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Big Brother 20:

  • When she gives a tour of the BB 20 house, Julie shows that the aquarium has several 3-D printer sculptures of arcade machines. One of them is the game "FRIENDSHIP", where you always come in second place... and on the sides of the machine is Paul Abrahamian's face.
    • Later in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment a movie poster for "9 angry Jurors" can be seen...
      "It was just a game... but they're making it personal!"
      "Best ensemble cast ever" -Josh
      "Pissed" -Paul
  • Did you think the Pop TV Fidget Spinners were enough to sate the craze? This season, an entire wall of the house has hundreds of Fidget Spinners!
  • Rachel chasing Scottie around the house on Day 1 as soon as she learns he's never been kissed.
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  • Sam's reaction to being punished into becoming a robot buddy after the shtick gets old.
    Sam: I mean, I'm a f—-in' robot.
  • Scottie misjudging how well secured the seat in the middle of the Diary Room is and doing a tumble all the way over the edge and revealing the backdrop is just a flimsy curtain.
  • Kaitlyn shows a bunch of houseguests how to meditate. Most of them take in it like naturals. Swaggy C, on the other hand, is not sold on it at all, completely mocking the idea of being involved in "the Big Brother hippie commune".
  • Steve's spectacularly terrible performance in Microchip Mayhem.
  • Kaycee being forced to sit out the first nomination ceremony because her Pinwheel of Doom starts spinning.
  • JC attempting to start a showmance with Faysal to make him trendy.
  • The fact that the entire house freaks out when they see LIVE SNAKES are a part of the first Veto Competition.
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  • After completing the first Veto round, Swaggy C notices the next instruction is to swim in water which he gladly explains in the diary room about since he learned how to swim before entering the house... then learning the water is of very cold temperature, which causes him to struggle and be eliminated.
  • Scottie and Rachel accidentally smacking into each others' faces during a kiss on the cheek.
  • Faysal's constant struggle with the Hamazon Crap App punishment, even when he's performing the Power of Veto ceremony. This, and his need to uphold halal lead to him getting an even worse-tasting vegetarian ham substitute.
  • The bizarre moment where it looks like Scottie is talking to nobody in the storage room... and suddenly, one of the cabinets opens up, with Sam hiding inside.
  • JC and Tyler have a conversation together that starts out ordinary until JC proceeds to use the word "yatus" and things veer straight into an awkward zone. Tyler pauses and tries to figure out what that is. After a minute or two, he finally realizes JC's accent is butchering the word and he really means to say "hiatus".
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  • Cody and Jessica from BB 19 drop in on the houseguests and the editors launch right back into the robot whir sound effects gag with Cody.
  • The "Yell!" crap app is one crowning moment of funny after the other:
  • The Running Gag that Kaitlyn's grandfather has reincarnated into a pigeon sitting atop the house perimeter wall.
  • A very snarky comment on the Twitter feed during the second live eviction about Brett's new look.
    I vote to evict Brett's mustache.
  • Rockstar starts figuring out Scottie is up to no good and starts to talk about how she thinks he's a big fat liar.
  • Faysal trying to explain to JC why his estimation of what percentage in the country are left-handed is wrong. JC doesn't get it, and Faysal eventually gives up.
    JC: Faysal is a dumbass.
    Faysal: [mocking JC's accent] Dumb-bass.
  • Haleigh being ordered to read Hamlet in the bathroom... and Faysal has to come in and use it.
  • Brett's obnoxious imitation of Kaitlyn... though it quickly doubles over into Dude, Not Funny! when he makes a bigger ass out of himself than he needs to.
  • Winston's nervous attempt to do damage control before the third eviction vote begins after Brett basically puts on such a huge and bombastic speech that Winston realizes he's totally boned.
  • Sam's ballsy taunting during the fourth HOH competition manages to elicit this reaction from Brett:
    Brett: I've never been more afraid and turned on than I am now.
  • For someone trying to play like a lady, Sam gets too carried away and says something very unladylike:
    Sam: I'll stomp a mud hole in that bitch! (gasps, cups her mouth) Did I just say that!?!
  • Rockstar tormenting Brett in retaliation to his smear campaign against her. Fans of Josh from last season are quick to point out this is like her very own "circus time".
  • Kaitlyn's attempt to remember the sequence of comical beatings in the fourth Veto Competition is to hum a song to associate with the types of hits she takes... the notes of which she forgets immediately afterward.
    • From the same competition; JC was required to stand on a raised platform so that he'd be at a comparable height with the rest of the houseguests in order for the three types of strikes - a spank on the rear, a karate chop to the stomach, or a bop on the head - to work right. The only problem was, instead of getting chopped in the stomach, the platform had JC at the perfect height to get chopped in the groin. Repeatedly.
  • Brett, Faysal, Rachel, JC, and Haleigh having a good laugh over the fact that Kaitlyn actually said on the live feeds to Faysal, "If I didn't have a boyfriend, I would totally f—k you."
    Faysal: I'm not sure Joe even exists...!
    Brett: NOT ANYMORE!
  • JC attempting to pronounce "yin and yang".
  • Every time FOUTTE breaks into a Happy Dance in the storage room. Eventually, Sam interrupts them.
    Sam: What the heck are you guys doing??
    Rockstar: We're celebrating!
  • Rachel interrupting Bayleigh as she tries to talk to Swaggy (who is now back home) as the season's fifth HOH.
    Bayleigh: I'm talking to freaking Swaggy, Rachel!
    Rachel: You are? Sorry!
  • Faysal and JC have such a comedic relationship in the house that the editors eventually treat it like a fake sitcom, "The Tall & The Short Of It", with the episode "Bed Bugs". This shows how the two manage to annoy the other houseguests when they can't get to bed peacefully. Then, Fessy doesn't even get to go to sleep because the house decides to call him to the Diary Room just to pull his leg.
  • Not long after Kaitlyn is evicted, another bird shows up at this house, this time a crow.
    JC: Do you have a message for us from Kaitlyn?
    (The crow immediately takes a crap in response)
  • On the live feeds, Tyler and Kaycee alert the other houseguests and wave a bottle of wine the house just received in front of the backyard doorway. They are almost stampeded by the people who come running in excitedly.
  • JC dreading the idea of an all-girls house if all the guys get evicted first because of how crazy the women are.
  • Fessy picking up JC and moving him out of the way as they vote in the fifth eviction.
  • Faysal neglecting to reset his station during the sixth live HOH competion.
    Julie: Wait, you didn't—!
    (Faysal still doesn't understand what to do)
    Julie: (exasperated) Alright... we'll leave it like that.
  • When the Hacker Competition prompts Sam to call a house meeting, Sam, trying to keep order in the house, genuinely asks why there can't be someone in the house they can actually trust. Kaycee guffaws with laughter.
  • The first Hacker Comp is seven rounds of word unscramble puzzles. When the word to unscramble is "ALLIANCE", Brett cracks a huge grin and types out, "ANALLICE". Waiiit... Anal lice.
  • After Tyler becomes the new nominee thanks to the House Hacker (Haleigh), the whole house is in shock. As the group clears out of the meeting area at the end of the episode where this happens, Faysal continues to sit there for a long time with his mouth hanging open.
  • Jessie Godderz showing up for the ten-year anniversary of playing the game and managing to torment the house AGAIN.
  • The Yell! Reviewer returns... as the Instagranny, this time to torment Brett. Meanwhile, Kaycee becomes a Health Nut and Rockstar is on Jesse's crazy fitness plan. This all culminates in the house dancing choreographically in the backyard, granny included, to the Health Nut jingle.
  • JC deciding to make an effigy of Kaitlyn because he misses her. It's made of her shorts and some food she likes, such as hemp seeds. He puts olives on it for the eyes and says they really look like Kaitlyn's eyes. Then the grease from the foodstuffs gets all over the table and the effigy stops being endearing and turns into a huge mess.
    Tyler: That is disgusting.
  • Julie tries to talk to the houseguests at the end of the seventh eviction night, but the audio conks out.
  • Angela and Kaycee quietly pretend to be losers sulking in the Have-Not Room after the second H@cker Comp, and wait for Tyler to come in. Kaycee toys with Tyler for a few minutes before she tells Tyler that she won.
  • Tyler and JC getting into a toothpaste shooting match in the bathroom area on the live feeds.
  • Brett helping Rockstar with her eviction speech, and then later going to his alliance and laughing about how ridiculous it was.
  • Rockstar is mad at Kaycee for throwing her on the block and going up for the third time over some bigger threat.
    Rockstar: That was a bitch-ass move.
    Kaycee: Yeah, well, welcome to Big Brother.
  • Week 7, live feeds, August 14: Fessy and Haleigh are having a spat in the HOH Room because she's annoying him. Haleigh demands for him not to make her look like an idiot, or she'll never speak to him again when they get out of the house. Fessy, although having fun teasing Haleigh, seems to understand, so he pops a squat on the edge of the sink... and it breaks. Fessy was so heavy (he insists he's not THAT heavy, though), he made the sink lean forward and buckle, and the whole fixture tears loose from the wall and crumples under his butt, knocking everything off and almost shattering a cup. And Haleigh was just about to go to bed. Production is mad, and the HOH Room has to be vacated for repairs.
    (awkward pause)
  • Fessy pulls a James and accidentally walks in on Sam changing in the bathroom.
    Sam: (SHRIEK)
    Fessy: I didn't see anything!
  • Zing-Bot returns and cracks several excellent jokes, but the killer joke goes to Sam. Zing-Bot calls her "real [BLEEP] crazy" to her face. It doesn't get laughter: it scares the housemates and everyone takes a step back because they're afraid of her reaction.
  • The Zing-Bot competition is rife with obvious anti-Trump references to the Mar-a-Lago scandal.
  • Fessy hides his folder in Sam's pants because he thinks nobody would be brave enough to get inside them.
  • August 22: Scottie packs up for his inevitable eviction and raids the supply closet and takes a lot of things for himself. He even wonders why the house has so much excess of everything before mentioning that he's basically robbing the house blind.
    • The camera focuses in particularly on a box of Trojan condoms Scottie waits to pack near the end. It's funny considering he's a virgin.
    • His confusion upon discovering anti-diarrhea tablets by the boatload and not really understanding how they work.
    Scottie: How much diarrhea do they expect us to get?note 
  • Mission to Planet Veto. JC tries to walk up to Globba the Gut to catch Vetonium. It nails him directly in his planets and wipes out all signs of life.
  • Tyler gets his hair straightened and freaks out when he sees himself in the mirror. JC hates it because Tyler now looks like a woman. Tyler can only hope he doesn't get called to the Diary Room.
    Tyler: Go on Big Brother, they said... Be seen by millions of people...
    Tyler: I guess you and me are twins now, Haleigh.
  • Brett and JC using facial cleansing masks. According to the girls, Brett looks like a creature from Narnia, Tumnus.
  • Scottie flipping over the hammock so hard his shoes fly off.
    Scottie: [pretending to be dazed] ...I don't know where I am.
    Tyler: You're on Survivor.
    Scottie: ...Whose team am I on?
  • Brett's final plea to Level Six not to send him to the Jury House with "Blockstar".
  • The food fight between the final five.
  • The recap episode allows us to see in a neatly organized manner that that Faysal really was the most clueless player in the house. He voted on the wrong side five times!!

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