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  • "Shake Your Euphemism", anyone?
    • Really, it works for any of the alternative names for "ass" they give. For example: "Ali vs Frazier"
  • Should you come in late to a BMG show, they respond by setting off klaxons, turning a spotlight on you, and then playing a little ditty called "YOU'RE LATE!" while focusing the cameras on your descent to your seat.
  • The suggestion for "Freebird". Riffs of that song plays as the right Blue Man lights a lighter...only for the left Blue Man to whip out the Fire Extinguisher from the Dinner scene.
  • The Rock Concert movement "The Behind-the-Head Leg Stretch". The center Blue Man attempts this when it's brought up, with predictable results.
  • The Dinner scene during the live performances. The three Blue Men take a female audience member to a dinner date. Hilarity Ensues:
    • Accidentally flinging the Jello into the audience.
    • Twinkies are consumed with a fork and knife.
    • The right Blue Man takes out a candle to light it to set the mood... only for the left Blue Man to whip out a fire extinguisher.
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    • Occasionally, one Blue Man will attempt in vain to turn on a lamp. After a few seconds, another will simply clap and turn it on. It also responds to audience applause, causing it to go on and off constantly.
  • In their live shows, one of the Blue Men will shut off the lights using the lever. The camera crew and the other two Blue Men later catch the perpetrator trying to act innocent.
  • The Bathroom Song. In the bathrooms (at least at the New York show), a song about the bathroom plays on continuous loop.
  • One show has the group input a pass code to access their GiPads. The first Blue Man goes through normally, while...
    • The second gets snarked at when inputting the passcode. Apparently adding more numbers in varied patterns made the code weaker.
    • The third inputs 6666. The response? "Solid."


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