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Funny / Beyond Despairís Bounds

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The Original

  • The mouse in Dakota's bed. His name is George.
  • Eliot kissing Ryoko out of panic.
  • Queenie stated there was no way that Ryuu got his bruises from the stairs. Which is confirmed as to be the reason.
  • During Ai Aizawa's investigation of Youkai, she stumbled across George the mouse. Who proceeded to flex. And Ai took a picture before asking the mouse questions. All he responded with was "George", but after Ai gave up and went away, he let out a "What the fuck."
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  • Kumi teaching Ai to use her ice magic ends with them ice skating.
    Kumi: Wheeeeeee.

The Sequel

  • During a mass sleepover in Chapter 2, Asa keeps getting their shirts stolen.
  • What do Conor? and Kayo do when they're investigating in Chapter 2? Steal the victim's makeup!
    • And then Conor? promptly abandoned Kayo to have lunch with Kumi. Those who learned about it referred to it as a lunch date.
  • Seemingly out of nowhere, Kuroi asks Maru for a water gun in the third trial.
  • While An explores the outside, he meets the horses and learns he can transform into more than just a wolf. He tries transforming into a flying bird...and turns himself into an emu.
  • Kumi and the Chapter 4 killer get into a rude gesture contest.
    Anguo: *flips the two-finger salute*
    Kumi: *flashes their middle finger*
    Anguo: *flips them off with both hands*
    Kumi: *flips both middle fingers, then lifts their foot and flips the bird with it*
    • The contest ends right there, because even the killer has to admit that's kind of impressive.
  • Akae knocks Kumi into the pool when they talk during the fifth investigation. Subsequently, they show up to trial sopping wet.
  • For the fifth investigation, Shirou spent about half of it shirtless.
  • Kumi's personal files on the students have some gems (especially since they wrote them at three in the morning):
    • Akemi: The first sentence is "A mysterious girl. Except not really."
    • Artie: His talent is listed as SHSL Photo Clicky Guy.
    • Asa: They list their talent as SHSL Computer Beeb Beeb.
    • Eris: "She reminds me of that one game... Super Lawyer?"
    • Haru: "I knew another psychologist once. They were a robot. Unfortunately, he is not a robot. He's an asshole, though."
    • Kazue: "Who?" ...that's the entire file.
    • Rozalina: "Asshole. Loud." Again, the entire file.
  • Kumi and Shiroi kissing. Due to alcohol.
  • After the announcement of the seventh motive, Kumi gets caught in one of their own traps.

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