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  • At the begining:
    Marius: "I can handle it!" *Holds up a ring of garlic*
    Daphne: "Vampires.
    Marius: "What?"
    Daphne: "Garlic; for vampires."
    • Later when they think Shaggy is turning into a werewolf, Marius throws a ring of garlic on him.
  • Shaggy’s answer to why werewolves might want jewelry.
    Shaggy: Like, maybe it’s a lady werewolf.
    Scooby gives him a weird look.
  • When Whitney, the animal trainer, introduces himself to Scooby, he shakes his paw, says “Good boy!” and stuffs a dog treat in his mouth. He does the same with Shaggy.
  • Fred’s (offscreen) screw-up on the trapeze, which somehow managed to catch the audience bleachers on fire and burn down the circus.
    • The delivery is what sells it. The first couple of times it comes up, he mentions how he "broke all those bones". Then we find out they weren't his.
  • Shaggy’s dream.
    Shaggy: "Are you ready to rock!?"
    The audience cheers wildly
    Shaggy: You realize that by rock I mean watch a dog do tricks?
    The audience screams wildly
    • Human Scooby-Doo.
    Human Scooby-Doo: Dude, can I borrow your shades?
    Shaggy: NOOOOO!
    Human Scooby-Doo: Chillax, I'm just asking.
  • During the ending chase scene:
    Archambault: Come back here, dog and hippie! Archambault will not hurt you... Much!
    Shaggy: Like, did he just call me a "hippie"?
    • Archambaut bursting through the top of the train car is actually kind of startling. His incredibly casual "Hello peoples" to Shaggy and Scooby is the exact opposite of that.
  • When Shaggy claims that Sweden and Australia are just made-up locations. Marius and Fred's side conversation is hilarious.
    Marius: Was he kicked in the head or something?
    Fred: (glaring daggers at Shaggy) Not yet.
    • After Shaggy leaves the scene, Marius repeats the question, making it clear he really believes Shaggy's had some kind of head injury in the past.

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