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  • The Heart Industries receptionist barely batting an eye as Julian beats an overenthusiastic job candidate to death with his own briefcase.
  • Julian going even more insane than usual during episode 3, as he's stuck for hours on end listening to Heart Enterprise execs.
    Slink: Hey, Dick. Might wanna step on it.
    Clown Dick: (flipping Slink off) Step on this, Slick!
    Slink: (to camera) I'm the asshole...
  • The myriad side effects of Smax Candy.
    Disclaimer: If you are pregnant or nursing, you should never come within ten feet of any Smax Candy product. Eating Smax Candy may cause migraine headaches, night sweats, restless legs, ziglertits, schizophrenia, kemblephasia, racial intolerance, anal leakage (Matalas disease), priapism, crow’s affliction, Spontaneous Human Combustion, dimstead syndrome, brain liquefaction, the fung and homicidal tendencies.
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  • Arthur accidentally uppercutting an old lady while rumbling with the crowd. She's cool with it.
  • When Christopher sneaks into a forbidden area of Heart, Aki punishes him with what can best be called a puke cannon. The show tries cutting to commercial three times while he pukes rainbow vomit everywhere.
  • The show takes a "loving" look at corporate politics, particularly in entertainment, on a number of occasions, mocking awful notes from executives, sneering at idiots who don't know what they're doing, even going so far as to mock insistence on procedure. Julian Slink has many faults, but he views the Oxford Comma in precisely the correct manner.
    • In an example of Biting-the-Hand Humor, the show's producers often name Heart Industries executives after their real-life corporate overlords at SyFy - and them kill them off on-camera with extreme gusto.
  • Arthur's fight with The Ogre in "The Gentleman's Agreement". After stabbing him through the gut with a piece of shrapnel, the massive monster poops it out.
    Grace/Arthur: Oh, shit.
  • Arthur constantly interrupting Grace and Slink's bar fight to complain about trouble in the town in episode 8.
    • Grace sets him on fire. His biggest concern is his hat.
    Slink: This is vintage!
  • During his Vision Quest, when he first meets the vision of Aki, Arthur asks how Christopher is doing. Aki's answer is entirely bleeped out.
    Arthur: What was that?
    Vision!Aki: What?
    Arthur: That bleeping sound.
    Vision!Aki: I'm part of your mind. You don't know what's happening to Christopher, so how could I?
    Arthur: Of course Grace is Mary Magdalene. But why is Rib Bone the rabbi?
    Vision!Aki: Not everything has to make sense. Why is Clown Dick wearing a cocktail dress?
    • Vision!Slink's reaction to the Vision!Sheriff shooting him:
    Vision!Slink: Fuck me. (drops dead)
    • Grace's reaction to finding out the mystic Chinese woman charged her for the meal she was forced to buy in exchange for help saving Arthur's life.
  • Arthur, doped up on the Happy Gas, not noticing one thing off about Cronenburgh.
    Arthur: I'm the cobbler now. My brand new wife is beautiful. She is named Melanie, and the old cobbler gave her to me as a present because he's killing himself. This is all perfectly normal.
    • Slink shutting off the happy gas to Cronenburgh.
    Slink: This town can finally see itself for what it really is: Cleveland.
  • When Arthur enters Cronenburgh, dying of dehydration, he sees two little girls selling lemonade and downs a pitcher of it. When Slink arrives in a gas mask, allowing him to see the town without a filter, he sees the two little girls are horribly deformed...and the lemonade is being made by a dog pissing in a jar.

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