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  • Right after Blade cuts off Quinn’s arm, he is shot repeatedly by two hospital security guards, leading to this quip:
    Blade: Motherfucker, are you out of your damn mind?!
    • The above scene is improved by the fact that the security guards exit as suddenly as they appeared, as though they suddenly realized dealing with a man in bullet-proof armor is well above their paygrade.
  • "You tell him it's open season on all suckheads."
    • Also Blade’s face right after Krieger tells him that the passageway of Frost’s underground base is in the freezer.
  • One of Whistler's lines:
    Whistler: I'm too old for this! Somebody get me a goddamn wheelchair!
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  • In the climax as Blade prepare to fight Frost. Quinn, one of Frost's dragons and who has at the beginning got his arm slice off, shows up
    Quinn: I got two arms now Blade and I don't know which one to kill you with! (He charges...and is unceremoniously bisected into dust.)
  • Frost admires Blade's sword and wants to demo it, so he orders Quinn to hold out his arm. Quinn is scared shitless, as he has already lost limbs to Blade's sword, as he dutifully does so and pleads with Frost not to do it. Frost holds the sword to Quinn's arm...then puts it away and deadpans, "Just kidding."
    Quinn (laughing with relief): HE WAS JUST FUCKING WITH ME!
  • Frost also has had it with Quinn treating Blade as the Terror Hero:
    Quinn: You don't understand, this guy is fucking bad! Like, he has, like twenty guys around him, I was there, he's got shit he throws at you, and with the sword—
    Frost (with mock excitement): He's got the sword—
    Quinn: Exactly—
    Frost: He throws it into the air—
    Quinn: Yeah, he's got the shit he throws—
    Frost: Yeah, he catches it underneath, yeah, SHUT THE FUCK UP!
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  • When Frost kills the leader of the House of Erebus and removes his fangs
    Quinn: Sorry, old dog, you just got a little too long in the tooth. Hahahahaha...what, man, that was funny! "Long", "tooth"?
  • When Blade slices Frost, the baddie's newfound powers reattaches his torso back to his body before it hits the ground and makes him good as new, eliciting Blade to silently mouth "What the fuck?"

Marvel Anime: Blade

  • Wolverine thinks Blade and Makoto are an item and teases them, which they vehemently deny.
    Wolverine: I'm just saying, you might want to figure this relationship out.
    Blade: Don't make me stab you!


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