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  • Thad's continuous attempts to dissuade his Bosnian half-sister Alma (who speaks very little English) from going out with Alex.
  • After stealing (then using, then passing around, then losing) Thad's pocket pussy (which has sentimental value to him, since it's a memento of his father, who died in a civil war in Bosnia), Alex gets taped to a chair by Thad, who has one end of a string tied to a doorknob and the other end tied to Alex's balls. Cue Craig (who stole the pocket pussy from Thad's locker after Alex put it back) and Denise coming in just in time to save Alex from the "Tijuana Tooth Pull", Denise giving Alex a minor Breaking Speech, then shutting the door.
  • Sammy accidentally killing Billy, the school's mascot, by throwing him off a stairwell so he could run to freedom...only to have the leash get snagged on the railing.
    • This isn't the only goat that dies. After Thad accidentally lets lose a rival team's mascot, a badger, the badger eats the second Billy. By the time Alex and Thad respond to Sam's call, they find both Sam and Mary Jo covered in goat blood along with...well...what's left of the goat.
  • Thad getting beaten up- by a girl with no arms.
    • Sammy tossing the same girl a beer. And then noticing that she has no arms.
    • The entire football team trying to play football, with no teams and while high as kites.
      • And then Thad has an acid freakout and sees the girl with no arms as a zombie chasing him across the football field.
      • Which leads to the revelation that Thad Screams Like a Little Girl
      • And that he has a most excellent Girly Run.
  • Thad getting lost in a hall of mirrors. That the entire lacrosse team managed to build inside his dorm the previous night, while he was asleep.
    • And Larry subsequently getting lost in the same hall of mirrors, while trying to find Thad.
    • In fact, all the pranks the football and lecrosse teams pull on each other count as funny. The only way to stop the vicious prank war? A virgin must have sex with both teams. Who just happens to be Sammy's new girlfriend. Tough break, Sammy.
  • Every single one of Sammy's Cold Turkeys Are Everywhere moments in "Midterms"
  • Thad declaring that the goat house has an invisible barrier to stop the Buckingham Titans getting in. Which the Titans accept and skulk around outside instead.
    • When invited in one of Titans asks Thad to remove the forcefield first, which he does.
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  • Thad and Coach Marty almost getting gay married.
  • This exchange from "Born Again"
    Alex: (regarding Mary Jo) Back in high school, she dated the captain of the hockey team. He was all-state, full ride to Michigan. You know where he is now?
    Radon: Uhh no, this is the first time I've ever heard of the dude.
  • An NCAA agent tells Coach Marty the program has been under investigation and puts down a small folder. Marty scoffs at how weak the NCAA's case is.
    Agent: Oh, no, that's the University of Miami's file. Here's yours.
    (slaps down a folder roughly the size of a New York City phone book as Marty's face falls into an Oh, Crap! expression.}

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