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  • In an early episode involving math, Steve shows the viewers a video letter of a little girl who has her friends over for lunch. The mother of the girl asks the kids how many slices of pizza will be enough to feed everybody. First, she slices the pizza down the middle, making two pieces. Then, this exchange happens:
    Girl: Two pieces for me!
    Another Girl: No waaayyy!
  • The "Blue Is Frustrated" episode, top to bottom. From Salt and Pepper's picnic-preparation rage to Mailbox's genuine distress at his inability to fit through the window, watching normally cheerful animated characters freaking out is amazingly awesome.
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  • Opposite end of the spectrum, in the episode "Magenta Comes Over", Steve himself was the first clue. You'd think Jesus had come again with how Steve reacted to this. As if that wasn't worth enough chuckles, he always greets his drawing self whenever he reviews the clues of that episode.
  • In "Morning Music" Blue goes to the bathroom. Shouldn't she be going outside like normal dogs?
    • It's just funnier considering that Joe was singing while a dog's on the freaking toilet and only he can keep a straight face.
    • This is even funnier: Joe's actor had to do 30 takes, and he kept cracking up almost every time.
  • In "Blue's Big Musical Movie," Mr. Salt keeps having trouble making cookies, which keeps distracting Steve.
    • First, when Sidetable is attempting to ask Steve if she can sing in the You-Can-Be-Anything-You-Wanna-Be show;
      Sidetable: Steve! I have something to ask you.
      Steve: (walks over to Sidetable) Yes, Sidetable?
      Sidetable: Well, uh... I want to, uh... (tsk) (begins blushing) Could I...uh...—
      Mr. Salt: (from the kitchen) Steve, Steve! (sound of opening a cabinet is heard) I can't find the flour!
      Steve: (turns to the kitchen) Try the bottom shelf. (some more kitchen noises are heard, Steve turns back over to Sidetable) Sorry. What did you wanna say?
      Sidetable: Well, um.... (blushes again, begins nudging one of her legs) You see... I wanted to—
      Mr. Salt: (from the kitchen) STEVE!
      Steve: (turns to the kitchen again) Just one second. (turns over to Sidetable)
      (one second later)
      Mr. Salt: (from the kitchen) Uh-oh... (clattering sounds)
      (Steve turns to the screen, and then to the kitchen, Sidetable looks over with an agape mouth)
      Steve: Um...I better go help Mr. Salt in the kitchen. (Sidetable nods)
      Mr. Salt: (from the kitchen) Oh no!
      (crash, spilled liquid is heard)
      Mr. Salt: Sacré bleu!
      Steve: (turns to the audience) Will you wait here with Sidetable drawer?
      Mr. Salt: Better get a mop!
      Steve: Great. (turns to Sidetable) I'm sorry, uh... hold that thought, I'll be right back. (runs to the kitchen)
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    • The second instance is when Periwinkle is trying to show one of his tricks to Steve;
      Periwinkle: Steve, Steve! I want to show you something!
      Steve: Hey, Perry. What do you want to show us?
      (Mr. Salt hops to the kitchen window, where Steve and Periwinkle outside)
      Mr. Salt: Uh...Excuse me, Steve. Where are the chocolate chips?
      Steve: Oh. There's on the bottom shelf.
      (Mr. Salt hops into the kitchen)
      Steve: (turns to Periwinkle) Sorry, Periwinkle. Go ahead.
      (some cabinets are heard)
      Periwinkle: (covers himself with a cape) Peri, Pocus, Ocus—
      Mr. Salt: (from the kitchen) Where, Steve??
      Steve: (turns to Mr. Salt) Bottom shelf. (turns over to Periwinkle)
      (some clanging is heard)
      Periwinkle: ... Peri, Pocus, Ocus, Cr—
      Mr. Salt: (from the kitchen) What did you say?!
      Steve: (turns to Mr. Salt) Bottom shelf. (turns over to Periwinkle again)
      (some more clanging is heard)
      Periwinkle: (starting to get annoyed) PERI, PO—
      Mr. Salt: (from the kitchen) Steve, where?!
      (crash, a canister lid is seen sliding on the floor)
      Mr. Salt: (from the kitchen) (to himself) Oh, no...
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  • The first time we see Joe, Steve tells him "You've grown!" It's about the only plausible way to quickly acknowledge that Joe is taller than Steve, despite the fact that he's supposed to be younger than him.
  • Steve goes to college on, wait for it, a hopscotch scholarship.note 
    • During "Steve Goes To College," which is about what Steve will bring with him to college, Joe mishears "A clue!" as "Shoes" and asks the audience if they think Steve will take his shoes to college. Steve says that he actually will be taking his shoes with him.
    • When Steve returns for the 100th episode, he reports that he's become captain of the varsity hopscotch team. note 
  • Prior to Joe's debut, Nickelodeon was running promos that had Squidward Tentacles declaring he was going to be the new host. At which point Joe appears and tells Squidward to stop telling people that. Why would Squidward be interested in hosting a preschoolers' show?
  • Steve impersonating Elvis Presley because he's playing a "king." This reference would definitely be understood by any parents watching.
  • Five words: "A sock in a bakery."note 
    Steve: Who'd 'a thought?
  • From the aptly titled "What's So Funny?"
    • Same episode, there's a town called Silly Town, which features a construction worker using a banana instead of a hammer.
      Steve: Question, why not a hammer?
      Construction Worker: "I think I'm going bananas!"
    • When the rabbit asks Steve and Blue if they're the mechanics, Steve says something you would not want to hear someone say if they planned to fix your vehicle:
      Steve: "The mechanics? Oh, you mean the ones who fix stuff!"
  • From "The Wrong Shirt":
    Steve: (walks into the room and fails to notice the tree behind him) So, do you see anything that's the opposite of how it's supposed to be?
    Audience: That tree!
    Steve: (slightly confused) Excuse me, a- a tree?
    • There's also what kicks off the episode: Steve managing to put on the opposite of his usual attire (as in a brown shirt and green-striped pants)... and only realizing it when the audience points it out.
  • At one point in "Blue's News," Steve and Blue enter the chalkboard (in search of Slippery's chalk friend) and boat down a river. On their journey, a giant wave appears behind them (that is about to wreck their boat)... which Steve (upon noticing) gestures "Hi." to.
  • Usually, Steve (or Joe)'s response upon mishearing the audience say "A clue!" isn't funny. But, in "Math!":
    Steve: (counting ice cubes in an ice tray) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! 10 ice cubes! Good counting!
    (at this point, the ice cubes in the nearby ice bucket shift, revealing one of them is a clue)
    Audience: A clue!
    Steve: (turns to look at us; sounds/looks like he's about to have a heart attack) Ten clues?
  • When Steve and Blue are playing with instruments, then this happens...
    (phone rings)
    Steve: Hey. What instrument is that?
    Audience: The telephone.
    Steve: What? The phone instrument? (Understands what the audience is saying) Oh, the telephone. Yeah. (realizes) Oh, the telephone.
  • In the episode "What Experiment Does Blue Want To Try?", after looking through the magnifying glass, the audience finds the second clue. Steve pulls out his handy-dandy...magnifying glass! Even funnier, the Audible Gleam still plays, but dies down once he pulls out the magnifying glass instead.
    • Also the kid yelling, "It's a clue, clue, clue!" is pretty amusing.
  • "Blue's Birthday" has a part near the end that isn't shown in reruns where Steve opens a present for him, which inside has presents inside those presents. At one point, he has a purple present that's medium-sized.
    Steve: Oooooh... You'll never guess what this is. Go ahead, guess!
    Audience: A toaster!
    • Speaking of things not shown in reruns, there's a scene that's only on the VHS where Steve learns the birthday dance from three kids who live in an apartment. What it boils down to is something you'd see as a bonus feature on the DVD, but it's hilarious nonetheless.
  • In "Patience," Blue places a giant clue pawprint on the roof of the house. For added amusement, Periwinkle is present with Joe and gets in on the usual act of mishearing the kid.
    Audience: On the roof!
    Periwinkle: Blue's on the roof?!
    • And even more funny when the camera is further away and Joe lampshades it.
      Joe: Hey! How'd you get over there?!
  • In "Let's Write," we play Blue's Clues to figure out what word Blue wants to write. It turns out to be "Joe." As the clues are being solved...
    Joe: Juh-oe. Juh-oe. What word is that?
    Audience: Joe!
    Joe: ...Yes?
  • In "What's That Sound?", the second clue is a cloud. Steve is about to draw it in the notebook when, in a rare moment of awareness, he does a Double Take by looking back at the cloud and wondering what the hell his dog just did. Even funnier, it breaks a long silence from him after he decides to stop talking to listen to the outdoor sounds.
    Steve: How did Blue get a paw-? (pauses again before drawing the cloud)
  • "What Is Blue Afraid Of?" Steve says Boo's name and he jumps in fright. Works every time.
  • Spanish is used throughout "Un Dia con Plum"...
    Audience: A clue. Or una pista.
    Steve: A pizza? I like pizza.
  • "Bedtime Business" features a "pillow notebook," which at one point Joe pretends as if it's an actual pillow, holding it up to his head as if he's going to fall asleep.
    Joe: So cuddly. ... Just kidding.
  • In the same installment, a late-night mail delivery is delivered by Mailbox, and at the end of the letter, a toothbrush falls out of the letter, which is the third clue. Since mail is almost always taken in the Thinking Chair, that's where Joe happens to be. After he's done drawing the clue, he says that it's "Time to sit in our Thinking Chair," hops out of the Thinking Chair to go to it, then realizes what he just did as the usual "Thinking Chair" music comes to a halt. He then stares briefly at the chair, points to the seat, and slowly sits down, a sheepish look on his face.
    Joe: (chagrined) Well, now that we're in our Thinking Chair, let's think.
  • In "Blue's Sad Day", Steve is visibly embarrassed by a felt girl blowing a kiss at him. It's particularly amusing that this is what embarrasses him considering the world he lives in.
  • There's a Funny Background Event in "The Legend of the Blue Puppy" where you can see Boris eating a piece of Cartoon Cheese on a plate.
  • A Running Gag in "What Does Blue Want to Build?" is Steve wanting to use his tool belt to help build something, only for it to be unnecessary. At the end of the episode, they finish building the fort that Blue wanted to build, once again, without Steve's help. What does Steve do? He takes out his hammer and lightly taps it with a "squeak".
  • In "What's That Sound?", one of the clues is the sky itself. Even Steve is questioning the logistics of Blue putting a pawprint up there.
  • In the first episode, "Snack Time", Steve has just helped two chicks find their friends who wear matching hats. He's just about to go off to find the third clue, when a third chick jumps into his hand. Steve's reaction:
  • For the whole first season and the first eight episodes of the second (except "What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things?"), when Steve sits in the Thinking Chair after getting all three clues, he gives a very silly answer. Steve's answer in "Adventures in Art" isn't funny as it actually makes sense.
  • Steve, much to his dismay, keeps getting splashed with water in "What Does Blue Need?"
  • In "What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things?", Steve and Blue meet Al Luminum, mayor of Recycle Town, who constantly misstates Steve's name. He calls him "Stu", "Stone", and "Stan" before finally getting it right.
  • In another episode, Steve is about to skidoo back home but fails to notice a clue in front of him. This exchange sells it.
    Steve: Clue skidoo? Ok, that's kinda fun. Blue skidoo—
    Audience: Wait! A clue!
    • Even the music stops midway through Steve's short song.
  • In "Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock", Mailbox is running late when mailtime arrives, and he tells Steve to give him a minute. Cue Steve literally waiting an entire minute, complete with a timer onscreen, and having to keep breaking the awkward silence.
  • In "The Grow Show", the first clue is ... dirt. Steve's reaction is priceless.
    Steve: We just found our first clue, and it's dirt! ... Dirt? ... Our first clue is dirt? (looks at us in utter confusion) ... Well, now what do we do?
  • In "Steve Gets the Sniffles", one of the mishearing gags:
    Steve: "Flu? You think I have the flu? I hope not!"
  • At the beginning of the 100th episode, Mr. Salt proposes a toast. He then pulls out a piece of toast and takes a bite out of it.


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