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  • Wheatley's short anecdote on what he did to get rid of an itch he had when he was a core is either this or terrifying.
  • Why does breathing into a paper bag help you from passing out? According to Wheatley's guess:
    "[...] the idea was that you were so preoccupied with what an arse you looked huffing into a paper bag that you stopped thinking about whatever it was that was making you feel like fainting."
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  • Wheatley's attempt at baking.
    Romy was right. Wheatley's loaf was a work of art, in its own horrific way. Puffy in places it should have been flat, flat in places it should have been puffy, it leaned like a set of Penrose steps, baffling to the eye. It had strange geometry. It had been out of the oven for at least an hour, but it wouldn't stop smouldering (making the candle and the open windows a necessity, at least for the five present who needed to breathe) suggesting that there were still unpleasant chemical reactions taking place inside. What it had done in the oven was almost as worrying- showing alarming cannibalistic tendencies, it had overflowed its tin and eaten half of Chell's own loaf. It had the surface texture of sandpaper, and seemed to have gained at least two pounds of mass out of nowhere. It weighed roughly about as much as a bowling ball, which was a coincidence, since it was about as edible as one.
  • Wheatley becoming "drunk" off of the Moonshine.exe...after having the equivalent of one drink. Plus a lot of his crazy rambling during said "intoxication".
    • And later Foxglove uses it to get Wheatley past the security of the Aperture mainframe, by getting the security system drunk.
  • At one point in chapter 10, Wheatley's voice is being muffled by the roar of the generator as he tries reasoning with Garret, who is twenty feet up Foxglove, about running an extension cable down to connect to him. Frustrated that Garret isn't able to properly hear him, Chell unplugs the noisy machine and the gathering crowed is left with hearing Wheatley shout: "-and stick that in me instead?"
  • Wheats playing around with the word "broadcast" in chapter 11 while Garrett is fine-tuning the signal, saying how they, "don't want to start narrowcasting by accident, or just sort of average-widthcasting," and ultimately culminating in the line, "Let's cast some broads."
  • The English translation of Caroline's last song to Chell is guaranteed to cause a snort.
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  • Everyone's reactions when Foxglove 'borrows' every freaking satellite she can get a hold of.
  • The bit when Wheatley declares that he and Garrett always had some sort of rivalry... And this is the first time Garrett hears of this.

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