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  • "Lost:"
    • Josie tries to dissuade Lucas and Marshall from joining her on a hike to Pearadyne Labs by convincing them she's going birdwatching. Enthusiastically. Lucas and Marshall are disturbed.
    Josie: Or we could sit in the marsh! Have you ever seen a loon before?!
    Marshall: I'm not gonna answer that.
    • After losing each other a few times thanks to the weird magnetic interference, Josie and Vaughn decide to keep track of each other by holding hands. When Durst and Z catch up with the gang, it's revealed they chose the same strategy.
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    • Principal Durst's survival outfit and skills.
    Corrine: How did you find us, anyway?
    Professor Z: Principal Durst. She's a hound. (beat) That was a compliment.
  • "Who?:" The gang discuss what they know about memory in order to help Professor Z recover his, which have been wiped out completely.
    Corrine: Big memories are called islands of memories.
    Vaughn: Like scoring the winning touchdown.
    Marshall: Or winning your first science medal.
    Lucas: Or your first pair of big-boy underwear.
    [Everyone stares at him]
    Lucas: Like it wasn't big to you guys!
  • "Ecosystem": Z, Lucas, and Marshall forming their own boy band (complete with corny dance moves) and singing to the annoying pop song they used to try and get rid of the sponges invading the school.
    • Principal Durst gives an impassioned speech and demands answers from Victor Pearson about the strange goings on at the school, using the sponge on a plate as evidence of the outrageous stuff she has to put up with. Not only is it revealed that she wasn't speaking to Victor (as he sneaks up on her), Victor glances behind her as he leaves with a look of pity...and it turns out Principal Durst was practicing her speech on a volleyball with eyes and goatee drawn on it.
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  • "Hologram:
    Lucas: Look at the timer ... it's a bomb!
    Marshall: Lucas, why would anyone send us a bomb?
    Lucas: Why? What if the launch of Wheeler-1 was interpreted as an act of aggression by an alien race and this is their response!
    Josie: Lucas, I'm scared...
    Lucas: Me too.
    Josie: No, I mean I'm scared about you!
  • "Past:" Josie goes through the wormhole and ends up in the 1800's, right as the school is opening. She runs into Blake Holsey, for whom the school is named, and the two end up ruining a photographer's shot of the school building. This photograph is how the gang finds out where she's gone and when they catch up with her, there's a Running Gag of referring to Blake as Josie's boyfriend, and Josie's increasing irritation about it.
    • Particularly since while the rest of the gang are pretty casual about it, Vaughn is definitely jealous and tends to spit the word whenever he says it.
  • "Inquiry:" Professor Z and Lucas need a test subject to send through the wormhole. Lucas produces Mr. Bunnypants, a stuffed bunny belonging to Corrine. Mr. Bunnypants is fitted with a bunny-sized football helmet and camera for his (multiple) trips through the wormhole.