Bo wants to make you feel comfortable. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a healthy dose of PROLONGED EYE CONTACT."
  • The video for "Repeat Stuff". Yes, there's loads of content that should be classified as Nightmare Fuel, but the way that it's executed and the purpose that it has in the video just makes it come off as very amusing.
  • The part in "Sad" where Bo says he saw a poster for a lost dog that didn't have any legs. It seems terrible, but then you realize there is no way that dog ran away and its owners are just incredibly oblivious.
    • The song he plays just before "Sad" titled "A World on Fire." Listen!
  • From the part where Bo's left and right brain are split:
    Right Brain: There's something about her! I just can't describe it!
    Left Brain: Tits.
    • The Mood Whiplash on this song would be enough to snap your neck on the first verse!
    Left Brain: I am the left brain, I am the left brain/I work real hard 'til my inevitable death-brain/You got a job to do, better do it right/and the right way, is with the left brain's might
    Right Brain: I LIKE OREOS AND PUSSY, YAH! (Yes, in that order)/And I cried for at least an hour after watching Toy Story 3 (WOODY!)/'Cause I'm the right brain, and I have feelings/I'm a little all over the place but I'm lustful, trustful and I'm looking for somebody to love (or put my penis in).
    Disembodied Voice: So basically, you're still a little bitch.
    Bo: Uh, real mature of you, disembodied voice up there...
    Disembodied Voice: I was just joking, nigga.
    Bo: ...We are right by Oakland, careful with that shit!
  • From "Repeat Stuff:"
    I love my baby and you know I couldn't live without her
    But now I need to make every girl think this song's about her
    Just to make sure that they spread it like the plague
    So I describe my dream girl as really, really vague, like
    "I love your hands 'cause your fingerprints are like no other
    I love your eyes and their blueish brownish greenish color
    I love it when you smile, that you smile wide
    And I love how your torso has an arm on either side."
    Now, if you're my agent you might be thinking, "Oh no, sound the alarms
    You're not appealing to little girls who don't have arms."
    But they can't use iTunes, so fuck them, WHO NEEDS 'EM!
  • When playing "Oh Bo" live, Bo will always end the song with a dissonant piano crash. He even ends the Words Words Words album with it (the album closes on a live performance of the song).
  • There's this part from the intro of Make Happy:
    Bo: If you like smoking weed, let me hear you say, "Hell, yeah!"
    Crowd: Hell, yeah!
    Bo: Gotcha. (Police sirens wail as officers speak) Get these motherfuckers. Pot is ruining America.
  • "High school party, senior year, boys and girls are all sippin' on beer. I like soda, where's the soda? Am I the only fucking person here that likes soda?"
  • "Kill Yourself" is, as the title suggests, so brutally dark that it's hilarious. Especially as the last part of the song is just a Long List of increasingly outlandish suicide methods.
  • His cover of "Baby", particularly the line "little motherfucker stole my haircut".
  • His brief attempt to gain sponsorship from "Flamin' Hot Cheetos".
    Flamin' Hot Cheetos!
    Like regular Cheetos but they're flamin' hot!
    Normal Cheetos are for pussies!
    Flamin' Cheetos are not!
    For pussies, that is!


  • During the YouTube version of what., he tells a joke about video editors, only to have it cut to the next one mid-joke.
    • He does a similar joke in the Netflix version of Make Happy, about continuity errors. The best part is, the change is so small, you pretty much have to watch it multiple times to even catch it.
  • Pretty much every Vine he's ever made.
  • "I put a chameleon on a red dildo. It blushed."
  • After Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous got canceled, Bo immediately went and tweeted a slew of fast food restaurant chains, asking if they had job openings.
  • From "Ex-Girlfriend / Racial Humor":
    "My ex-girlfriend, she was a bitch. You know what they say: 'If you want to know what a girl looks like, look at her mother.' You know? So I am so glad I broke up her, because she would've been, you know...dead."
  • This exchange:
    Female Audience Member: I love you!
    Bo: No you fucking don't.


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