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Funny / Beverly Hills Cop III

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  • One of the mooks accidentally trips on the Happy Train while chasing Axel in the park. The train actually goes, "Owwwwww!"
  • While Axel tries to rescue the two kids on the malfunctioning Spider ride, one mascot randomly covers a kid's eyes.
  • Axel disguises himself as one of the park mascots, he does the mascot's dance wrong, getting a kid pissed, and then pushes the kid.
  • Axel playing around with the counterfeit money making machine by making the Wonder World Dollars into "KISS MY ASS" Dollars... complete with his face on them!(pictured above)
  • Axel uses a dead henchman's corpse to fool the other mooks that he fled. "He ran up those stairs!"
  • Axel trying to figure out how the Annihilator 2000 works.
  • Jon, after surviving a shootout in the Wonder World park: "...Turn that fucking song off!"

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