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  • The strip that sealed Opus' rise to become a Breakout Character: A Hare Krishna talks with Opus about prayer temples, and Opus continues to mondegreen the Hare Krishna's mentions of prayer temples into "Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnuts."
  • One strip has Dallas chatting up someone whom he thinks is an old friend of his named Ralph, and mentioning an old flame named Betsy Pringle. The strip ends with "Ralph" screaming, "My name is Sylvia, not Ralph... and I hope Betsy Pringle kicks you right in your *@!! hot lips!"
  • One of Oliver Wendell Jones' first appearances shows him hacking into The New York Times' story file, and changing the front page headline:
    • Phyllis Schlafly responds she wouldn't mind being a dumplin'.
  • Several from the 1984 Meadow Party campaign:
    • Limekiller being asked how he stands on nuclear waste: he lifts his foot.
    • Opus gives a speech, but due to a glitched Teleprompter, he says, "Grblb blabt unt mipt speeb! Oot pifoo blaboo..." then makes an 0.o face and asks for someone to give the Teleprompter a swift kick.
    • A Texan armadillo representative for the Meadow Party talks about his rowdy activities... to a Moral Majority representative.
    "Naturally I meant 'rope us some fillies' in the strict biblical sense, of course."
    • The Convention being sponsored by MTV playing Judas Priest over the whole proceedings.
    • Limekiller flippantly referring to his campaign party as "A black, a woman, two dips, and a cripple". Cue Oliver Wendell Jones, Yaz Pistachio, Milo, Binkley, and Cutter John, all face palming and glaring at him.
      • Even better, it's a parody of an actual quote (although it was "two Jews" instead of "two dips" and ended with "- and we've got talent!")
  • The Bloom County US Festival which features David Lee Roth of Van Halen lifting Opus and inciting a riot ("Rowdy rowdy rowdy!" "Oh look, now they're burning the Porta-Potties..."), Opus trying to install a Polka Day, and a band so entrenched with product placement the lead singer's dressed up as a can of spray deodorant.
  • Opus doing a The Prince and the Pauper switch with Michael Jackson. Really.
    • And nobody notices. They just think Michael's had his nose done again.
  • When the characters go on strike, Oliver gets a gangster rapping scab replacement. "Bite a bone, grab da phone, I be Ollie Wendell Jone'." The father then turns to the Fourth Wall and says "Ah be feelin' mighty sore if dis strike last too much more."
  • From Breathed's commentary in the second volume of the Complete Library, referring to a punchline censored by White-Out: "Finally, I can reveal what lay beneath the liquid paper: 'THEY CAN GO F*** THEMSELVES.' It feels so nice to be releasing a book for adults where I can print that word in its bold entirety, uncensored by idiot editors."
  • Opus and Binkley's Father's Day song.
  • Oliver Wendell Jones asks his computer "What is the nature of God?" The answer is, well...
  • Opus approaches a woman in a bar, and is presented with a large pile of paperwork to both read and fill out, including listing all his recent sexual partners. When he reveals he hasn't had any of those..
    woman: None whatsoever?
    Opus: Nope. I'm quite the prude.
    woman #2: I'm into prudes!
    woman #3: Me too!
    woman: I saw him first!
    Opus: Boy! All this paperwork, just for directions to the men's room!
  • When Opus is caught making up his personals' ad:
  • Oliver, upon being informed that he has competition in his quest for a Grand Unification Theory, screams and beats his head against the wall.
    Oliver: Why, I'm delighted! The quest for knowledge certainly shouldn't be a horse race!
    Milo: Shut up. Siddown.
    • Professor Hawking apparently learns that Oliver is also pursuing the Theory, and sends a polite good-luck note attached to a very nice ... uh ...
      Oliver: Put the cat out, Mom. It's a thermonuclear bomb.
  • Opus releases a sex tape of Steve Dallas on Twitter. Steve takes it in stride.
    Opus: I thought Twitter was a chat room for birds!
    Steve: SO?!
    Opus: I thought your "Li'l Mariachi" was a dying woodpecker!
  • Berkeley Breathed makes a confession:
    Breathed: Industry secret: Charlie Sheen has been paying a substantial royalty to this space since 2003. Not polite to mention this, tho.
  • The whole Deathtöngue/Billy & the Boingers saga is a brilliant satire of both the overcommecialization era of Heavy Metal and the music censorship controversies of The '80s.
  • Oliver is using a VR machine where it shows him going down a lazy river in an inner tube with a celebrity. In the middle of all this Opus, Bill the Cat and Milo spot this from outside. The strip ends with everyone outside near a recently thawed pond and the three have the beanbag Oliver is sitting on tilted towards it which Oliver is freely jumping into(Oliver mistook the pond for a massive cup of hot cocoa due to his VR machine). His dad has an expression which screams 'this ought to be good' as he lays on some snark to this.
Mr. Jones: Nice and toasty warm?
Oliver : Yep! Geronimo!
  • After Opus declares himself 'Zenguin' the very next strip shows that he has 'Just be kind' tattooed on his ass!
  • A math teacher at Oliver's school demonstrates fractions by presenting a grape that represents the annual salary of a public schoolteacher, then chops it to smithereens with a meat cleaver with increasingly obvious anger, to represent various annual personal expenses.
    Teacher: (pointing at the smoking bits) Mr. Jones, please tell us what fraction remains to put toward an early and well-deserved retirement.
    Oliver: Diddly-/squat.
  • Opus talks to Portnoy about music videos.
    Ya know, my all-time favorite song is "Yesterday." Whenever I hear it, I think of frolicking porpoises under Antarctic rainbows. I dunno why... It's just a very sentimental song to me...
    They finally made a video for it. I saw it this morning. It was mostly slow-motion explosions and half-naked women slinkin' around.
    Would you like to know what I think of now when I hear "Yesterday"?