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  • According to Babish, one of the ingredients in Freddy's ribs tastes better than it smells.
    Babish: A tablespoon of white pepper. Make sure not to sniff this, because it smells like butts.
  • Babish's father makes a guest appearance in the Fried Green Tomatoes episode and refers to him as Babish, who comments on how strange it is for his own father to call him by his stage name.
  • The credits of the The Emperor's New Groove Spinach Puffs episode feature Babish lip-synching and dancing to Toto's "Africa."
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  • Babish's Arthur Morgan impression in the Bear Stew episode.
    Arthur!Babish: Anyway, we're gonna light that up, and... not pay attention to the watch that we forgot to take off.
  • Babish's theory as for the titular "Grey Stuff" platter shown during "Be Our Guest":
    Babish: Now, I know the folks at Disney said to their animator, "Frank, just draw us a plate of appetizers, okay? Nobody is going to agonize over it thirty years later on a big TV trying to figure out what each element is." (during the voiceover, Babish has pulled out a large flatscreen TV, paused on a stillframe of the platter)
    • Babish then goes on to assume, as he tries to identify the appetizers in question, that Frank was just keeping his head down during this, determined to not get fired by Michael Eisner that day.
    • Concerning the grey stuff in question, Babish guesses it's either foie gras or chicken liver mousse. He opts for the latter simply on the grounds of not wanting to make the audience mad.
  • The mayo.
    Babish: Nobody's allowed to make a meme of that, that's i-illegal.
  • For April Fools 2019, Babish makes the "Jelly Donuts" from the Pokemon anime. Treating them as if they're actual donuts. (He made actual onigiri the next day.)
    • While letting the yeast sit for 10 minutes, Babish remarks "During this time, you can really do whatever you want with your life, but I recommend separating 3 egg yolks[.]"
  • In the actual onigiri episode, Babish does several additional attempts at making onigiri (purely because he wasn't happy with how he was shaping them). By attempt four, however, Babish had partaken in what he claims were "jazz cigarettes", and instead of shaping his rice into onigiri, he made "Snowmanigiri", accompanied by making it dance.
    • The Stinger sees Babish, seemingly by force, recreating the infamous "drying pan" scene, complete with an accomplice pouring water on Babish's head to simulate rain.
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  • After Babish takes a bite out of his first attempt at the pizza ball, we cut to the counter now pizza ball-less, with Babish stating it entered the clean plate club. Pay real close attention to the back counter as he says this.
  • In the 3rd episode of Being With Babish, Andrew attempts to surprise a local cooking class by busting in wish a bunch of free equipment. He's completely foiled by the teacher being at the door when he comes up the stairs, and the middle school aged students looking entirely unimpressed and having no knowledge of who he is.
  • The Stinger of the sea-salt ice cream episode has Babish cracking himself up by doing a terrible Donald Duck impression.
  • The Ube Roll deserves a mention just for the amount of tries it took him and the noise of excitement Babish makes after finally perfecting it. Also counts as an awesome and heartwarming moment as it proves just how much work and care he actually puts into each dish and by extension each episode.
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  • By the end of the Ribwich episode, Babish comes to the realization that, instead of actually making the Ribwich, he had made a tribute to it... which is honestly for the best, since the actual Ribwich is "borderline illegal".
  • The mere concept of the Grilled Cheese Deluxe video: because the show didn't actually explain why the sandwich in question was a "deluxe" grilled cheese, this leads Babish to partake in some experimentation. With several different combinations of breads, toppings, cheeses and cheese mixes.
  • One of the recipes spotlighted in the second It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia video is "Mac's Famous Mac and Cheese"... which, if you are unaware, is revealed to be bog-standard blue box.
    Babish: (looks over a Kraft box) It's been a while since I made one of these, but I think I can (cut to box being dumped to steaming pot of water) huh (cut to Babish stirring) huh (cut to Babish dumping the strained noodles into the pot) huh (cut to Babish adding the powder) huuuuuuh (cut to Babish dumping in a stick of butter) huh (cut to Babish adding milk) huh (cut to Babish stirring) huh (cut to Babish depositing the mac and cheese into a bowl) huh (cut to Babish getting a spoonful) huh.
    • Because Babish forgot to film his walk-in intro, the video starts with a, as he describes, "creepy still photo" of him leaning against the counter, which then abruptly "[comes] to life".

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