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Funny / Bionic Commando

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...Well, that's rude.

  • "This base will explod in 60 seconds."
  • Hurling a mook so far he bounces off the skybox.
  • Several of Spencer's quips in the sequel.
    • I'll send you the bill later!
    • That looked like it hurt!
    • NERD!
    • "GO LONG, SON!"
  • "Get the heck out of here, you nerd!"
    • In an OST track for Rearmed, this was voiced as part of a fake trailer for the game. This line is screeched in a faux-Nazi German accent. It sounds as funny as you'd think it would.
  • When beginning the fight with the Mohole boss: "Is that a long life bar or are you just happy to see me?"
    • If you die against it, the intro dialogue gets changed, with Super Joe telling you, instead of "you'll just have to fight it", "You'll just have to fuck it!"
      Spencer: ...Uh...
  • In Rearmed, the hacked calls between the enemy commander and his private are quite humorous.
  • Rearmed 2, if you cancel out a Death from above attack on an elevator, Spencer starts yelling. a lot. here is a video of the glitch in action.

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