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On stage, they present themselves as strong and charismatic. Offstage however, not so much.

  • One of the better examples of their presented charisma can be seen in their music video for Fantastic Baby, where they are presented as the above to the point that despite his deep voice and hammy lines, T.O.P is barely moving his mouth in comparison to the more expressive members of the group. Then the final verse rolls around and they drop this entirely.
  • Seungri and other members' attempts to wake up G-Dragon and T.O.P.
  • When the group finally appeared on Weekly Idol. Highlights include:
    • Not taking the sped-up dance segment seriously. It was too hilarious to the point that GD couldn't do his part and they had to stop the song.
    • Their individual red carpet entrances at the beginning of the episode while driving a tiny car.
  • In general, whenever Seungri gets bullied by his hyungs.
  • Daesung annoying T.O.P during their appearance on Family Outing by repeatedly nagging his cooking.
  • Their cover of 2NE1's I Love You, especially whenever T.O.P "oohs."
  • Whenever they do a parody of a Korean Drama such as Secret Garden, Boys Over Flowers, and The First Shop of Coffee Prince.
    • Highlights from their Secret Garden parody include:
      • T.O.P's character Wootop imagining his ideal girl compete with GD cross-dressing and constantly changing costumes to modify certain characteristics.
      • The events that happened after Wootop and GD's character G Raim having a "Freaky Friday" Flip by drinking a potion.
      • Just Daesung in general. Especially with the SMELL.
      • G Raim getting hit by a car for faster story development.