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Funny / Betrayal at House on the Hill

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  • Finding the skull (or a bloodstone) in the theater and then triggering a haunt will have your characters act out a very condensed version of Hamlet, with the heroes having to run around the house, say lines from the play, and then prevent "Hamlet" from killing himself. While it's still a serious concern, compared to having to battle Eldritch Horrors and other nasties it takes a far turn into absurd (helped by the self-aware descriptions in both Hero and Traitor manuals).
  • As the Game Grumps found out on Table Flip it's possible to find that, out of all the rooms in the house, the Graveyard is the one that "feels strangely right" due to the "A Moment of Hope" event.
  • Finding certain items in the theater results in a haunt that makes one player the survivor and the rest traitors. Or rather, it makes one player the director of a film and the others the actors. All weapons are rendered useless, and the actors are trying to find the directors vision so they can act it out and take the spotlight. The kicker? The Traitor's Tome makes it clear they're only in it until they can get something better.
  • In the expansion, certain haunts have rules that can get a few chuckles, such as only speaking in a whisper, speaking with long Os, or beating the traitor by hugging them.
  • In the Legacy version, players eventually unearth a mysterious relic known only as the Helm and the game solemnly warns them to "not disrespect it" and recommends coming up with a special chant to recite while carefully handling it. Geek and Sundry's Game and Game crew got into the spirit of this, coming up with a "We must respect the Helm!" chant. The Quests & Chaos crew, on the other hand...
    Ezra: Hello, internet friends, and welcome to Quests & Chaos, where we are disrespecting the Helm. (pretends to eat the Helm)