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  • Harry's entire "Man from Mars" rap in "Rapture".
  • "Just Go Away" seems to be a Take That! towards someone or other, but the backing vocals, shouted by seemingly the whole band except for Debbie Harry, are hilarious. They put a comical amount of gleeful venom in screeching "GO AWAY!", to the point that it sounds like they were joined in the studio by some angry Muppets.
  • "I'm Gonna Love You Too"'s demented 'Ah ah ah ah ah ah' vocals and the happy sounding music that goes with them.
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  • The lyrics to "Rip Her To Shreds", "I'm On E", "I Know But I Don't Know" and "Eat To The Beat" are all pretty comedic.
  • Famously, "Heart Of Glass" has 'Soon found out he was a pain in the ass', which was surprisingly blunt for a song of its time, and certainly for a pop-disco song.


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