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Funny / Beneath a Steel Sky

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  • The fact that the humour turns up in the oddest of places adds to the effect.
    Rob: [noticing the security camera] That thing's watching me... good thing I'm naturally photogenic!
  • On multiple occasions other characters comment on Rob's jumper. The player never sees anything but a small sliver or red peeking out from the collar of his coat. About halfway through the game he needs to change into a radiation suit, and naturally he removes his coat for this, which is when the player finally sees what the jumper is all about. It is... a bright red jumper with a large yellow smiley face on the front. Definitely not something you would expect the protagonist in a dark dystopian cyberpunk setting to be wearing.
  • Joey in general is just a mass of funny lines being so human like in his interactions.
    • He's absolutely miffed at being stuck in a cleaning robot and when Robert asks Joey to jump start a transporter robot with his extending probe....note 
      Joey: This is embarrassing Foster, you aren't going to watch are you? I've always suspected you of being a voyeur.
      Rob: Come on - Just do it!
      Joey: Here goes.... [extends his probe from the top of his shell into the Robot's port and starts it] There, how was it for you?
    • If Robert attempts to go on the scrap metal lift while Joey is in the room, when Hobbins comes in to tell Robert off, Joey will chime in at a point
      Joey: He's right Foster, that lift is designed for light machinery, not a hulking animal like you.

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